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Play Ball! Seattle Grace to Take on Seattle Presbyterian!



Many Grey's Anatomy characters went all the way on last weeks episode which is a trend Owen hopes will continue next week. Sort of.
On "Put Me In, Coach," look for the Chief of Surgery to sign his doctors up for a baseball league in which they take on rivals at Seattle Presbyterian. Among other impending storylines, as previewed below:
  • Lexie grows jealous over Mark and another woman.
  • Alex fights to keep Zola under the care of Seattle Grace.
  • Richards steps in to the feud between Meredith and Bailey.
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Some Mercy Westers are on Their Way Out

Sources confirm to me exclusively that Mercy West transplants Robert Baker (Dr. Percy) and Nora Zehetner (Dr. Adamson) are not expected to return next season. There’s no official word on the fate of fellow “invaders” Jesse Williams (Dr. Avery) and Sarah Drew (Dr. Kepner), but there’s buzz both may stick around long-term. “Grey’s” boss Shonda Rhimes has until June to decide whether to exercise the series regular options in their contracts. (Here’s hoping she does; I like those two.)
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Derek-Richard Tensions to Continue on Grey's Anatomy


Looks like the tensions between Derek and Richard on Grey's Anatomy, which have escalated weekly since the Season 6 premiere, aren't going away anytime soon. In next week's Chandra Wilson-directed episode, tensions between the former chief and the current chief continue to boil when a specialized surgery is required. The latter decides Owen is better suited for it than Richard. That doesn't sit well with Dr. Webber, who was basically ousted when Derek revealed his alcohol abuse to the board, and forced to swallow a whole lot of pride. Things had been frosty between them long before that, too. Richard's handling of the merger and his own role as Chief caused major friction between the pair.
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Owen's PTSD to Return on Grey's Anatomy


Dr. Owen Hunt's Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) reared its ugly head in frightening fashion last season when he began sleep-choking a stunned Cristina. That wasn't the last we've seen of it. Yesterday, Kevin McKidd alluded to things from Owen's past coming up beyond Teddy that influence our favorite redhead. Could a return of his condition be one of those things? According to Fancast, the upcoming episode "Suicide Is Painless" features his PTSD on full display again. That late March / early April episode, named for the M*A*S*H theme song, is an Iraq War flashback episode, in which McKidd is said to be absolutely amazing.In other news, it looks like fans of Mark and Lexie are in for disappointment if they're expecting a quick reconciliation of their beloved Mexie. It's not happening. However, Mark will find his romantic attention "diverted by another female doctor" when the show returns with fresh episodes a week from Thursday (March 4).Submitted by: Katia2525

Shonda Rhimes Confirms Katherine Heigl’s Return to ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

Source: OK! Magazine

While Grey’s Anatomy fans have been waiting to hear what’s next for the show, creator and head writer Shonda Rhimes took the liberty to give away some juicy spoilers while at the 41st Annual NAACP Awards on Friday, including what’s in store for Katherine Heigl’s character next time around. “She’s written into the next script,” Shonda reveals to reporters of Katherine’s stint on the drama after she had taken a short break to tend to her adopted baby, Nayleigh, with husband Josh Kelley. And knowing that Izzie Stevens, who suffered from an almost lethal bout with cancer this season, is definitely returning, the fate of the Chief of Seattle Grace Hospital is another story.
“Well, I love James Pickens and I think we’re going to get to see a lot more of him and what happens to his character and explore what happens to a doctor when they go to rehab and come out the other side,” Shonda explains of Grey’s Anatomy character Richard. But any show needs a bit of change to keep running and Shonda agrees that Jesse Williams, the new kid on the block, is perfect for the job. “We developed his character a little more and illuminate who he is a little more to give more time to him…I think it was nice to bring in people that the audience would hate and our characters would have to rise against,” Shonda reveals after the awards ceremony in L.A.Submitted by: Katia2525

Grey’s Anatomy Spoilers: Seattle Grace shake-up!


Since the Chief has stepped down from his throne, everyone at Seattle Grace is concerned about what that means for them. Plus, I don’t know about you guys but I’ve got one question: is theChief gone forever? On whether the Chief will be gone forever and if so, will Derek be chief? Everyone can breathe a sigh of relief: the Chief will not be gone for long and Derek is only the interim chief. On how the doctors feel about Derek becoming interim chief… Jessica Capshaw, who plays Arizona Robbins, says that there will be a “ripple effect” throughout Seattle Grace and it will be challenge that the doctors will have to work through seeing their usually “stoic and smart and definitely experienced”chief fall. The doctors will be divided into two groups: one that roots for Derek and the other that questions his loyalty to the chief. One doctor we can count on being on Derek’s side is Owen. He feels that it was the right choice because it “benefits the most amount of people.” On whether Meredith will be greatly favored because she’s married to the chief interim… Justin Chambers, who plays Alex Karev, says definitely not and even points out that Meredith is smart enough to shine without taking advantage of her relationship with thechief interim. Chambers also says that his character will probably “throw out a few words that aren’t necessarily polite about her sleeping with the Chief.” On how the former chief will be getting his life together… Capshaw didn’t seem to have any details on what the Richard Webber will be doing in the time being… hopefully some spoilers about this will come out soon!

Time Warp

Source: Michael Ausiello
Exclusive: 'Grey's Anatomy' recasts Richard and Ellis!
Grey's Anatomy Spoilers - Grey's AnatomyGranted, I’m using the word recastGrey’s Anatomy has tapped Angel’s J. August Richards and Cupid’s Sarah Paulso loosely here, but n to play younger, circa ‘82 versions of Richard and Ellis in the Feb. 18 episode. The flashback-heavy hour, appropriately titled “Time Warp,” will shed light on the beginnings of the affair between the Chief and Mer’s mom. In separate sequences, we’ll see Bailey in her pre-”Nazi” days, and Callie shortly before she was introduced on the show. But back to Richards and Paulson, their resemblance to James Pickens Jr. and Kate Burton is pretty uncanny, no? Paulson and Burton, in particular, look like they were cut from the same family tree.

Spoilers from Seattle PI

Will Alex and Izzie on Grey's Anatomy get back together? — Paisley
ADAM: After Alex hooked up with Lexie last week, all bets are off. But it seems his on-and-off thing with pediatrics might be back on again, thanks to a nudge from Arizona. "I finally bring Alex back in the fold," Jessica Capshaw tells us, adding that Arizona makes it her mission to prove working with kids isn't all fluff. "Anyone can operate on brains, but try and operate on baby brains," she says. "Arizona ends up advocating for Alex to find his way in peds and see if he can hack it. He has a very hardcore experience."

"Which One of You Did He Sleep With?"

In the Grey's Anatomy/Private Practice crossover event, Addison is discussing is discussing a complicated in utero surgery for Mark's daughter Sloan, when Sloan asks Addison a very personal question. Also, we find out what's wrong with Sloan's baby and what her options are for her child.

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JanelleCoulton Greys Anatomy Season 8 16 Sep 2 2011, 2:06 AM EDT by Losa78
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I recently read something about Ellen Pompeo's and Patrick Dempsey's contracts being up for renewal at the end of Season 8. I hope that doesn't mean what I think it does. If they did leave; would Grey's survive without them. I have a hard time believing it would? What do you all think?
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d.erica was right when she said that d.derek and d.sloan
pretty & the prettier
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#1hotchfan What do you think of this sudden cast change? 7 Dec 11 2008, 2:19 PM EST by greys_anatomy_addict
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I am shocked. This is a great storyline for Callie and Hahn and it is giving us a different look at Grey's. While I've never fully warmed up to Hahn and I do prefer to see Calli with McSteamy, I would rather they explored this storyline further and made Callie realize she didn't want to be with Hahn.
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