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KatherineSpotted: Kate HeiglWalsh in Gone....finally.Hollywood


So, it looksEven like we won't getif our anticipatedyou Izziedo returnnot afterlike all.her Itcharacter, looksand likereally HeiglI hasdid beennot, releasedyou fromgot herto contractlove andher. isSo onhere herup waysome out.update Readpictures thisto articlesee fromwhat Michaelout Ausiellofavourite fromprivate EWpractess foractress all(rhyming thetehe) details:is wearing.

'Grey's Anatomy' exclusive: Katherine Heigl is (almost) outtathere!
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Katherine HeiglGrey's Anatomy Gossip September - December 2010 - Grey's Anatomy goesGrey's Anatomy Gossip September - December 2010 - Grey's Anatomy Brunette3/9/10Grey's Anatomy Gossip September - December 2010 - Grey's AnatomyAre there any Izzie Grey's Anatomy Gossip September - December 2010 - Grey's Anatomy fansGrey's Anatomy Gossip September - December 2010 - Grey's Anatomy leftGrey's Anatomy Gossip September - December 2010 - Grey's Anatomy inGrey's Anatomy Gossip September - December 2010 - Grey's Anatomy the house?!

Well, our dear Dr. Stevens was seen in LA rocking some much darker locks than we've seen before...Is this for Grey's or one of the 87 movies she's currently starring in, you ask? Well, I guess we'll just have to waitSUBMITTED andBY: see...BORNWRITINGLINES
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McSteamyGrey's aBloggers on Shock Realto Lifethe FatherSystem


Well, we've seen plenty of pics. around town lately of EricThe DaneGrey's withAnatomy hiswriters wifeare Rebeccablogging Gayhartagain and her everyhere growingis babythere bump.latest Butdelve itinto lookssolving likeyour yesterday,questions.

Over Marchthe 4th,summer, the couplequestion finallyI welcomedwas theirmost firstoften childasked together,about aGrey’s daughter.was: No“How worddo yetyou oncome theback name,from butsomething apparentlylike Ericthat?” wasThese bypeople hisweren’t wife'sasking sideme forabout the entire delivery andshow, bothor arethe extremelywriters, happythey andwere excitedasking about the new addition to their family! Update!characters. The baby'scharacters namethey isknow Billieand Submittedas by:if Katia2525Februarythey 2010Aaronwere Karevtheir Cast2/23/10We'veown metfriends: Meredith'sHow family,will George'sthey brother,come Izzie'sback mom,from Callie'sthat? dad,Well, andas nowof it'slast Alex'sweek, turn.Grey’s Yes,is youback, heardbut right!for Weour aredoctors, finallyI goingthink tothat getquestion someis insightstill intovalid. If’ve Karev'sever (lesslost thansomeone, perfect)or familybeen andterribly maybehurt, evenI getthink ait’s glimpsefair ofto hissay past.that Grey'sno hasmatter justhow castgood a brother for Alex,job Aaronyou’ve to be playeddone bygrieving, Jakeno McLaughlin,matter who youfar mightyou’ve knowgotten frompast Crash.the Hmmmpain, Iyou’re wondernever whatreally kindsafe offrom troublefeeling Alexthat mightloss stiragain. up.You Looksrun likeacross wea arepicture. goingA tothing havethey togave waityou. untilYou Aprilhear toa findsong, out.or Cansomeone yousays seea thephrase, Karevand familysuddenly resemblance?Submittedthat by:loss Katia2525Couldand Katherinepain Heiglis possiblyas bepresent inand anyimmediate moreas movies?2/11/10Sinceif weit haven'twas reallyhappening beenright seeingnow. allIt’s thata muchshock, ofa Izziecomplete Stevenssurprise latelyand, onlike the show, we needoriginal to get outevent Katherineitself, Heiglsomething fixyou anothercan way.never Luckily,see shecoming, seemsnever toprepare beyourself puttingfor. outBecause a movietrauma atthis leastimmense oncedoesn’t everyheal fewquickly. months.It Checkcreates outwounds theso trailerdeep ofthey herwon’t newmake moviethemselves Killersknown withfor Ashtona Kutcherlong duetime outto income. June:SubmittedAnd by:when Katia2525Anotherthey Patrickdo, Dempseythey Sequel2/9/10blindside you.The star-studded new movie Valentine's Day (starring both Patrick Dempsey and Eric Dane) hasn't evenLast hitweek, theaterswe yet,saw andhow alreadyour Hollywooddoctors execswere aretrying planningto thecome sequel.back "New: Year'sFrom Eve"rushing isat slatedlife to begrasping released at thelove, endto ofgoing 2011mad, withto Garryposturing, Marshallto directinghiding andfrom staringthe apain, lotwe ofsaw the sameways characters.they Let'swere hopetrying, Valentine'sand Daysometimes isfailing, sequel-worthyto --push Ithrough guessand we'llheal. findBut outthey’re laternot thiseven week.really Submittedhealing yet. by:They’re Katia2525coping.
"Enchanted" Sequel
2/8/10Disney plansRead tomore makefrom "EnchantedBill 2,"Harper aon sequel“Shock to the 2007 hit musical fairytale that starred Amy Adams and "Grey's" own Patrick Dempsey. Variety reports that the two haven't yet been cast for the sequel, but it would be difficult to replicate this chemistry with otherSystem" actors:here.
Ellen on Ellen2/7/10New Mommy Ellen Pompeo went on the Ellen (DeGeneres) Show and showed off a photo of her 4-month-old daughter Stella Luna. This is the first picture of herSUBMITTED daughterBY: that the media has seen. Watch this clip that shows the photo, and shows the Ellens chatting about motherhood and underwear: BORNWRITINGLINES
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