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Ellen in TV Guide1/28/10Grey's Anatomy star and new mommy Ellen Pompeo graces the cover of the current TV Guide Magazine. Check out the cover shoot below where she dishes on everything from MerDer to the Chief's alcoholism to her daughter Stella. Enjoy!Submitted By: Katia2525
JanuaryFebruary 2010
McDreamy and McSteamy in Valentine's Day1/26/10What are your plans this Valentine's Day? Here's another option to consider: go to see the new romantic comedy Valentine's Day, starring (among MANY others) our very own Patrick Dempsey and Eric Dane. It looks pretty cute...check out the trailer below to decide for yourself. Enjoy!
Submitted by: Katia2525

J. August Richards and SarahSome Paulson"Enchanted" to guest star as Richard and EllisSequel

1//21/10 Source: Michael Ausiello Grey’s Anatomy has tapped Angel’s J. August Richards and Cupid’s Sarah Paulson to play younger, circa ‘82 versions of Richard and Ellis in the Feb. 18 episode. The flashback-heavy hour, appropriately titled “Time Warp,” will shed light on the beginnings of the affair between the Chief and Mer’s mom. In separate sequences, we’ll see Bailey in her pre-”Nazi” days, and Callie shortly before she was introduced on the show.2/8/10 But back to Richards and Paulson, their resemblance to James Pickens Jr. and Kate Burton is pretty uncanny, no? Paulson and Burton, in particular, look like they were cut from the same family tree.Submitted by: Katia2525Grey's Anatomy on the Beach...January 20, 2009

Shonda Rhimes is a self-proclaimed: writer, mother, sleeper, dancer, baker, procrastinator. But she is also a hit TV show creator/executive producer with slam dunks like Private Practice and (of course) Grey's Anatomy under her belt. And according to Entertainment Weekly, there may be a new ShondaDisney medical drama on the horizon called Off the Map. ABC has ordered a pilot for this Rhimes/writing partner Betsy Beers creation that tells the story of three American doctors that opt to live on a tropical island and work in a clinic. I guess we'll haveplans to wait and see if this beachside Grey's will eventually make it on the small screen.Would you add another Shonda medical drama to your TV schedule? Submitted by: Katia2525Eric Dane to be a father, just like his characterJanuary 19, 2010Well, maybe not just like his character. Dane's wife actress Rebecca Gayheart is due in March with their first child and he'll be a"Enchanted father2," to the baby right off the bat (rather than having a pregnant teenager appear on your "doorstep" like his character Dr. Mark Sloan had happen, just in time for the holidays.) But no worries, guys, we won't be seeing less ofsequel McSteamy due to the baby, as Eric is not planning to take a paternity leave. Unlike co-stars Katherine Heigl and Ellen Pompeo who took some time off to care for their babies (and maybe shoot a quick movie) Eric is staying put. In2007 his own words: “Daddy’s got to work! The baby needs shoes.”Woohoo! I need to see how this Sloan thing plays out. Is Mark really going to be a grandaddy? Ihit wondermusical iffairytale that will kill his game among the hospital staff...Submitted by: Katia2525Patrick on MerDerJanuary 18, 2010With Meredithstarred and Derek "married" (Post-itAmy style)Adams and finally actually happy in their relationship, most fans seem to be completely on board with the change from on-again-off-again thing that they've been doing since the beginning. But what do they actors themselves say?"Grey's" Well,own Patrick Dempsey, for one, is pleased. "I think this is probably the first season where I'm really happy with the direction the character's going," he says. "We couldn't get past the 'Are they together? Are they not?' for so long."I couldn't find any other way to look longingly at Meredith. It was fun initially -- like for the first few years. Then we kind of got stuck in that and I think everybody got frustrated."Good to know it wasn't just the fans that were getting fed up! Let's let some of the other couples (Alex & Izzie, Owen & Christina, Phoenix & Callie, Lexie & Mark) ride the relationship roller coaster for a while. Dempsey is a big fan of the writing for Season 6 and says: "If that continues, I'll stay. I'll stay indefinitely."Here's to many more seasons of good writing and a happy McDreamy! Submitted by: Katia2525Torn Between Two DoctorsJanuary 17, 2010Though we knew something big going to happen in the Teddy/Cristina/Owen triangle, I was still stunned when Cristina, in her desperation to keep Teddy at Seattle Grace, pleaded with her to stay and saidDempsey. sheVariety shouldreports take Owen.Kevin McKidd, who plays Owen, talked to about this latest twist in physicians' love lives on the show. "Owen's not too happy about that because he suddenly feels like a baseball card," the Scottish actor says. "There's a lot of fallout to do with that and there's a lot of complication and exploration of their relationship. It's really interesting. It becomes very intense because of that."Expect a lot of flipping and flopping between these two women, which Ihaven't hopeyet will getbeen tocast showcasefor the actor more. He hasn't hadsequel, much to do lately but listen to Cristina ***** about not getting surgeries. You can read the entire interview on Grey's Anatomy/Private Practice Crossover Event!January 13, 2010Grey's Anatomy is returning, everybody holllllllaaa! And it is coming back with a bang! Here's the scoop:Sloan's babywould needsbe difficult procedure and McSteamy decides there's only one person for the job: Addison Montgomery. Of course, Addison back at Seattle Grace means trouble for someone, even if she isn't trying. It looks like Lexie might have a problem on her hands...Teddy asks Cristina to lead a complicated surgery, and Owen questions Teddy's motives. After "the talk" that Cristina and Owen had, he is weary of her intentions.Derek's suspicions are raised when the Chief recruits Meredith to assist with a high profile operation. "Cardio God" Teddy Becomes a RegularJanuary 10, 2010Kim Raver, whose cardiac surgeon character Dr. Teddy Altman was brought on this season to stir things up for Cristina and Owen, will appear in 11 of the 12 remaining "Grey's" episodes this season, the L.A. Times reports. Raver is best known for playing Audrey for three seasons on "24," and for playing Nico on the short-lived "Lipstickreplicate Jungle." But this pro's resume stretches all the way back to "Sesame Street," on which shechemistry appears from the ages of 6with oother 9!actors:

SUBMITTEDSubmitted BY:By: mdashes
Give Birth, Look Fabulous!January 7, 2010Wow! Does Ellen Pompeo look good after giving birth to her daughter Stella just over three months ago. The actress was snapped showing off her post-baby curves in a figure hugging grey sweat-shirt and black leggings with some UGG boots as she returned to her Los Angeles home. Pompeo and her music producer husband Chris Ivery welcomed their daughter Stella Luna Pompeo Ivery last September 15. After giving birth she said: “I feel great - I’m the luckiest girl in the world!”You can see for yourself tonight on Jimmy Kimmel as we reported below!
January 7, 2010Ellen Pompeo will join Jimmy Kimmel on January 7, 2010. SUBMITTED BY EGUY ADD A COMMENT
Grey's Anatomy Nominated for NAACP Image AwardsJanuary 6, 2010Grey's Anatomy along with the film Precious and TNT's telepic Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story led the NAACP Image Awards with six nominations each.Grey's Nominations -Outstanding Drama Series"Cold Case"(CBS)"Grey's Anatomy"(ABC)"HawthoRNe"(TNT) "Lincoln Heights"(ABC Family)"The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency"(HBO)Outstanding Actress in a Drama SeriesChandra Wilson - "Grey's Anatomy"(ABC)Jada Pinkett Smith - "HawthoRNe"(TNT)Jill Scott - "The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency"(HBO)Regina King - "Southland"(NBC)Sandra Oh - "Grey's Anatomy"(ABC)Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama SeriesCorey Reynolds - "The Closer"(TNT)Delroy Lindo - "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit"(NBC)James Pickens, Jr. - "Grey's Anatomy"(ABC)Mekhi Phifer - "Lie To Me"(FOX)Rocky Carroll - "NCIS"(CBS)
Outstanding Writing in a Dramatic SeriesAlexander Woo - "True Blood"- Beyond Here Lies Nothin (HBO)Kathleen McGhee-Anderson - "Lincoln Heights"- Home Again (ABC Family)Sara Hess - "House"- The Greater Good (FOX)Shonda Rhimes - "Grey's Anatomy"- What a Difference A Day Makes (ABC)Zoanne Clack - "Grey's Anatomy"- Stand By Me (ABC)Outstanding Directing in a Dramatic SeriesChandra Wilson - "Grey's Anatomy"- Give Peace a Chance (ABC)Edward James Olmos - "Battlestar Galactica"- Islanded in a Stream of Stars (Syfy)Ernest Dickerson - "Dexter"- Road Kill (Showtime)Kevin Sullivan - "Lincoln Heights"- Aftershock (ABC Family)Paris Barclay - "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation"- Coup de Grace (CBS)That's an extra big congrats for Chandra Wilson who was nominated for Outstanding Actress and Outstanding Directing!SUBMITTED BY: SillyLins
McSteamy Will Have Baby GirlJanuary 01, 2010In a case of life imitating art, Eric Dane, the actor who plays Dr. Mark Sloan, soon will be the father of a daughter, according to EOnline's Marc Malkin. Dane and his wife, actress and former Noxzema girl Rebecca Gayhart, expect their first child in March. SUBMITTED BY: mdashes

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