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Set in: story is set in season three during the episodes ‘oh what guilt’ and ‘what am I.’ But just to make it slightly more confusing I made the main characters all residence and added Lexie in as an intern. So season four characters in a season three episode if that makes sense.

Will never happen in real Greys Anatomy. I used artistic license so stick with me. Plus I do not own anything Grey's Anatomy related except an ecessive collection of memrobelia :D

New story: Stranger Danger

Meredith’s voice over:


Meredith is standing in her living room looking out into the dark. Watching shapes move past her window..

Once we have made our boundaries it takes a lot to keep them secure.

Derek is lying on a bed in the on call room simply staring at the ceiling: his expression one of thought and somehow partially of anger. A picture clasped in his hands.

So when someone enters and tries to break through we understandably rebel.

Izzie is on the phone. She slams it down in its holster while the other person is talking. Turning back to her cooking she softly cries.

What if that person is invited in?

Lexie stands in a corner of the hospital car park pacing up and down. A taxi pulls up and a petite red head gets out. Lexie hurries over to greet her.

Well then we reserve the right to retract that invitation without an explanation.

Alex is standing in the trailer talking to someone whose features are hidden by the shadows. Without warning he slams the door in the persons face and turns away.

Episode one

It was just a promise ring, whatever appearances might say it was not an engagement ring, just a promise ring he had assured her the night before. He had become efficient by now at quickly spotting the signs of an impending freak out and had hastily intercepted. The pink and gold ring flashed and sparkled as it caught the sunlight from where it hung, attached to a fine silver chain. The delicacy and beauty of the whole piece of jewellery was designed or at least purchased to reflect its owner. That is what he had said at least, in that sick making romantic way of his, she couldn’t see the resemblance herself but she allowed him to believe it. Taking one last glance at the ring its owner tucked it out of sight, hidden by the pale blue of scrubs, far from wondering questioning eyes.

Meredith then shut her locker with the customary slam and sat down on the bench that lay nearby with a sigh. Exhaustion and the whole having a baby thing had finally caught up with her and the adrenalin which had kept her going all night while celebrating.

with Izzie (nauseatingly enthusiastic and bouncy),

Cristina (bored and sarcastic once she got past the original supportive excitement ...)

George (sweet and almost nervous in his desire to protect her)

Alex (who did wonderful impression of grumpy)

Callie (jokey defiantly overly flirty and happy)

and finally the giver of the supposed promise ring Derek himself (overjoyed)

That energy had now deserted her leaving her body drained.

While she lay with her eyes lightly closed on the border of sleeping her mind drifted back to how she found out she was pregnant in the first place. She remembered the whole thing so clearly mainly because it only happened about a month ago. She had been working in this hospital long enough for others to know it was a good idea to leave her to rest.

*Flashback starts*

It all started in the locker room as most off her problems seemed to. Well actually it must have all started on prom night but it wasn’t worth going into that. This story begins in the locker room.

George: Is there something you’re not telling us? You seem off ... not that you’re not beautiful ... but you look off beautiful ... I mean ... are you?

Meredith: I have a funny feeling

George: Is it your someone’s going to die feeling

Meredith: It’s an – I am going to throw up feeling

Alex: we’ll try not to do it in here ... I already smell of patient vomit

George: So are you ok?

Meredith: I'm not a patient

Alex: Your vomit probably smells like patient though ...

George: Surely all vomit would smell the same?

Meredith: Oh come on guys I have work ... we all have work ... work

Later during rounds with Bailey.

Bailey: I am walking and you guys better be walking too ... faster

Meredith: I would walk faster the smoothie is weiging me down

Cristina: Either your holding your stomach for some disgusting reason or its woman problems? Tell me its the later ...

Meredith: Even worse than that ... its ... well I do not know why I hurt ... but I think its worse than that

Cristina: Well if it turns into something intresting then call me ...

Meredith: I do not need to call you ... you are standing right here
Several patient rooms prevented further conversation until the group found themselves once more in the hall.

Derek: Dr Grey I have a surgery which requires a hot intern ... can you help me?

Meredith: No ...

Derek: Have I done something ... Meredith?

Meredith: I do not know what you have done ... but my feelings say your to blame

Further conversation was stopped by Meredith stopping to throw up on the floor. Her face paling and her breath quickning.
Derek: So what did I do Mer ... I do not think you say I made you sick ...
Meredith: I am completely normal

Derek: well you definatly can not blame that on me

Meredith throws up once more and rubs her stomach with a look of pain.

Later in a hospital room

Meredith: You wanted interesting
Cristina: I did and instead you gave me pregnant ... where is the justice

Meredith: not funny ... and I am not pregnant

Cristina: well I think you will find if you diagnosed your symptoms in someone else you would say?

Meredith:pregnant ... but I am not

Cristina: Look I know your worried the baby will look like Finn ... and not Derek ... but

Meredith: Well there is no way it could be Finn's ... so that would be very co-incadental ... specially since I am not pregnant

Bailey enters the rooma and puts Meredith's chart in the end of the bed.

Bailey: Yes you are ... well done Dr Grey ... as usual you have made me proud.
Later in Meredith’s room
Derek: so do we know what is making you sick ...

Meredith: well I know what is making me sick

Derek: So ... what is it? Did I give it to you

Meredith: I am pregnant

Derek: I told you ... wait
*Flashback ends*

All too soon an ominous creak alerted her to someone’s entrance to the locker room, even before the resounding footsteps warned her that the person was heading directly towards her. She took a steadying breath as her eyes flicked up and she rose to a sitting position before sliding swiftly into standing. She strode off hastily towards the door before the owner of the footsteps could reveal themselves. Or she tried to but before she could close with door with a click behind her she heard a voice follow her into the bustling hall.

“Dr Grey?”

Meredith recognised the voice as her long suffering half sister Lexie Grey. Sure enough when she turned back around and re-entered the locker room that was exactly who she was now faced with.

“I am surprised Cristina let you go ...”

“She only did because your interns are bugging her and she needs you to go remove them before she hurts them ...”

“Hers words?

“Her words.”

While Meredith was not only finding the energy to begin her day, and somehow continue till shifts end, and follow Lexie to rescue her interns something strange was happening in the chaotic ER. Alex, whose mood it seemed had lifted just enough to become indifferent, who was in the ER at the time of the incident, watched a skinny and reasonably young boy come in but then seeing that appeared to be fine ignored him. This was yet another big mistake though he could not entirely be blamed as he was not the only one there.

The boy stood in the middle of the room and began to scream, a high pitched shrill scream, which covered the whole area. It continued on higher and higher as Alex merely covered his ears and ignored it as best he could. When it got so high pitched it actually hurt he was forced to walk over and demand silence.

“Shut up!”

“I want Dr Shepherd ...”

Alex obeyed the request and paged Dr Shepherd. His fingers slipped however and the buttons he pressed were that off Meredith. Noticing his mistake he changed it.

It took five minutes for Meredith to reach the ER and only two minuets for her interns to be able to hear the screaming. Instantly hands flew to ears to protect them from the noise. Alex stood desperately trying to persuade the perpetrator to tell him what was wrong. Derek had arrived and come over to join Alex but it did little to help.

“I want Dr Shepherd ...”

“This is Dr Shepherd ...”

But the screaming just began again. Meredith quickly scattered her interns to various jobs, ignoring their looks of gratitude mingled with relief that they could leave the vicinity, and walked over to the boy. The minuet she stood before him much to everyone’s relief it went quiet. The boy held out his hands towards Meredith and kept repeating “Dr Shepherd” in a resigned tone so different from her earlier urgency.

Meredith’s hand flicked towards the hidden ring before she jammed them in her pockets instead. “Yes that is me” she quietly guiltily lied. She was a doctor as her outfit so obviously showed so she was only partially lying. She wanted to think she was lying for the sake of everyone else’s hearing but there was something deeper in it than that.

“What is wrong” she asked gently. The boy looked around the crowds of people and shook his head. Meredith reluctantly took his hand and led him towards an empty hospital room leaving Alex to go back to work and Derek staring after them with an unreadable expression.

Meredith and Marcus (the young boy) are in a hospital room with the door shut.

"They need me"

The words were barely audible and spoken in a voice which seemed desperate yet eerily calm.

"I know they need me"

The voice continued changing neither in volume nor in tone. Meredith opted for silence hoping if not disturbed Marcus would reveal what till now had remained unsaid.

"I promised to help but now I am scared"

The voice got softer more thoughtful.

"So scared"

Each word was accompanied by a hand movement, a firm abrupt gesture in complete contract to his voice.

"So unusual, so rare, so amazing and yet so deadly"

Meredith was on the verge of asking what he was referring to when he opened his mouth to speak agian. She swallowed her already formed words and waited for him to go on.


He spoke in a vague way and his sinsiter character right now was begining to freak Meredith out.

"One for many ... one for many ... one for many ... one for so many"

He started to repeat those words seemingly unaware of anyone else in the room anymore. Getting faster and faster each time he said the word. Then suddenly he jumped up and grabbing Meredith's arm began to squeeze. Tighter and tighter as Meredith, scared and alone, fought not to scream. She did not want to provoke him though she soon began to struggle.

He kept repeating louder and louder as his grip tightened. Meredith struggled but had a small frame and he was hurting her. Tears softly eroded her pale cheeks but she still strained to keep from screaming. Her hand fumbled for her pager but she dropped it and it skidded away.

Meredith thought this can’t be good for the baby and then there was a pain in her head and it all went black.

End of part one.

(Episode 2 up very soon.)

Grey's Anatomy Fanfiction : Stranger Danger part 2

Grey's Anatomy Fanfiction : Stranger Danger part 3

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