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Episode 1.
"Love and Memories"

Mer V.O: Hurt (shows cristina lying on her and Burke's bead staring out the window) Pain (shows Derek filling out a chart staring straight ahead, you can tell he is upset) Betrayal (shows burke driving in his car) Lies (shows George sitting on a bench outside the hospital) Truths (shows izzie baking and sobbing) Jealousy (shows Bailey with her hands on her head) anger (shows Alex sitting on the floor of the locker room in deep thought) shock (shows callie looking at her pregnancy test results: positive) hope (Richard and Adele talking and holding hands) torn (shows mark watching Addison looking out the huge window of the hospital drinking her coffee) change ( shows a close up of Addison's face) All words that tell us who we are, where we are going, and what we are going to do (shows mer in burkes apartment making coffee for cristina) But most of the times, we have no clue.

Mer: Cristina (knocks on door) I made coffee. Cristina come on I know you're in there! (Opens door) Cristina!
Cristina: I don't want coffee (still staring out the window)
Mer: Come on, we have work in 30 minutes and you haven't slept.
Cristina: I'm fine, Meredith.
Mer: No your not! Please, just drink the coffee and I'll help you get ready for work.
(Cristina doesn't move)
Mer: Cristina!
Cristina: I'm not a toddler Meredith, just leave! I want to be alone; I can take care of myself!
Mer: (sighs) Okay, if you need anything call.
(Cristina doesn't say anything; Mer goes out of Burke's apartment very worried about Cristina and her relationship with Derek)

(Izzie is baking)
Izzie (muttering to herself): Burke dumped cristina at the alter, callie might be pregnant, I confessed my love to George, callie is the fricken boss of me, I start my residency today, and I'm home alone talking to myself. My life officially sucks!
(Mer comes in)
Mer: Hey
Izzie: Hey, how is-
Mer: horrible.
(Izzie looks down and stirs her cake batter mix harder)
Mer: I don't know what to do
Izzie: Burke seemed so sure. I heard his vows. They were beautiful. They seemed happy and in love, and yet-
Mer: There's no happily every after Iz
Izzie (pauses): I wish there was
Mer: (sighs) Me too.

(Derek is walking down the hall when he runs into Richard)
Chief: Derek
Der: Chief
Chief: I heard about the wedding.
Der: Yeah
Chief: (pauses) I really do believe you can be Chief, Derek. Are you sure you don't want this cause it seemed like-
Der: I thought I did. I thought being chief was the most important thing to me. But it isn't, not anymore. It's not the most important
Chief: It's not the most important thing to me either.

(Mer walks into the locker room. She thinks she is the only one in there until she sees Alex)
Mer: Oh, hey, didn't see you there
Alex: Mer, I need to talk to you
Mer: Sure, what's up?
Alex: Uh, I think I did something bad. Like really bad
Mer: What
Alex: You know Eva, well Rebecca?
Mer: Yeah
Alex: I fell in love with her, and let her go. I let her go with her husband. She, she wanted me to say I love you. She loved me. But I didn't, I told her to go with her decent husband. I told her to, to go away from me. And now...
Mer: Oh Alex, I, I'm so sorry
Alex: Yeah, but at least you have somebody to love
(Mer looks down)

(New interns come into locker room)
Bill: Wow, we're half way there! We're interns!
Tim: Yeah, at the toughest surgical program out there, we're going to have to bust our asses.
Lexie: It'll be worth it in the end
Annie: Hopefully
(The 4 see Alex and mer)
Lexie: oh hey, we are the new interns here. We just wanted to check out the locker room a bit earlier, sorry if we interrupted anything
Mer: Oh no, we were just talking. I'm Meredith and this is Alex. First year residents Bill: So you were last year's interns?
Alex: Yep
Annie: How was it?
Alex: I don't want to ruin the surprise (Alex gets up and leaves)
Mer: You'll do fine, excuse me (walks out with Alex)
Lexie: (looks at her locker and mumbles to herself doubtfully): We'll do fine.

(izzie comes out and sits on the bench next to George)
Izzie: Hey, I baked some pound cake if you want any
George: Uh, yeah, thanks Iz
Izzie: George, you weren't at the wedding, and you didn't say anything about...
George: I know
Izzie: And you and Callie are having a baby?
George: We're uh, trying to
(Izzie stares down then touches George's shoulder)
Izzie: George, I know its none of my business but do you think having a kid at this time is the best idea?
George: You're right, it isn't your business
Izzie (looking hurt): Fine, well then come on, the chief wants to talk to us about our residency and you don't want to be late
George: Yeah, I'm not going
Izzie: What?
George: I uh, have to get re-assigned to a new resident
Izzie: George, what are you talking about?
(George looks at izzie)
George: I failed the test Izzie.

Meredith is walking down the hall when she bumps into Derek)
Meredith: Oh hi, sorry
Derek: Yeah, it's okay
(They stand there for a little bit not talking)
Derek: Is it, I mean, are we done?
Mer: Uh, I, well, I'm not really sure
Derek: It's a yes or no answer. I'm not waiting forever
Mer (starts to cry lightly): I'm sorry Derek
Derek (looking very hurt): Is this what you want?
Mer: No, but I don't have any hope anymore
Der (starts to get teary-eyed): Well, (clears his throat) then okay. We're done.
Mer: Derek I am-
De: I have a surgery
(Derek leaves hurt and upset. Meredith stands there for a little bit, then puts her hands on her head and starts to cry)

(Cristina arrived at the hospital in sweatpants and a sweatshirt. Her hair in a messy bun above her head. And eyeliner stained her cheeks from all the tears she had cried the night before. How could he? How could HER burke leave her like that? She went up to bailey)
Cristina: Sorry I'm late
Bailey: Cristina, I understand that a lot has happened, take the day off. Clear your head, its fine.
(Cristina gives her an are you kidding me?!? look)
Bailey: Unless you would like to assist me on Shepherd craniotomy?
Cristina: YES!
Bailey: Okay, scrub in
Cristina: Thank you Dr. Bailey, oh and is Dr. Burke in today?
Bailey (pauses): No, I'm sorry he's not.

(cristina leaves and the chief walks up to bailey, bailey ignores him)
Chief: Come on Miranda you can't just keep avoiding me!
Bailey: When are we going to tell Cristina?
Chief (sighs): Give her time. She needs time. We don't tell her till she has scrubbed in on a couple surgeries
Bailey: Fine
Chief: Miranda I gave Torres chief resident for a reason.
Bailey: Really? Is she more skilled than me? NO! Does she put in that extra 5 hours? NO!
Chief: That's EXACTLY why I picked her and not you!
Bailey: What?
Chief: Being chief of anything can get to your head. You have a family, a family who loves you. Don't throw that away for some silly chief position. Put your family and loved ones first Miranda! NOT your job!
(chief walks away, bailey watches him leave then goes to scrub in with cristina and Derek)

(Derek, Cristina, and bailey are in the OR)
Derek: Okay Yang, here is the clot; you can do the honors of pulling it out. Make sure you pull it out piece by piece, and very slowly
Cristina: Got it
Bailey: Very good Yang.
Cristina: Maybe not having Burke around is good after all. I mean no more distractions, no more relationship, and no more commitments. It's a good thing right?
(Derek and bailey look at each other)
Bailey: Well yeah, maybe not getting chief resident is a good thing too. I get to spend time with Tucker and Will. You know, actually have a family. I think everything happens for a reason.
Derek: I don't, I've lost hope.

(Callie is rushing to get to the locker room to meet her new interns when she sees George)
Callie(very excited): HEY you!!! I need to talk to you!!!!
George (in a bad mood): What
Callie: Hey cranky I'm not going to tell you if your not excited!!
George: (smiles): Fine, what?
Callie: IM PREGNANT!!!! IT HAPPENED!!!! WE'RE HAVING A BABY!!!! (Callie starts jumping up and down and laughing.)
George: Wow, really?
Callie: Yep! Took the test this morning!! Can you believe it! Oh my god I have to tell my mom and dad, and pick out a crib, get baby clothes, and all other motherly things!
George: Wow, Callie that's great
Callie (realizes that George isn't happy): Why aren't you excited
George: No, I am. (Kisses Callie) I am excited (George leaves. Callie watches George go then looks at izzie who is filling out a chart and the nurse's station)

(Meredith is sitting at the cafeteria w/ Alex playing with her food)
Mer: you were wrong
Alex: What?
Mer: In the locker room, you said I have somebody to love,well I don't
Alex: Yea you do! You have Shepherd!
Mer: I broke up with him
Alex (silent for a minute): Dude, seriously?
Mer: I know, I know'it was stupid right? Was it stupid?
Alex: (sighs) maybe
(Lexie and Annie come up to them)
Annie: Hey, you were the 2 in the locker room earlier, right?
Mer: That's us
Lexie: We're really sorry to bother you, but do you know where Chief Webber's office is?
Alex: Across the hall to your left.
Lexie: Thanks, I'm so bad at navigating. I always need someone to tell me where to go; I was a lot like my mom. She was great. She helped me and was supportive but she couldn't navigate and oh gosh, sorry I'm rambling. I tend to do that a lot, I think I get that from my dad, but I'm uhm really sorry
Alex: She rambles, I'm used to it
Mer (hits Alex): its fine, like he said, I ramble too!
(Lexie smiles)
Lexie: Okay well then, thanks!
Mer: Bye
(Lexie and Annie leave)
Alex: She's hot!
Mer: She reminds me of someone. I can't put my finger on it, but she reminds me of someone.

(Mark is walking up to Addison who is sitting on a bench outside the hospital)
Mark: Hey
Addie: I'm done Mark
Mark: What?
Addie: I'm done with Seattle. I'm done with Seattle Grace. I'm done with not being happy.
Mark: You're not happy?
Addie: No, I'm not. I need to get out.
(Addison gets up and starts to go inside the hospital)
Mark: Addison!
(Addison turns around)
Addison: Yeah?
Mark: You're leaving?
Addison: I am, and this time it's for good.

(Derek comes out of surgery looking upset; mer notices this and comes up to him)
Mer: Look, you don't have to talk to me, you don't have to say anything, just listen. Burke and Cristina were in love. They were in love and thought they were happy. They were my hope. Cristina is my person. We're alike in so many ways, and you and burke are alike in so many ways. Cristina walking down that aisle was a sign for me, a sign that we could make it, a sign that I could be happy. It was a good sign, but; Cristina didn't walk down that aisle. Burke left her. After seeing that, I didn't have hope anymore. If Cristina and Burke can't be happy, then how will we ever be? If Cristina, my person, couldn't be happy, how could me and my screwed up life be happy. They were my hope.
Der: Why can't I be your hope? Why can't loving me be your hope?
Mer (pauses): Because you hurt me before. When I had all the hope in the world, your wife showed up. How can I trust that hope again? There's no happy ending Derek
Der: Yes there are, you just don't believe in them. Eventually, in time, there can be happy endings. But you have to trust me and love me, and most importantly YOU have to be happy. I know I have walked away from you a lot in the past, but I'm not walking away again. So the question is, are you sticking to our relationship? Or are you walking away?
(Derek leaves and Meredith watches him go, unsure what to do next)

Mer V.O: The truth is, we don't know who we are. We can be people who change for the better (goes to Addison and the chief)
Chief: Are you sure you want to do this?
Addison: I'm sure. LA is the best place for me right now
Chief: Well then, good luck Addison
Or people who keep telling themselves things will get better (shows Callie and George lying in bed. George is not talking and Callie is looking over at him)
We could be the people who commit, and stop the avoiding (shows mer knocking on Derek's trailer door. Derek comes out a little surprised to see mer)
Mer: I'm sticking
(Derek smiles and hugs mer)
We could be the people that hope for the best, but prepare for the worst (shows izzie lying down on her bed, then cristina making a sandwich)
Or we could be the people that completely shock us (there's a knock on the door at Mer's house. Alex goes to open it)
Alex: Ava?

Episode 2
"Life is Beautiful"

Mer V.O: Love and Life. Life and Love. Is there even a difference? Life is tough, love is tough. Life can be wonderful yet depressing; love can be amazing yet for some reason, lonely. Life is full of complications, especially as surgeons. Not only do we need to deal with our own complications, but the complications of other people as well. But I guess there is a difference b/t love and life,cause for some reason, love always seems so much harder.

(Mer and izzie are sitting on mer's bed. Alex is trying on suites)
Mer: I don't like that one, it's too...
Izzie: Big. Go for the blue one
Mer: Yeah, the blue one
Alex: The blue one, really?
Mer and Izzie: Yeah
Alex: Okay then the blue one it is
Izzie: Okay, so where exactly are you going?
Mer: Yeah you said you would tell us who your hot date is after we picked out your suite!
Alex: Uh, you don't know her
Izzie: LIAR!
Alex: Fine, it's Ava
Izzie: Ava? Who is- OMG JANE DOE!?!
Mer: (laughs) Shhh, I have neighbors! Alex, that's great, she came back?
Alex: Yeah, last night. I want to start over, with her.
Izzie: Wait, she left? I'm so out of the loop! Damn it!
Mer: (laughs) Hey, have you talked to George? I haven't seen him forever
Izzie: Uhm yeah, he is just, uh, busy
Alex: With what?
Izzie: I don't know. Marriage, life, a baby
Izzie: Well apparently they are trying
Mer: Wow, that's great!
Izzie: (upset) Yep. Really, really great

(cristina is assisting callie on surgery)
Callie: So, Yang, you're here early
Cristina: I have no reason to be late
Callie: I'm really sorry about-
Cristina: Its fine, maybe it's for the best. We weren't ready for marriage, he thought I was but I wasn't. So I'm being optimistic.
Callie: That's good, being optimistic is good.
Cristina: (pauses then sighs) yeah, hopefully when he comes back we can work things out.
(Callie has a look on her face)
Callie: Uh, yeah, when he, uhm, comes back.

(Lexie is with all of her intern friends eating lunch)
Annie: Did you guys meet Dr. Shepherd?
Tim: Nope
Lexie: I didn't either
Bill: I did, he seems nice
Annie: He's HOT!
(lexie laughs)
Lexie: Come on Annie you know that interns can't date attending, it's against the rules!
Annie: That is NOT what I heard
Lexie: Well, what did you hear?
Annie: Rumor has it that he was with an intern for a long time, then his wife showed up and he dumped her, then he dumped the wife went back to the intern, and is single now!
Lexie: Wow, I wonder how much trouble they got in for dating
Bill: I heard that they did get in a lot of trouble at first but then no one seemed to care anymore.
Lexie: Okay, where are you guys getting this information from?
Annie: Nurses. Seriously, they gossip so much!
Lexie: Well then, I will go meet this gorgeous Dr. Shepherd now
Annie: Okay, but remember I claimed him first!
(Lexie shoots her a look then walks out of the cafeteria)

(Derek is walking down the hall when he passes Lexie. He continues to walk but then stops and turns around.)
Der: Excuse me?
(Lexie turns around)
Lexie: Oh hey, I'm looking for a Dr. Shepherd; do you know where he might be?
Der: Well I am Dr. Shepherd
Lexie: Oh well then (pauses) hey, aren't you the guy at the bar a couple nights ago?
Der: And you are the girl at the bar
Lexie: Wow, oh my god I am so sorry, gosh this is embarrassing!
Der (smiles): No, it's fine
Lexie: So you're a doctor. A very famous doctor
Der (laughs): I guess
Lexie: Well I'm Lexie Grey; it's an honor to be studying under you
Der: Grey?
Lexie: Uh, yeah, why is there a problem?
Der: Oh no, I just; there's another Grey here too, so
Lexie (pauses): Oh my god! She works here! I totally forgot! What's her name? Mary?
Der: Meredith. Meredith Grey
Lexie: Wow. This is a huge coincidence.
Der: Yeah it is.
(Meredith walks up)
Mer: Hey, here's the CT you wanted (see's Lexie) Oh hi, you're the intern in the locker room from yesterday
Lexie: Yeah, I'm Lexie Grey (holds out her hand)
Mer: What?

Lexie is sitting in the hallway when Annie comes up
Annie: Did you meet him!? Isn't he GORGEOUS!!!!???
Lexie: I flirted with him at a bar
Annie: oh...
Lexie: And I met my half sister who I hate!
Annie: Why?
Lexie: SHE KILLED MY MOTHER!!! My mother was all I had; she was all my dad had! And she basically killed her!
Annie: Lexie
Lexie: Molly says we should be mad at her. That she didn't kill her, but to me, she killed her! She killed our family! Her real mom broke my dad! And I, I hate her!
Annie: I'm sorry
Lexie: I need revenge I need something to make her feel like I do right now!
Annie: Lexie, come on don't be so-
Lexie: NO! This is happening. Meredith Grey is gonna wish she never met my family!

(alex and ava doe are at dinner)
Ava: Wow you look nice
Alex: so do you! Look, Ava I am really glad you came back, I mean I was so worried you left
Ava: Well, I wasn't happy there. And then it hit me, I was exactly the same. I want to be different. I want to learn from my mistakes, and take risks, and you know be with the person I love, which is you
Alex (can't believe what he is hearing): Wow, Ava, I love you too, and it scares the crap out of me
(Ava smiles)
Alex: Okay I'm going to tell you something that I have really never told anyone beforeā¦„
Ava: What?
Alex: Well, I, I had a crappy childhood. My dad abused my mom, and was a drunk. I was about 15 and had no clue what to do. I told my mom we should leave. And we did. I saw my dad about a year ago. I didn't know what to say or what to do. He was still the same old person. He hadn't changed. But, for some strange reason, I wanted to know him. But, I couldn't. So after that, I promised myself that I would never get close to anyone in my life because they could screw me overjust like he did. So I never try to get committed to a relationship. It's how I've always beenand I'm sorry.
Ava: Wow, Alex I am so, so sorry
Alex: Don't be (takes her hand) Just be Ava.

(mer and der are at the nurses station talking)
Der: So that's your half sister number two.
Mer: (sarcastically) Well this is great, perfect even! Just great!
Der: Wow
Mer: I know!
Der: Uhm, Mer, do you know how I said I don't keep secrets
Mer: Uh, yeah
Der: Uh, well Lexie was the women in the bar
Der: Nothing happened
Der: Don't worry, I don't like her
Mer: (sarcastically) Sure you don't
Der: I don't (kisses her) I love you
Mer: Ugh, now I have to be reminded every day of my dad, great!
Der: Just avoid her
Mer: I can't! She'll be everywhere! But, I have a plan
Der (smiles): Okay, what's your plan
Mer: Well if she comes ANYWHERE a near you, I am totally kicking her ass!
Der (laughs): Sounds like a good plan to me!
Mer: It is! (smiles)

Well, well, well...Meredith Grey is the intern (smiles to herself)

(chief is talking to George)
Chief: George, first thing i want to tell you is that you are smart. You are a smart surgeon. I remember last year when you did open heart surgery. You are smart, and don't let these test scores tell you otherwise
George: Thank you sir
Chief: George, I want you to stay at this hospital, I want you on my team. I talked to the board and they agree that you are a surgeon, a smart one. So, you will still have to repeat your intern year, but if you can prove it to us that you are better than the rest, we will allow to be a resident with grey, yang, karev, and stevens. I have faith in you, and i believe you can work hard. And if you do, you will be a surgical resident like the rest of them. Now, how does that sound?
George: Thank you sir, but i can't.

(cristina and mer are sitting in the hallway)
Cristina: Okay, somethings up. spill
Mer: Well, my half sister is here and she-
Cristina: NO! not about you, about me! everytime i mention burke people get all tense and worried like they are gonna spill something. SOMETHING IS UP! SO SPILL!!!
(mer is silent for a little bit)
Mer: Cristina...Burke transfered
Cristina:What do you mean transfer?
Mer: The chief told us yesterday. I'm sorry...
(mer takes cristina and hugs her)
Mer: I'm sorry
(cristina just sits there in mer's arms. Without hope, Without Burke, With no one to love)

(izzie is sitting in the oncall room by herslef, george comes in and closes the door. He doesnt see izzie, and thinks he's alone)
Izzie: George, are you okay?
George: Oh, izzie, sorry...didn't see you there
Izzie: Yeah, i had to think.
(george is silent)
Izzie: Why didn't you tell me you failed the test?
George: Because...
Izzie: What?
George: You told me you loved me. You told me you loved me right after Callie and I tried to get pregnant. You told me those 3 words just as I thought I was getting over you.
Izzie: I'm sorry, but things haven't been easy for me either George. My life equally sucks
George: Oh yeah? Did your dad die? Did you cheat on your husband? Did you decide to have a kid?
Izzie: No, I didn't decide...
George: What's that suppose to mean?
Izzie: George....I'm pregnant.

(Lexie is waiting at the nurses station when she sees Mer coming up)
Lexie: Hey
Mer: Oh, hi
Lexie: Look, I know we haven't had a good start, but I really do want to get to know you. After all, you are my sister
Mer: Half sister
Lexie: Right, well I was wondering if maybe I could shadow you today. Dr. O'Malley is very busy, and I heard that you are a really great surgeon
Mer: Uh, okay?
Lexie: Super! Now where is the patient?
Mer: Room 2134
Lexie: Great! Let's go!
(mer is very confused but goes into room 2134 with Lexie)
Mer: Hello Mr. Nutter, how are you-
Lexie: Any pain Mr. Nutter?
Mr. Nutter: Uh, yes ¦in my back
Lexie (looks at chart): Now how many bleeding ulcers do you have?
Mr. Nutter: 3, I think..
Lexie: Hmm, you could have another one forming on the spinal cord; we should get an MRI immediately and put him on a morphine drip
Mer: I'm sorry Dr. Grey but I didn't ask for your diagnoses
Lexie: Well no offense, but do you have a better one? Because I know I'm right
(Lexie walks up to Mer)
Lexie: After all, I did go to Harvard.

(Mer has an oh-no-she-didn't look on her face. Lexie walks out of the room when she bumps into Derek)
Lexie: Oh, Hey!
Der: Hi
Lexie: So, uhm, I know we got off to an awkward start, but we can just forget we ever met at a bar if that's what you want
Der: Yeah, that's fine
Lexie: Unless you want something more (leans in and kisses him)
(mer comes out of the Mr. Nutter's room and sees lexie kissing Derek. Derek pulls Lexie off of him)
Lexie: Oh gosh, I'm so sorry
(der sees mer)
Derek: Meredith
(Meredith starts walking in the opposite direction)
Derek: Meredith, could you wait up?!
Mer: NO!
Derek: She kissed ME. She came on to ME!
Mer: Spare me the details
Derek: Meredith, please!
(Meredith stops suddenly when she sees her father and Molly get out of the elevator)

(Meredith cannot believe her father is here! She runs off into the closet and locks the door. Derek just looks at Thatcher, the man that broke the love of his life, the man that might have broken her forever. Derek wants to talk to Meredith, but he knows she needs her space. So, he turns around and walks away)
Lexie: DADDY!? (Runs up to Thatcher)
Thatcher: Hey Lex!
Lexie: (hugs Thatcher): What are you doing here?
Thatcher: Well, I wanted to wish you luck on your first day, and give you this (takes out a velvet box with a ribbon on it)
Lexie (opens the gift): OH MY GOD DADDY ITS BEAUTIFUL!!!
Thatcher: It was your mothers; she wanted you to have it
Lexie: Aww, thanks daddy! She knew how much I loved necklaces!
Molly: So, how is your first day on the job!?
Lexie: (smiles) Fun! Oh, so fun!


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