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Part three

There were still no clues by evening; hopelessness had begun to set in. Derek was tired; so tired, he seemed to be finally resigning himself to falling into the realms of dreams. His gloved hands and booted feet were shaking, like his broad, heaving chest. His coat pulled close around him glowed bright white in the harsh hospital lightning. He had sat for two days in the bustling corridor, but he showed no signs of moving.

‘Give it up’

The low sinister voice seemed to come from no-where and settle like a sudden chill on all those waiting in the corridor. There was three stout nurses – a short silent one, a fat, excited one who gossiped away in a low tone, and a miserable looking one with a scared feeling; a doctor of something to do with kids, who no-one seemed to recognise; a worried Izzie, remaining resolutely optimistic; two young interns whispering together with expressive hand movements; Derek sitting in silent contemplation; Mark with a frown, who was pacing nervously backwards and forwards; three other residents – Alex who masked his feelings with a look of boredom, George who had his hands shoved deep in his pockets and a look of resignation and Cristina who swayed to and fro muttering to herself

‘There is no way out – all you need to do is give me the blood I need and I promise you little blonde can go free, it is a simple enough decision to make and I hope you will agree soon as it seems such a shame that such a talented girl should end her days so young.’

‘But before you choose, I should probably say a little about why I need the blood I have asked you for. You know, as I have told you, that my whole family is in great danger yet we can’t afford the cost. So if, as I believe you will, you provide the blood we can do the it at home’

Derek, lifting his worried eyes for a moment from the plastic floor, whispered two words under his breath to a now still Mark. ‘Complete idiot.’ Mark nodded. They both knew that should the boy attempt what he was planning more than one death would result.

The loud speaker crackled and fell silent.

The following hours were silent; the doctors began to doubt that the police were in fact doing anything. They resolutely kept up the distinct impression of investigating and planning but seemed to reach no conclusions.

‘At this rate’ Richard snarled as he stalked over from where he had been talking with chief of police ‘they will never have any ideas.’

Meredith lay, helpless and tired, her head leaning back against the cold wall, her knees up by her chest, her arms wrapped tight around them as though she was trying to make herself as small as possible. Looking through half-asleep eyes, Meredith could see Marcus sitting on the bed smirking. The sharp, locking, knife, glinting bright silver in the semi-darkness, flashed to and fro in his hands, never leaving her line of vision. Becoming careless he flicked the knife too far, whether he planned it or simply misjudged it we will never know, it bit silently in to the flesh of his hand with ease. Slicing deep and releasing a spurt of wine dark blood which splattered on to the unforgiving floor.

The minor accident did not result in him putting away the knife; though it produced a string of swear words unsuitable to repeat.

‘Language’ Meredith lectured without thinking ‘think of the baby.’

Her captor glared at her, his face made luminescent by the flickering torch glow. ‘I think you are in no position to give orders, I would hold your tongue if I were you’ the last part of his sentence was muffled by him sticking his blood stained hand into his mouth. Meredith fell silent but her expression was one of disgust and nausea.

A soft barely audible banging on the door attracted their attention.

‘We accept’ Richard’s loud clear voice echoed through the room. Marcus, forgetting he had, had little food for two days, jumped up fast and swayed a little. Pushing his feeling if dizziness away he grabbed Meredith’s arm and yanked her to her feet. He shoved his way out the door pulling her with him the knife held firmly at her throat. The movement however brought the dizziness and nausea back with a rush and swaying he collapsed. As he fell the knife caught Meredith’s side and drew blood.

Meredith, in a very uncharacteristic gesture, threw herself into Derek’s arms and clung to him. Robert slid his arms around her tight and offered words of comfort. He picked her up bridle style and carried her to a nearby hospital bed where he laid her down and she immediately drifted out of consciousness.

End of part three

(Part four up very soon.)

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