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Addison and AlexAddison and Alex

• Was his rejection sincere? Should he have accepted her? If so, should she have stayed to see what would happen.

Addison and Derek

• A great marriage lasting nine years until Addison cheated on Derek. Should they have stayed together? Should they have tried harder to fix their marriage?

Addison and Mark

• He gave it up for her but he loved her so much, he lied to her and let her go free.

Callie and George

• From doctor/patient, to coworkers to lovers to married. This was a relationship doomed from the beginning.

Credit bittersweet_gCallie and Hahn

• A complex relationship. Are they just friends or do they like each other? What will happen next between these two?

Callie and Mark

• They seem like two souls lost to the Seattle Grace romance ring. They have chemistry in bed and out. Should they be together? or just remain friends?

Grey's Anatomy Couples - Grey's Anatomy
Cristina and Burke

• Two peas in a pod. Two people who should have been destined to be together. What went wrong? Who really left who at the altar?

Cristina and Colin

• What do we know about this mysterious couple? Should Grey's revisit this storyline so we get history on them?

Credit bittersweet_gIzzie and Alex

• He hurt her. They got over it by sleeping together. Are they more than just friends? Or will they stay friends with benefits?

Grey's Anatomy Couples - Grey's AnatomyIzzie and Denny

• A love that was so intimate! She risked her job to save her love. Even though he's gone, he's always in her heart.

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Lexie and Mark

• Things didn't work with other Grey's residents for this "odd" couple. Will they be able to make a relationship work together?

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Izzie and George

• From co-workers, to friends, to best friends, to a night of mistakes, to lovers. Where will this relationship go next?

Grey's Anatomy Couples - Grey's Anatomy
Lexie and Alex

•She's a good girl, he's a one night guy. Would their relationship have lasted?

Grey's Anatomy Couples - Grey's Anatomy
Lexie and George

• They are becoming best friends and it appears more. Should they become lovers?

Credit bittersweet_gMeredith and Derek

• An off & on relationship. Meredith doesn't know what she wants but Derek does, will they ever make it work?

Meredith and Finn

• It's in the past now, but should she of picked the vet instead? Was he the one for her?

Meredith and George

• They were never meant to be more than friends, yet their one night together nearly cost them their friendship.

Miranda and Tucker

• Were married for a longtime and have a son. Will Tucker accept her back? Will they become a family again?

Olivia and George

• A brief relationship gone bad because of Alex. Would they have worked out if they'd stayed together? or were they doomed?

Richard and Adele

• Will he ever make it work between them? Will she ever accept him back?

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Cristina and Owen

• Now that Cristina is over Burke, will she find her happily ever after with Owen? or is he just a passing fling?

Lexie & Jackson
Lexie and Jackson

• Lexie not wanting children and her father turning unexpectedly has Mark sending Jackson to keep an eye on Lexie.

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