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Who'sGrey's yourAnatomy favoriteRelationships Grey'swhich Anatomyis your Couple?favourite?
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Addison and
Callie's DerekRelationships • A great marriage lasting nine years until Addison cheated on Derek. Should they have stayed together? Should they have tried harder to fix their marriage?

Callie and

Mark SloanCallie and
Mark's HahnRelationships• A complex relationship. Are they just friends or do they like each other? What will happen next between these two?

Cristina and Burke • Two peas in a pod. Two people who should have been destined to be together. What went wrong? Who really left who at the

April Kepner
Cristina and Colin • What do we know about this mysterious couple? Should Grey's revisit this storyline so we get history on
April's them?Relationships

Izzie and AlexJackson Avery
• He hurt her. They got over it by sleeping together. Are theyJackson's more than just friends? Or will they stay friends with benefits?Relationships

Izzie and Denny
• A love that was so intimate! She risked her job to save her love. Even though he's gone, he's always in her heart.

Lexie and Mark• Things didn't work with other Grey's residents for this "odd" couple. Will they be able to make a relationship work together?

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Alex Karev
Izzie and
Alex's GeorgeRelationships • From co-workers, to friends, to best friends, to a night of mistakes, to lovers. Where will this relationship go next?

Cristina Yang
Lexie and
Cristina's Alex Relationships•She's a good girl, he's a one night guy. Would their relationship have lasted?

George O'Malley
Lexie and George
• They are becoming best friends and it appears more. Should theyGeorge's becomeRelationships lovers?

MeredithMeredith's and FinnRelationships • It's in the past now, but should she of picked the vet instead? Was he the one for her?

Meredith andOwen's GeorgeRelationships • They were never meant to be more than friends, yet their one night together nearly cost them their friendship.

MirandaTeddy's and TuckerRelationships • Were married for a longtime and have a son. Will Tucker accept her back? Will they become a family again?

Olivia and George
• A brief relationship gone bad because of Alex. Would they have worked out if they'd stayed together? or were theyArizona's doomed?Relationships

Richard and Adele

• Will he ever make it work between them? Will she ever accept him back?

Cristina and Owen• Now that Cristina is over Burke, will she find her happily ever after with Owen? or is he just a passing fling?

Lexie and Jackson
• Lexie not wanting children and her father turning unexpectedly has Mark sending Jackson to keep an eye on Lexie.

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