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Episode 6:02


Airdate: September 24, 2009

Recap of Events:

Day 21

This is part two of the season opener, but officially it's a new episode, so it starts with a Meredith voiceover: In life, strict definitions rarely apply. In life, grief can look like a lot of things that bear little resemblance to sharp sorrow.

Clara says Lexie should go home and accuses Lexie of using her to avoid moving in with her boyfriend. Bailey arrives with bad news – she has an infection in her small bowel and has formed an abscess and requires surgery. When Cristina acknowledges that there’s a chance she’d need a colostomy bag, Clara says she doesn’t want surgery even though the infection will kill her. Bailey later confronts Cristina about her conversation with Clara and accuses her of killing the patient.

Arizona is pushing Chief to authorize an MRI for Andy, but he cites cost a the reason they can’t do the test.

Day 22
Izzie’s in chemotherapy , and all the girls are having “cancer pops” and chatting about their sex lives, or lack thereof. Izzie can’t understand why Alex won’t have sex with her. Always the soul of tact, Cristina suggests he’s scared of “cancer sex.”

Lexie’s helping Mark move into his apartment, when Callie appears, trying to dress for her first day at Mercy West, where she’s defected after being denied a promotion at Seattle Grace. Mark hadn’t mentioned to Callie that his ex-flame lived across the hall. Oops.

As Chief rehearses his pitch to the board to keep his job, he runs a red light and gets T-boned. He’s taken to Mercy West, and Callie happens to be his attending. She hands him over to a brand-new intern for his stitches, who uses cheaper sutures because of budget cuts. Hmmm, budget cuts at both hospitals…

In Owen’s therapy, his therapist reveals to Cristina that his PTSD is fed by his avoidance of talking about his war experiences and he’ll need to start talking about it. The therapist’s concern is that if they get lost in the lust of the start of this relationship, he won’t have any reason to start talking. Sorry, Cristina, no sex for you.

Andy and his mom show up at Mercy West, referred by Arizona. Mom says all they’ve been doing is get his kid strung out on pain meds. They can’t sleep, she’s scared, and Arizona says they need a 3D MRI. “I can’t be this useless, and neither can you,” mom says. When Callie sees Arizona later she says it was inappropriate, manipulative and stupid for Arizona to send a patient to Callie for an expensive procedure. The scan showed anyway.

Lexie has taken upon herself to draft an email to Clara’s mother about what’s really going on. She says she’ll hit “send” if Clara doesn’t have her surgery. Her tactic works, and in surgery later, where Bailey chastises Cristina again about talking too much with the patient. Cristina she says she’s required by law and oath to disclose the risks of a procedure. Bailey kicks Cristina off her service.

Lexie walks in on Derek and Meredith having sex on the countertop. He apologizes, but says that things have changed since they had their Post-It wedding. Meanwhile, back at the trailer…

Day 30
Izzie confronts Alex about not being there. She wants to hallucinate George so they can laugh together again. She misses him so much. She has no distractions, she’s sad, and begs Alex to come inside and help her feel better. He sneers that “I miss George” is real seductive.

Day 36
Callie barely knocks and barges into Mark’s apartment. Lexie’s there and looks aghast as Callie charges into the bathroom to talk with Mark while he showers about what’s going on with Webber. As she goes to leave, Lexie asks, “Are you really gay? How gay are you?” She needs some reassurance, and Callie offers, “He doesn’t look at my boobs anymore, not since he met you.” Awwww.

Derek accuses Webber of planning to jump ship to Mercy West, then Arizona corners Derek about Andy. She’s formulated a theory that requires yet another test to confirm. He approves, and as the lad has his test she tells him, “McDreamy. I get it now.” He even makes the lesbians swoon. Alex makes fun of his Post-It wedding, and Derek retorts that unlike Alex, he’s consummated his marriage.

It turns out that Andy’s spinal cord is tethered to his tailbone, so it started pulling as he grew. Derek will just snip the cord, and he’ll be free of pain. When Andy’s on the operating table, Derek suggests that Arizona make the cut because the boy would probably be in chronic pain, hooked on meds if it weren’t for her. She snips.

Izzie’s been handed off to a 3rd-year, which Bailey insists is good news. She’s responding well to treatment. It’s just watch and wait with her cancer. Izzie seems to want something more concrete, and perhaps something more dire.

Owen talks with Clara about her refusal to participate in physical therapy. “I know what it’s like to not want to live, to wish that you’d lose everything, to not want to call your mother. I have been there. As impossible as it felt, eventually I came back, and so can you,” he says. Lexie kicks her in the butt by telling her she can’t go out with people calling her “Ceviche.”

Izzie and Meredith talk about the cancer – Izzie says with stage 4 cancer, she expected to die. She didn’t expect to live with cancer. Amanda’s sitting on a nearby bench, as she does all day, every day. Izzie marches up to her and commands her to get up and go get a life. “George was a surgeon, he wanted to save lives, and now he doesn’t get the chance. He doesn’t get the chance to do anything anymore but you do,” she orders the stricken woman. “Just go do something with your life. I know that that feels horrible and shocking and terrifying, but you lived, so go live your fricking life.” She’ll kick her ass if she sees her sitting on the bench again.

Owen and Cristina are at the therapist, laughing about their dark selves. He says he wasn’t trying to hurt her when he tried to strangle her. He was dreaming that someone was coming after him. “You made a start,” says the therapist, which I guess was code for “You can have sex now.”

At the episode’s end, everyone’s moving on and dealing with their grief and anxiety in their own ways…

Clara’s taking her first steps with her prosthetic leg and she asks Lexie to call her mother.

Lexie brings a pair of panties and a toothbrush to Mark’s … and suitcase.

Alex comes home to the trailer. Izzie says he has to hold her and be her husband. He admits how scared he is – “You made me love you, then you freakin’ die in my arms.”

Bailey and Derek board an elevator, and he stops it. She says she can’t care anymore – she has to stop caring so much and treating her co-workers as her children. She can’t keep giving away the feeling.

A janitor comes to clean out George’s locker and finally Meredith can cry. Derek finds her sobbing and comforts her.

Cristina and Owen sleep together; afterward she gasps, “George O’Malley died.”

We end with a bombshell from the Chief. He announces that Seattle Grace and Mercy West will be merging, and not everyone’s job will be safe. He implores them to be at their very best.

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