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Grey's Anatomy Catch Me up
Episode 6:01


Airdate: September 24, 2009

Recap of Events:
Day 1
Izzie and George are simultaneously at death’s door, with staff working on getting Izzie breathing (after flatlining) and on getting brainwaves from George (after pushing a woman out of the path of a bus and taking the hit). In voice-over, Meredith runs through the Kubler-Ross stages of grief, ending with the acceptance in the OR that George is gone. These two premiere episodes focus on how everyone deals with grief, and the answer often is: not well.

As the staff stands silently (except for Callie, who’s sobbing hysterically) around George’s disfigured, unrecognizable body, Bailey comes to see that George is dead, and immediately she’s asked if he’s an organ donor. George’s mother has been called and his body can be moved to the ICU if she wants to see it.

Amanda, the girl that George pushed out of the way of the bus, goes to Mark and Lexie in the hallway, and tells that that she keeps hearing that John Doe is George.

Alex insists that Izzie not be told what happened. Meanwhile, she’s frantically trying to reach him because she dreamt, when she was technically dead, that George would die in the army if they didn’t stop him from going to Iraq.

Lexie insists that the body she sees isn’t George, even though Meredith was certain. She points out that the feet are that of a taller man. They all try to call George and get voicemail. Callie says that he had a birthmark in the shape of Texas on his hand and she’ll check him for it. She enters the room while the rest of the staff watches, and breaks down upon seeing it is indeed George.

The doctors’ pagers are ringing and they aren’t responding, too stunned from losing George. Chief Webber rallies them, pointing out that George died saving a life, and they need to get on with saving lives too.

In the ER a mom (Martha Plimpton) and her teenage son, Andy, have come about the boy’s pain, with their doctor has termed “growing pains.” Arizona tends to them as the staff is crying all around.

George’s mother arrives and tells Callie that she needs to decide about his organs because in God’s eyes Callie’s still his wife. His mother pleads with her to make the decision.

Christina and Owen stand in shock as an ambulance arrives and hold hands briefly. Their next patient is a 19-year-old female in a speedboat accident. Both her arms are gone, and a leg is hanging on by a thread. She was thrown from the boat and got caught in the propeller. Her companions show up with her severed arms in a towel, a sight that seems to turn even the docs’ stomachs.

Callie and Arizona talk about the loss and Callie says George’s wallet was lost in the accident and they don’t know if he’s a donor [Wouldn’t the DMV have that info? I guess a call to the DMV isn’t very dramatic]. She’s agonizing over her responsibility, and realizes that even though she and George were married, albeit briefly, she wasn’t the important person in his life. Of course, that was Izzie.

Alex and Callie argue about whether to tell Izzie about George. Time is of the essence because of the organs, and Callie wants Izzie to decide. She also says Izzie would never forgive George if he’s unplugged before she gets the chance to say goodbye.

As they prep to go to the OR, docs think they can reattach Clara’s (speedboat girl’s) arms. It’s a gruesome scene, and we learn that the girl’s friends are really just traveling mates and aren’t of much help, even though they did bring in the arms.

Hospital board chairman Larry Jennings offers his condolences to Derek, then quickly moves on to business: he asks if Derek would like to be the next chief of surgery.

Izzie’s leaving a voicemail for George. She says she pretty much died and needs him to call her back. Alex tells her he needs her to stay alive, and needs to tell her something. He delivers the news that O’Malley is brain dead.

Callie goes over the list of organs with Izzie, who says that George would give everything, his skin, his eyes, he would give everything. Did we expect anything less from George? Izzie goes to George’s room. Amanda, the woman he saved, is with him, crying. She keeps saying she’s so sorry. Izzie places her hand on George’s and sobs. Alex has to turn away.

Arizona seeks guidance on Andy from Bailey, who’s incredulous: “Did you not hear about George O’Malley?” She says she cannot work right now. Arizona points out this kid’s still alive and she needs Bailey to work. Arizona has diagnoses Andy’s pain as scoliosis plus a growth spurt. The mom presses for further testing, but the son demurs.

Derek goes to chat with the Chief, and divulges that the board is planning a coup – they’re saying he dropped the ball and their ranking isn’t coming up. They want Derek’s support to take Webber’s job.

Boat accident victim Clara’s friends ditched her at the hospital, and Cristina appoints Lexie the girl’s support system till they can locate her family (who live in London). “I’m ordering you to be her friend because I’m sure as hell not going to do it,” she says

In the surgery for George’s organ removal, Bailey insists on knowing the details of who’s getting his organs. We can see her picturing each patient and the good that George’s organs will do in the world.

Day 7
Cristina and Owen are making out and she wants to have sex, but he says they need to wait because of his therapy. She says she doesn’t want to go to George’s funeral, and refers to the boat victim as “Ceviche” (yeah, nice – chopped up seafood).

Back at Ceviche’s (sorry, Clara’s) room, Lexie reads a postcard from her “friends” detailing their further adventures. Clara’s utterly alone. She refuses to call her mother but says they can write another email – she’s inventing a fiction for her mother that all is well and she’s enjoying her travels. Owen later tells Clara that her mother will want to help. Clara says, “She made me from scratch.” She can’t bear to tell her.

At George’s funeral, Izzie needs to break away, and it turns out she’s laughing at the absurdity of the situation – the girl he saved is crying harder than his mother, the service just sounds like rock lyrics, and Meredith and she laugh about getting married on a Post-It. They’re all hysterical about the situation, but shortly return to sobriety.

Lexie is sitting in front of George’s locker and bemoans that she wasn’t a good friend to him. She feels like she dumped him. Mark asks, “What did that guy have? Tell the truth, was he hung?” We’ve all asked the same question, haven’t we?

Bailey examines Izzie and sends her home. “You’re still a cancer patient, but you’re no longer a surgical patient.” Bailey gets a little choked up and hurries out.

Callie goes to talk to the chief to ask about her application for attending. He tells her there is no job and had assumed she’d heard. She yells at him as Derek talks to Larry about the offer, which doesn’t help burnish Chief’s image.

Day 11

Amanda is back at the hospital – she can’t sleep from guilt and anxiety over George’s death. Meredith, who hasn’t cried over George’s death or dealt with it in any way, just writes her a scrip and sends her on her way.

Andy’s back in the ER with serious pain and he’s been throwing up all night. Webber confronts Arizona about Andy and says she can’t have an MRI done – he needs to go back to his doctor.

Mark pounds on Callie’s door. She’s having a breakdown over George and the job, and while comforting her, he spies a nice vacant apartment just across the hall…

Izzie and Alex come back to the house and find Meredith and Derek having sex on the stairs (they know they live in a shared house, right?). Derek says Alex and Izzie need their own space and tosses them the keys to his trailer.

George’s mother returns to the hospital and talks to Owen. She’s having trouble understanding why George joined the army. Owen tells her that he had tremendous potential as a trauma surgeon. “He was heroic and noble and gave you good reason to be very, very proud.”

Lexie wants to Clara to celebrate that she was able to move her fingers ever so slightly. She spits out, “That’s the best I have to hope for?” Lexie points out “It is a miracle that you lived.” “You don’t get it, do you, you stupid little b*tch,” says Clara. “You should have let me die.” Now she’s screaming: “Your friend (George) is better off. Who wants to live like this? Just let me die!”

Bailey hears Clara, as we hear Meredith’s voiceover: In medical school we have a hundred classes in how to fight off death, and not one on how to go on living.

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