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Grey's Anatomy Catch Me up

Episode 6:07


Airdate: October 29, 2009
Recap of Events:

As he kisses Meredith goodbye (she's still recovering from donating part of her liver), Derek tells us in the voiceover that most surgeons get into surgery because of the high, the rush of cutting someone open and saving their life. For him, because he grew up in a house with four sisters, it was the quiet that drew him to surgery. He approaches Cristina, whom he's heard from Mer is upset about the lack of a cardio god at the hospital, about going on his service. He refers to himself as a "neuro god."

The Chief holds a brief meeting with the docs about a new computer model for scheduling surgeries. Mark has been doing a trial run with the system for the past month, and he's a convert. Derek argues they've had enough change already.

Alex comes upon Reed doing some stretches in the locker room. They snipe at each other. Cristina tells him about a treatment Izzie's supposed to make that Thursday. He says bitterly that she'll show -- "she's a crappy wife, not an idiot."

As Derek looks over some scans, a lab tech named Isaac approaches and asks for a consult (Derek insists the tech call him "Derek," not "doctor"). The scan shows a spinal tumor that's huge; it's taking over the blood supply. He says the patient shouldn't be walking -- should be paralyzed, dead. To operate on it, you'd have to cut the cord and paralyze the patient to kill the tumor, he says. And the patient is... Isaac. He ran the MRI on himself and has run out of doctors to consult. He wants Derek to operate and got the job at Seattle Grace just to meet Derek and offer him this challenge. "Think yes," says Isaac, as Cristina comes in and salivates at the sight of the tumor. "Let's operate on that," she says.

Give Peace A ChanceAll the residents end up in the same room (do these people not have jobs?) and see a new scan that amazes them, when the Chief dismisses them. Derek takes it to Bailey for her opinion. "This tumor is dangerous, complicated, smart," she says. "To successfully remove this tumor would be an achievement you could hang your hat on for the rest of your career. You could retire on this tumor." Chief says the surgery's a malpractice suit waiting to happen, even if it's an employee. Derek slams him with "Whatever happened to you?" Chief says, "You're not operating on an inoperable tumor!" And of course, Derek schedules the surgery.

Derek has all the eager residents take a stab at a microsurgery test involving a pen, a cup and a dollar bill. The winner needs to get a pen mark on George Washington's nose. Each resident fails until Jackson. Then up steps cocky Cristina who completely misses. She's deflated.

The other surgeons have varying opinions on Derek's decision to operate on Isaac, but no one's more opposed than Mark, or the Chief's new "BFF," Derek says. Lexie, who wasn't offered the chance to compete to scrub in with the other residents, has the honor of being Derek's doctor during the surgery, as he describes it. When she mentions that to Jackson, he says, "Sounds like you're his b###h" and goes on to brag that he won't need Lexie to relieve him during surgery because he won't need to take pee breaks -- he doesn't drink liquid before surgeries. She decides to wear a diaper so she won't have to take breaks either, and Cristina is impressed: "You're hardcore," she says. "This is surgery, NASA-style."

The diaper is very bulky and sounds papery. Such a glamorous job, surgery. On the way to the rogue procedure, the team happens to run into the Chief, of course, who's showing off the new scheduling system. Derek bluffs his way beyond that obstacle and they're off to the OR.

As they're prepping Isaac, Derek tells him that if they get in and it looks too complicated, he should just close him back up. But Isaac says that if he must, Derek should cut the spinal cord. But, he says, there's always a way to do the impossible. "Today," he says, "if you become frightened, instead become inspired." With that, he's ready to go under.

When Derek reaches the tumor, he sees it's even more involved than the thought. He goes into a trance of sorts, talking through what he sees while Lexie and Jackson realize he's oblivious to them.

Owen goes to Cristina while she observes the surgery to offer his sympathy about the contest. He's incredulous that she'd want to pee in a diaper during surgery and she passionately explains that she wants to be in a surgery that's so long and complicated that her only option is to pee in a diaper.

After eight hours in the OR, Derek hasn't made a cut. He's still going over his options and barks at Jackson and Lexie when they break his concentration. Bailey comes in to let Derek know that the Chief has a surgery scheduled shortly next door and he'd better do something soon.

The Alex-Reed sniping continues and frankly isn't worth recounting. The word "douche" was used a couple of times.

Callie, Arizona and Mark peek into surgery and lament Derek's situation when the Chief overhears their conversation. He goes into the OR and confronts Derek -- he demands that he close up Isaac and relinquish the OR. Derek says OK, and closes him up.

After he wakes up, Isaac tells Derek, "You'll try again tomorrow," but Derek doesn't have the same confidence. That night, Derek tries to describe this amazing tumor to Meredith, and he's so obsessed he turns the bed around so he can draw a sketch of the tumor and spinal cord on the wall -- with a Sharpie! That's not coming off, mister. The two talk for ages about it, and she points out that there must be a reason why he didn't cut the cord when he had Isaac's permission to do so.

In the morning, after he sees Isaac praying (there's no doubt a religious foundation to this whole story that I'm not getting), Derek tells the Chief that he plans to cut the cord and will need an OR for a couple hours, which the Chief authorizes. After he leaves, Derek turns to Lexie and Jackson to tell them, "We're not going to cut the cord." There can be no plan, says Derek as he leaves the room, as surgeons it's their job to try for a cure. Then there's some diaper talk and Lexie tells Jackson he can kiss her "hardcore, diaper-wearing ass," which is exactly what she needed to say for Jackson to start respecting her.

Owen assigns Cristina to a 12-hour surgery, she dons the diaper, then Derek asks Owen to take his OR so he can have that block of time. As they settle in, Mark arrives to help out, at Lexie's request. Derek cuts, and thus begins another epic day.

After 10:00 on Thursday, the time of Izzie's appointment, Alex is completely distracted from his rounds with Reed. She tells him to go to his girl. He'd better be at peace with his decision if he doesn't go, she says. He goes to the floor where Izzie's supposed to be, and waits...

Back in that nailbiter surgery, things aren't going well. Derek thinks he cuts something that paralyzes Isaac, then they think they're losing him and he improves. All the while, Cristina has Meredith on the phone, giving her the play by play, and Meredith refers to the elaborate drawing on the wall. Derek's under so much stress he vomits right there in the OR. Lexie, acting as his doctor, forces him to drink some water.

Once again Chief figures out that Derek's operating and heads to the OR to stop him. Arizona blocks him from entering and tells him, "You don't get to be a bully, not on my watch." And the bully -- I mean, Chief -- backs down.

The surgery eats up more and more hours, and each doctor comes in to assist Derek, the rock. At 21 hours, Jackson's hand starts to cramp and Lexie gets to step in. At the end of surgery, Derek has to decide which of two cuts to make -- one is correct, one paralyzes Isaac. There's no logical way to make the call. As the other surgeons look on from the gallery, and everyone in the OR holds their breath, Derek makes the cut. Meredith's on the phone with Cristina demanding to know what happened.

Later Isaac wakes up and can move his toes. He thinks that Derek closed him up again without doing anything, but Derek gives him the good news that they got the tumor. Of course he got the tumor, he's the neuro god!

Alex waited for Izzie, whom he loves and hates and resents and can't live without. And she didn't show. "She can't be this stupid," he says. She didn't show up for the treatment that saved her life. Reed's there for him. (The writers wouldn't have Alex hook up with another doe-eyed surgeon, would they?)

The Chief is writing out the surgery schedules on the whiteboard (guess that newfangled computer system didn't work out) when Derek approaches with the suggestion that they put this incident behind them. Chief says, "You're fired. Immediately. Get the hell out of my hospital." Derek's reaction? "Go home. We'll talk about it more tomorrow."

Derek comes home to bed-bound Meredith, and he falls asleep on her shoulder before she can even pop the cork on the champagne.

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