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03.01 Time Has Come Today
"That's Alex's apple! That's just... rude."
03.02 I Am A Tree
"Do girls have two pairs of panties?"
03.05 Oh the Guilt
"I got fried chicken... extra crispy!"
03.05 Oh the Guilt
"What is that? That is 8 million. Eight million dollars does not like to have juice spilled on it."
03.06 Let the Angels Commit
"Oh. McDreamy was doing the McNasty with McHottie? That McBastard. Uh, how was that?
03.06 Let the Angels Commit
George: "Noelle was born with two uteruses. Uteri."
Addison: "Uteruses."
George: "Uteruses."
03.07 Where the Boys Are
George: "Hey, have you noticed anything going on with Burke?"
Alex: "No."
George: "Cause before I thought I saw - what are you doing? You don't use bait when you're casting. It's gonna fall off before it hits the water. Here -- what are you?"
Alex: "She's sleeping with Sloan, dude."
George: "What?"
Alex: "Callie. She's sleeping with Sloan."
George: "No she's not."
Alex: "Yes. Torres is doing Sloan!"
George: "Take it back!"

03.07 Where the Boys Are
George & Alex: "A slap fight?!"
03.08 Staring at the Sun
Ronnie: "That sounds dangerous, Is that dangerous?"
George: "No, it's not dangerous."
Ronnie: "Look, I didn't ask you, I asked the doctor."
Jerry: "Yeah, let the doctors speak, Georgie."
George: "White coat. Let's look at the white coat!"
03.11 Six Days, Part 1
George: "I just dropped 8.7 million dollars on the floor."
Izzie: "And?"
George: "I shouldn't be able to drop 8.7 million dollars on the floor. You need to deposit that check!"
03.11 Six Days, Part 1
"130cc! 130cc of shiny yellow urine!"
03.12 Six Days, Part 2
"By deposited, you don't mean in the trash, do you Izzie?"
03.12 Six Days, Part 2
"That neighbor kid, Mike Wildon, I did hit in the face with a stick. Um.. when his dad came over and was yelling and you asked me if it was true... I lied. And you thought I never lied. So you took my side, and you and his dad got in that big fight. And then his kids egged our house. Then Ronny and Jerry went over and blew up his lawnmower. Anyway. I did it. He was teasing me, and he was bigger than me. So I hit him with a stick to reach his face. And I lied to you dad. So, I'm saying I'm sorry. Dad? If you have any more fight in you, if you could fight this thing just... just a little harder that would be good. Then you could come home."
03.12 Six Days, Part 2
Izzie: "You made me burn my french toast."
George: "You can buy new french toast!"
03.13 Great Expectations
George: "Everytime I look at you... I feel better. It shocks me. It knocks my wind out, but it's true. I don't have to have sex with you, I'd be happy just look at you from across the room. Even that, anything, any piece of you. And, hopefully, all of you... that'd be the best thing. Because I love you..."
Callie: "George-"
George: "Marry me. Will you marry me?"
03.14 Whishin' and Hopin'
Meredith: "You got married?"
George: "Yeah, I did. It was- I know it was impulsive."
Meredith: "Was it good-impulsive or Meredith-impulsive? Because if it was Meredith-impulsive, maybe I could help get you out of it."
George: "No. It's a good thing. But thanks for the back-up."
Meredith: "You're welcome. Congratulations George."
03.16 Drowning on Dry Land
"Callie O'Malley, I can't kiss you right now because you're scrubbed in, but tonight, when you get home, I am going to ..."
03.18 Scars and Souvenirs
"This is George, George has a hot date."

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