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Just add the random fun facts about the most awesome show ever.
  • Most of the episode titles are song names.
  • Richard and Ellis first met in OR-1, during a summer visit to Seattle Grace. They would later work together as interns in the same program.
  • After graduating from college, Meredith spent her days backpacking across Europe. In her journal, she names Rome as her favorite city.
  • Cristina was diagnosed with dyslexia when she was just six years old.
  • Izzie got herself a tattoo of a butterfly (above her right thigh) when she was just six years old.
  • George drives a tan hatchback, a gift from his mother, to work.
  • Addison sold the New York brownstone she shared with Derek, but kept their house in the Hamptons as an investment and for future use.
  • Callie is heir to a widely popular hotel chain, based in Florida.
  • Denny owned several acres of land in northern, rural Washington. He convrted his land to a ranch, where he raised over 12 horses.
  • Mark averages three noise complaints per week at his Archfield Hotel residence.
  • Dr. Burke frequently asked for his mother to send some of her famous hickory-smoked BBQ from her Alabama-based resturant. His favorite dish? The legendary, award-winning ribs.
  • Derek's favorite band is The Clash.
  • Lexie calles her sister, Molly, every Sunday.
  • In her entire life, Erica has never lost a game of darts.
  • Dr. Bailey started playing the oboe in the fifth grade. She was later accepted into the prestigious New England Conservatory, but never went.
  • According to the plaques in his office, Richard is consistently named one of the "Best Doctors in America" for general surgery.
  • Alex was a champion wrestler at the University of Iowa. During his senior year, he was ranked first (25-1) in his 141-lb. division.
*** Most of this information was taken from the Season 4 DVD info bulletin ***