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WARNING!! Will never happen in real Grey's Anatomy!

(Mer is passed out on her bed; Derek is sitting next to her reading a sports magazine)
Mer (stirs): What? What happened?
Der: You passed out
Mer (tries to sit up): Wooooo
Der: Sit down, you are WAYY too drunk
Mer: I'm gonna agree with you there
Der (pauses): My question is why you got that drunk in the first place
Mer: I just wanted to have some fun, no biggy
Der: Mmhmm
Mer (sighs): Well, Izzie had this bright idea that we all flirt with the hot guys at Joes since we are all single
Der: A sorority thing?
Mer: Yeah
Der: Well, you looked ridiculous. And seriously, that Tim guy was just using you
Mer: Uh, EXCUSE ME?! I saw making out with some blonde bomb-shell on the dance floor!
Der: Oh, her-
Mer: Yeah, how the heck did you get a girl that fast? Was she ANOTHER chick you flirted with at a bar!
Der: No, she-
Mer: I don't even want to know! Seriously, you should be with her not me
Der: I just wanted to make sure-
Mer: You don't have to, you broke up with me, remember?
Der (sighs): Fine, I'm leaving
Mer: Good
(Derek leaves, Mer rubs her head)
Mer: (groans) Oh gosh, I'm gonna need some serious Advil!!!

(Alex is walking Annie home)
Annie: This is me!
Alex: Wow, nice house!
Annie: It was my parent's, but they retired in Hawaii, so I got the house!
Alex: lucky you!
Annie (laughs): Do you want to come in for coffee?
Alex: Sure
(Annie and Alex go inside)
Alex: You're organized and tidy too
Annie: I know, I have to be. Or else I can't find anything! Okay (looks through her cabinets) Do you want decaf or regular?
Alex: Regular I guess
Annie: Okay
(Annie starts putting the coffee on)
Alex: I like you
Annie (smiles): Well, I like you too
Alex: Is that why your face is getting all red
(Annie hits Alex then laughs)
Annie: STOP! It's not my fault I blush a little!
Alex: A little?! I beg to differ
Annie: Well, your face is getting a little red
Alex: No it isn't
Annie: Yes it is
Alex: NO it isn't!
Annie: Yes-
(Alex kisses Annie)
Alex: See? Now your face is REALLY red
Annie: I bet I can make your face red
Alex: Really?
Annie: Really
(Annie kisses Alex)

(Bailey is yawning, doing papers at the nurse's station)
Bailey: I'm just-
Chief: NO! I should have never told you that plan! Go home now!
Bailey: But-
Bailey: You'll fire me?
Chief (pauses): NO BUT I WILL BE MAD!
Bailey (yawns): Fine, I'm going, I'm going-
Chief: Good!

Mer V.O: Being torn-it sucks! We are stuck. Stuck in one position until we have the guts to move again, or until someone pushes us (Shows Callie at the hospital looking out the window, George walks in.)
George: Hey, I brought us cake! CHOCOLATE cake! It tastes SO good-
Callie: STOP GEORGE! We're killing our baby tomorrow and all you can think about is cake?!
George: We're not killing her-
George: Callie-
Callie: GET OUT!!!! JUST GET OUT!!!
(George slowly turns and walks out of the room)
Mer V.O: Sometimes, being torn just brings us more problems
(Derek picks up the phone)
Der: Lauren? Hey! Would you like to come over?
Mer V.O: But every now and again, we can forget we are torn and just have fun
(Shows Mer, Izzie, and Cristina on Mer's bed looking through their camera)
Izzie (laughs): Yep, and look at this one!
(The girls burst out laughing)


Mer V.O: Relationships. They are so fricken hard! One moment, you think you have the best relationship ever, and then the next moment you wish your significant other would just, well, you know-disappear! But even though relationships are tough, they can also be quit comforting
(Annie and Alex are in bed together, Alex's pager goes off)
Alex: IT'S 4 AM!!!
(Annie's pager goes off)
Annie: Emergency. Ugh, let's go
(Alex kisses Annie's cheek)
Alex: Can you make me pancakes?
(Annie bursts out laughing)

(Mer walks into the hospital and yawns, Izzie runs up to her)
Mer (yawns): W-Why?
Izzie: The guy I was dancing with yesterday at Joes, he is here!
Mer: So?
Mer: Creepy
Izzie: I know, I haven't talked to him yet, but 'm trying to avoid him
Mer: Is that him?
(Izzie turns around)
Izzie: Crap, I got to run!
(Izzie runs off)
Guy: Hi, do you know her?
Mer: Nope
Guy: Well, can you tell her I NEED to speak with her. Tell her she knows me
Mer: Uh, sure
Guy: Okay, thanks
(The guy leaves)
Mer: Weird

(Derek is talking with the chief)
Der: So what kind of emergency is this?
Chief: I have no idea
Der: Huh, I wonder what it is
Lauren: Morning Chief
Chief: Dr. Philips, this is our attending-
Lauren: Derek Shepherd, we went to school together, and we were engaged
(Derek starts coughing)
Lauren: Are you okay
Der: Yea! Just a throat thing
Chief: You two were engaged?
Lauren: Well-
(Derek starts coughing again)
Lauren: Are you sure you're okay?
Der: Dr. Philips, I have to speak with you (takes Lauren to the side) you can't be talking about that in front of people!
Lauren: Why not?
Der: Because, just don't, please?
Lauren (sighs): Fine. Why? You don't want your dancing-on-the-table ex to find out?
Derek: How-
Lauren: Just because I'm blonde doesn't mean I'm stupid
Der (sighs): I'm sorry, it's just weird.
Lauren: Fine, I won't talk about it
Der: Thank you
Lauren: But seriously you should get that cough checked out
Der: Huh? Lauren, I was faking it!
Lauren: You were?
Der: Yeah-
Lauren: Well, good acting
(Derek gives her an ⦥uro;œOh my God how can you be so stupid?!⦥uro;? look)
Lauren: WHAT!? I'm still a tad bit blonde!
(Derek smiles)

(Izzie is walking to the nurse's station when she runs into the guy)
Izzie: Oh God
Guy: I'm not a stalker
Izzie: Uh, of course not!
Guy: I'm Sean. Sean Sullivan
Izzie (pauses): Sean?
Sean: Yeah
Izzie: Oh my God
Sean: How's the kid?
Izzie: What?
Sean: Our baby
Izzie: Sean, I gave her away
Sean: But I thought-
Izzie: I was 16!
Sean: Is she okay?
Izzie: She has leukemia; I gave her a bone marrow transplant
Sean: Oh, wow
Izzie: Yeah, but she has your nose
Sean (smiles): That's good, look, Iz, I'm sorry about walking out on you.
Izzie: It's fine
Sean: Then when I found out who you really were, I had to talk to you
Izzie: Look, can we just keep this on the down low. No one knows
Sean: Okay

(Mark, Derek, and Lauren are waiting for the EMS to come)
Mark: So, how are you two doing?
Der: Uh, good
Lauren: Yep, good
Mark: Good
(Everyone is silent)
Lauren: Why is this so weird for you guys?
Der: It's not
Mark: Well, it's just; we've never worked with someone one of us hasn't slept with yet
Der: WHAT?!
Mark: I'm sorry, I'm tired
(Lauren laughs)
Der: Wow, Mark, the things that come out of your mouth-
Lauren: Calm down guys, it's not a big deal, I get it
(EMS comes in)
Der: Okay, talk to me
EMS: 40 year old burnt victim, severe head trauma, and pregnant
Der: Okay, let's go
Mer: I'm assigned with you
Der: Okay, get her a CT and an MRI, and put her on a morphine drip
Mer: Got it

(Mer and Der are in the CT room)
Mer: Wow, ouch!
Der: God, look at that clot!
Mer: Should we operate?
Der: Not yet, I want to see if there is anything else wrong
Mer: Ok. (Pauses) look, I'm sorry about yesterday, I was kind of mean, but I was drunk
Der: It's fine
Mer: You sure?
Der: Yep
Mer: Okay, well uhm, do you need me for anything else?
Der: No
Mer: Okay
(Der watches her go then sighs)

(Lauren is walking into the CT room when she sees Mer coming out)
Lauren: Oh, dancing girl
Mer: Oh, McT- I mean blonde girl
Lauren: I don't get it
Mer: I was-never mind
Lauren: Okay, can you move, your kinda blocking my way to get in
Mer: You could just get in over there
Lauren: But that's like three extra steps
Mer: So?
Lauren: Can you just move?
Mer: Why don't you just walk?
Lauren: I don't want to!
Mer: Well sometimes you have to do things you don't want to do
Lauren: You little-
Der: What's going on?
Lauren: She's not moving out of my way
Mer: She can just walk over there!
Lauren: Derek, sweetie, can you just tell her to move
Mer (to Derek): Sweetie? Aww, how cute!
Der: Mer-
Mer: You know what, Princess, I'll move just for you!
Lauren: FINALLY!
Mer: (coughs) bitch (coughs)
Lauren: EXCUSE ME?!
Mer: What?
Lauren: You just called me a bitch
Mer: No I didn't
Lauren: YES YOU DID!
Mer: I have a cough
Mer: Wow, congrats, gold star for you
Lauren: Are you making fun of me?
Mer: Yes (looks at her watch): oh, look at the time, gotta run!
Lauren: UGH!!!!! THAT STUPID BRAT!!!!
Der: Wow, that was, that was interesting

(George is coming out of OR 1, when he sees Izzie)
Izzie: George!
George: Yeah?
Izzie: Look, I'm sorry about yesterday, I was really mean, and I'm sorry!
George: It's fine
Izzie: Are you sure, because I do want to be there for you!
George: (pauses) Really?
Izzie: Of course! You're George! You're my best friend! Plus, I really need you right now!
George: Uhm, I need you too
Izzie: Good, so can we go back to being friends?
George: Well, we can start-
Izzie (smiles): Fair enough
George: What did you need?
Izzie: You know Hannah, my girl?
George: Yeah
Izzie: Her father is here, her real father.

(Callie is packing her things, Dr. Foster comes in)
Dan: You're packing? Callie, we are doing the operation
Callie: No we are not
Dan: Callie! If you don't do this, you will die!
Callie: There is still a chance I can live, I did some research
Dan: (pauses) I know this is hard, but if you don't let me operate, not only you, but also the baby could die
Callie: I'm taking a chance
Dan: You can't take a chance!
Callie: It's a free country
Dan: Where is George?
Callie: Don't know, don't care
Dan: Callie! You can't leave!
Callie: Watch me!
(Callie picks up her suitcase and leaves)

(Mer walks into the CT room with Derek and Lauren. Derek smiles)
Lauren: Were you smiling?!
Der: NO!
Lauren: Oh, okay
(Derek bursts out laughing)
Lauren: What is wrong with you!
Der: I'm s-sorry (laughs harder)
Lauren: Derek!!
Der: Lauren, you went to med school! You graduated 3rd in your class! Aren't you a tad bit smarter in the real world?
Lauren: Are you calling me stupid?
Mer: Yep
Lauren: You shut up!
Der: No, I'm just saying, stop embarrassing yourself, and learn some things.
Mer: It's just some friendly advice!
Mer: Smart
Der: She's not off the case
Lauren: Why not?!
Der: Because I overrule you
Lauren: What happened to you?
Der: She did

(George is talking with Izzie in the waiting room, when Dan runs up to him)
George: What?
Dan: It's Callie! She left!
George: What?!
Dan: She-She took off!
George: Where did she go?
George: Iz-
Izzie: I'll look for her
(Izzie runs to her car)
George: Oh my God, I should've been there! This is my fault!
Dan: We don't have time to place blame, George! Callie doesn't have time!
George: Let's go!
(George and Dan run to his car and drive off)

(Meredith runs up to Cristina)
Cristina: Did you hear? Callie went A-wall!
Mer: Oh my God, seriously?
Cristina: Yep, everyone is trying to find her. Izzie took your car, come with me
Mer: Wow, okay, let's go!

(Callie is sitting in a rocking-chair in Mer's house, rubbing her belly)
Callie (singing): Hush little baby don't you cry, Mommy's gonna buy you a pumpkin pie, and if that pumpkin pie don't whatever, mommy's gonna buy you a big, fluffy feather. (pauses) Sorry, I don't know the lyrics! Don't worry your not going to die. I have your room picked out, and everything is fine! Everything is gonna be fine!
(Izzie runs into the house)
Izzie: Callie! We've been looking everywhere!
Callie: Well, keep looking because I'm not going
Izzie: Callie, I know I'm not your biggest fan, I know that. But, we're talking about your life. Your future! Your life with George! Don't you want to grow old with him? Don't you want to live! Callie, you're young, too young to die! You have a whole life in front of you. Don't throw it all away! If you were meant to have this baby, you would have had it. Please, for George, choose to live
(Callie puts out her hand; Izzie grabs it and helps Callie up)
Izzie: Okay, let's go-

(George gets out of Dan's car, puts his hands on his head, and sits on the curb)
George: What if we can't find her!
Dan: We will
(George's cell rings)
George: Izzie? You found her! Oh great!! Bring her to the hospital! Thanks so much! Bye! Izzie found her!
Dan: Great, we need to rush her into surgery, le's go!
(George and Dan get back in the car and drive back to the hospital)

(Izzie is holding Callie who is screaming in pain)
(Mer runs up)
Mer: here's a wheel-chair, George is on his way
Callie: OHHH GOD!!!!! I CAN'T TAKE THIS!!!!!
Izzie: Shhh, don't worry, Dr. Foster is almost here, your doing great!
(Dan enters)
(Dan, Callie, and Izzie go into OR 1, George runs after them)
George: I need-
Mer: No, stay with me
George: But she-
Mer: Izzie's in there, she'll be fine
George: What if she's not
Mer: She will, she will

(Izzie and Dr. Foster are operating)
Dr. Foster: Okay, here comes the baby
Izzie: Gosh, it's so small
(Dr. Foster removes the baby)
Izzie: She looks so much like George
Dr. Foster: It's a shame; they would've made good parents-suction!
Izzie: What do we do with the baby?
Dr. Foster: Dispose of it
Izzie: What?! Throw it away!
Dr. Foster: There's nothing else to do Dr. Stevens!
Izzie (pauses): Fine
(Heart monitor starts racing)
Dr. Foster: She went into B-feb, give me the paddles! Charge to 200!
Dr. Foster: 300!
Izzie: NO CHANGE!!!!
Dr. Foster: CHARE AGAIN!! (No change) She's-she's gone.
Izzie: WHAT?! NO SHE IS NOT!!! (takes the paddles) CHARGE AGAIN!!!
Dr. Foster: DR. STEVENS!!!
Izzie: This will break George forever, Callie NEEDS to live!! She has to!!! CHARGE!
(The heart monitor slowly restores itself)
Dr. Foster: Oh my God, her heart rate is increasing! I can't believe it!
(Izzie takes a deep breathe, then sighs in relive)

(Mer is sitting with George)
George: Okay, we need to talk about something. Something other than Callie. I can't have her on my mind right now.
Mer: Okay, want to hear my story for the day?
George: Sure
Mer: Okay, well Derek and I told off McTramp
George: Mc what?
Mer: Derek's ex
George (smiles): Is she the hot blonde one?
Mer: Yep, and she is the stupidest person you will ever meet!
George (pauses): So are you two still broken up?
Mer: Yeah, I guess. I don't know anymore, I mean he stood up for me, and was sweet, but our relationship is WAY too complicated.
George: So what you're saying is that every complicated relationship can't work?
Mer: That's not what-
George: That's exactly what you mean! Meredith, people have complicated relationships ALL THE TIME! But they don't give up, they don't quit just because things get hard! You have to work out your problems with Derek because you love him. And I guarantee you that you are not going to find anyone like Derek. You only get one shot. That's it! So you can either work at your relationship or give up. You're a fighter Meredith, so fight.

(Lauren storms to the chief)
Chief: uh, sorry?
Chief: Calm down Dr. Philips, what exactly happened?
Lauren: They called me stupid (starts crying) I AM NOT STUPID!!!!!! (Cries harder) I'm s-sorry, it's just, I lovveee Derek soooooo much, and he is head fricken over heels in love with that Merrrredith!!!! I came out here to win him back and I can't!!!! I CAN'T!!!!!!
Chief: So?
(Lauren storms out of the hospital, the Chief stands there stunned, Derek walks up)
Chief: Derek, what was that about?
Der: Uhhhh-hormones
(Derek walks away; the chief just shakes his head and goes into his office)

(Izzie comes out of the OR and goes up to George)
Izzie: Callie's fine. She's stable, and wants to see you
George: Thank God! (George starts walking to Callie's room, but then stops at Izzie. He hugs her) Thank you for what you did today
Izzie (hugs George tighter): No problem
(George pulls away, smiles at Izzie, than goes into Callie's room)
Mer: She's fine?
Izzie: Yeah, she is
Mer: Great (gets a page) gotta go!
(Mer leaves)
Izzie (to herself): I wish I was

(Mer walks up to Derek)
Mer: Hey, you paged?
Der: Yes, we're operating on Mrs. Tucker in about an hour. Oh, and Dr. Philips quit, so can you page Mark for me?
Mer: She quit?
Der: Yep
Mer: Wow
Der: Yeah-
Mer: Look, thanks for sticking up for me today, it meant a lot.
Der: No problem, she was getting on my nerves anyway
Mer (smiles): Mine too!
Der: You did get her good though!
Mer: Well when it comes to come-backs, I'm the queen.
Der: Oh really?
Mer: Yep
Der: Well good job!
Mer (laughs): Okay, well I'll page Mark
(Mer starts to leave)
Der: Meredith!
(Mer turns around)
Mer: Yeah?
Der: I need to talk to you, after you're done
Mer: I need to talk to you too...

(Alex and Annie are sitting in the cafeteria)
Alex: Okay, so let me get this straight, you have 6 sisters and 3 brothers!!!!
Annie: My parents wanted lots of kids!
Alex: Wow, that's, wow-
Annie (laughs): How about you, how many siblings do you have?
Alex: One sister
Annie: How old is she?
Alex: 15
Annie: That's nice
Alex: I barley see her, I mean, she's my sister, I want to know her, but I don't.
Annie: Well it's never too late
Alex: What do you mean?
Annie: Call her up, see how she's doing, invite her to Seattle!
Alex: Oh, no I can't do that. Cause if I invite her, I will have to invite my mom, and I haven't seen her in forever
Annie: Alex, you should stay close to your family. Believe me, I would know.
Alex: You really think I should call her up?
Annie: Definitely!
Alex (sighs): Okay, I'll think about it
Annie: Good

(George walks into Callie's room)
George: Hey, how you feeling?
Callie: A little sore, but I'm doing okay
George: Good (pauses) are you okay? You know, with the baby?
Callie: Yeah, we'll try again, I was just upset
George: Okay, good, because I don't want you to be doing something you'll regret. And if you really are hurting, we good always see a therapist-
Callie: No! I'm handling this my own way
George: Okay, well I gotta go, I'll come in later. (George kisses Callie on her forehead then leaves. Callie reaches under her pillow and pulls out depression pills. She pops 4 in her mouth, then sighs)

(Meredith walks up to Derek.)
Mer: Okay, we need to talk
Der: Yeah, we do
Mer: Okay so, I'm Meredith Grey. I'm a surgeon who sucks at the whole relationship thing. I know that. You are Derek Shepherd. You can be commited and that doesn't bother you. We're complete opposites. I've, I've never been in a real relationship before and I don't really know what the hell I'm doing. You obiously have been in some serious relationships, and you have more experience. I completely understand why you want to take a break, I'm fine with that. Because I love you Derek, and I want to make you happy. So if this is what you want, then I'm fine with it.
(Derek stared at Meredith. He loved her so much, but he needed a break, even if it was just for a little bit.)
Der: Okay, well that really wasn't what I was expecting...
(Meredith laughs then wipes away a tear from her eye)
Mer: Me neither...
Der: (pauses) I didn't meet Lauren immediatley after we broke up. We were engaged.
Mer: What?
Der: I know, it's big news. I thought you should know...
Mer: Wow. T-Thanks for telling me
(Derek touches Meredith's cheek and smiles)
Der: i think we should just, you know, take some space. Even if it's just for a little bit
Mer(nods her head): Of course.
(Derek squeezes Meredith's hand, then walks away. Meredith wipes away a few more tears from her eyes then sighs deeply)

(George is walking down the hall, Izzie walks up to him)
Izzie: Hey, hows Callie
George: She's perfectly fine!
Izzie: Really?
George: i know I was suprised too, she said she's handling things her own way...
Izzie: oh well that's good
George: Yeah, so what are you up to?
Izzie: Uhm, nothing. (she gets a page) dammit! Sorry, an old friend is here and I have to go see him.
George: Sure, see you later at joes? I don't think Callie should drink, but if she feels up to it, we can all hang out.
Izzie (smiles): Sure, George
George: Great!
(George leaves. Izzie smiles at herself, happy that George and her are friends again. But in the back of her mind, she still wanted more...)

(Izzie walks up to Sean.)
Izzie: Okay, what do you want?
Sean: Is anyone with you?
Izzie: No! Now what's the big secret I had to keep from my best friend?
Sean: Okay, Izzie I have been over and over this in my head for hours! You're amazing. You were amazing at 16 and you're amazing now! I-I've never told you this before, but I love you Izzie Stevens. I love you and you're amazing...will you marry me?
Izzie: WHAT!?!?!
Sean: Will you-
Izzie: SEAN!?! Are you okay? Did you take something?
Sean: What? No I just wanted to-
Izzie: Sean, we were close when I was younger. We were close when I was modeling. But I'm not that person anymore, and I never will be so why are you asking such a HUGE question like that?!
Sean: Izzie, please just give me a chance
Izzie: I'm already dating a plastic surgeon! I've got you proposing! And I still love George!
Sean: Who's George?
Izzie: Uhhh, did I say George? I meant Forge.
Sean: Is that even a name?
Izzie: It's french...but that's not the point, I can't marry you. Sorry, but i can't...
(Izzie walks away from Sean shaking her head. Sean smiles then dials a number)
Sean: Hey. Yeah, she's here. Yep, it seems like she trusts me. Tomorrow? That's fine, send your guys in then. (Sean hangs up the phone and leaves the hospital)

Mer V.O: Relationships. They're hard! Whether it's relationships with your family (Alex picks up the phone and dials his mom. Annie is by his side smiling)
Alex: Mom? It's me...Alexander.
Mer V.O: Or relationships with your significant others. (Meredith is watching Derek at the nurses station. Derek looks up, their eyes meet. Meredith smiles, then leaves. Derek sighs.)
Mer V.O: Or even relationships that are on the verge of braking (shows Callie popping more pills in her mouth)
Mer V.O: But some relationships can lead to trouble. (There is a knock on Mer's door. Meredith is on call and Alex is at Annie's, Izzie is the only one home. She opens the door)
Izzie: May I help you?
(2 men grab Izzie and cover her mouth)
Man 1: Shhh, don't say a word.

"Wanted Dead or Alive"

Mer V.O: Death. We see it every day. We're immune to it, it doesn't affect us. But, when our own lives are in danger, something happens to us. Something we can't explain. And that one incident changes us...forever.

(Meredith is yawning in the cafeteria, Cristina sits next to her.)
Cristina: Hey
Mer: Hi
Cristina: Have you seen Izzie? She hasn't come in yet.
Mer: Nope, I was on-call last night. She's probobly doing Izzie-related things.
Cristina: Which would be?
Mer(yawns): Sleeping...that's what I need!
(Cristina pushes a coffee at Meredith)
Cristina: Drink up sunshine
Mer (smiles): Aw, your too sweet!
Cristina: I know!

(Annie is doing charts. Alex comes up behind her and kisses her neck)
Alex: Guess what?
Annie: The Rolling Stones are playing in Seattle!!!
Alex (laughs): Close, my mom is coming here today!
Annie (smiles): Aw, Alex that's so great.
Alex: Yeah, maybe we can finally catch up.
Annie: Well (wraps her arms around him) I can't wait to meet her!
(Alex smiles at Annie then kisses her

(izzie walks into the hospital in a daze, Meredith walks up to her)
Mer: Hey
(Izzie ignores her)
Mer: Hello?! Earth to Izzie!
(Izzie bites down on her lower lip and continues walking, meredith shakes her head and walks away)

(George sees Izzie, and walks up to her)
George: Hey, I have to talk to you...Izzie? Hello?! Izzie!
Izzie (in a whisper): Shh, George I can't talk to you!
George: What?
Izzie: Stop
(George takes Izzie and pushes her into a closet)
George: What's up?
Izzie: George, I can't be seen with you, they will kill you...
George: What?! WHO?!
(Izzie pauses)
Izzie: Okay, last night I was home alone, i answered the door and these men came in and-and they told me that I couldn't talk. They wanted revenge or something on someone at this hospital. Apparantley it's a patient. They want me to go kill that person. I don't, I don't even know how they got my address or how they knew I was a doctor. but they said that, they said that if I don't kill this person then they would keep this place hostage.
George (shocked): Hostage?

Izzie: George, I dont, I dont know what to do this (Starts crying) I CAN'T KILL SOMEONE! And if they see me with you they will kill you!
George: Shhh, calm down, let's call the police...
Izzie: NO! They said if the police come they will shoot everyone
George: Izzie they are probably lying, they're messing with your head
George: Shhh, okay, where are they?
Izzie: I-I don't know. I was suppose to kill the patient a half hour ago. Apparantley they have someone here to make sure I killed them.
George: WHy do they want you to kill them
Izzie: Beacuse, because I'm a doctor and I can make it look like a complete accident, George I can't do this!
George (grabs Izzie's arms): You won't have to, okay, everything is going to be fine
(The 2 are startled when they hear screams from the lobby)

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