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(Theres gotta be) "More To Life"

Mer V.O: Life. With its twist and turns, we don't know what to expect. One minute we're happy, the next minute we're depressed. Its how life works, punishing us till we fight back. But fighting back is A LOT harder than it seems
(Mark is sitting in the waiting room with Cynthia. The little girl is running around)
Mark: She's not my kid
Cynthia: Yes, she is.
Mark: I don't understand
Cynthia: You remember those 3 years we were together before you got with Addison?
Mark: Yeah, so?
Cynthia: I got pregnant then
Cynthia: I didn't think I had to, until I couldn't pay for anything. I could barley pay for the house, and now I have to pay for everything! The medical bills, the school!
Mark: And you want me to pay?!
Cynthia: I want you to give me some money to support her. She's your daughter too!
Mark: So let me get this straight. We were together for 3 years. You got pregnant, had a baby and didn't tell me. Then, when I cheated on Addison with you, you didn't tell me then either!!
Cynthia: Sorry kid didn't wanna spoil your fun with the red head.
Mark: This is ridiculous; I should've known the minute that stick turned blue!
Mark: That's not true
Cynthia: It is. Just give me the money Mark and I will be out of your hair.
Mark (pauses): How old is she?
Cynthia: 3
(little girls run up to Mark)
Girl: Why are you yelling? Do you have a boo-boo?
Mark: Uh, no
Girl: Dr. Katie will help you. Mommy, I need my setascope
Mark: Actually it's a stethoscope.
Katie: Ohhh, you have one! (Points to the green stethoscope around Mark's neck) Mark: Yeah, I do
Katie: That's cool!
Cynthia: I need the money Mark. Katie and I are staying at the hotel across the street. (picks Katie up then leaves. Mark watches them go then puts his hands on his head)

(George is running into the hospital, Bailey stops him)
Bailey: Where do you think your going?
George (out of breathe): TO SEE MY WIFE!!
Bailey: George, she's in surgery now
George: She is? But I-
Bailey: Dr. Foster is operating on her now
George: The baby? Is something wrong with the baby?!
Bailey: We don't know yet, George
Bailey: I know, I will as soon as I find out
George: I have to go see her, what OR is she in?!
Bailey: George, I don't think it's a good-
Bailey (pauses): She's in OR 1, do NOT scrub in. Watch from the gallery
George: Thank you!
(George runs into the gallery where he sees Izzie)
Izzie: Oh my God, George I'm so sorry
George (walks up to the glass): How is she?
Izzie: She's doing well. She lost a lot of blood though-
George: The baby?
Izzie: I don't know yet
George: Well what was wrong with her?!
Izzie: I don't know
George: I need to go in there!
Izzie: No, George, that's not a good idea.
George: But, I need to be there, I need to-
Izzie: You can't. Remember with Meredith? Derek couldn't help her. And you can't help Callie.
George (inhales deeply then sits down next to Izzie): She's gonna be okay, right?
Izzie (hugs George): I hope so
(George just sits there, frozen in place. He can't help Callie. He can't do anything for her. All he can do is wait.)

(Derek is looking at the OR board, Meredith walks up to him)
Meredith: Hey, heard you're the temp. Chief
Derek: Yeah, look at this board! How am I gonna do this!
Meredith: You can do it
Derek: No, I can't
Meredith: Of course you can, just think it's not a crowded board
Derek: Thinking, thinking, thinking-NOT working
(Mark walks up)
Mark: Ohhh crowded board
Der: I KNOW!
Meredith: Quit your whining! You'll be fine!
Der: I hope so
(Meredith's pager goes off)
Mer: Oh my God
Der: What?
Mer: It's Callie, I gotta go!
(Meredith runs off)
Der: Wow, I wonder what's wrong with Torres
Mark: Cynthia's here!
Der: Who?
Mark: Cynthia Silverstone!!!
Der: Okay? So?
Der: Wow
Mark: Yeah! And she wants money!
Der: Wait, you're the father?
Mark: YEAH!
Der (smiles): That makes me strangely happy
Mark: Derek, this is serious! What am I going to do!?
Der: Give her the money
Mark: I don't even know the kid! I barley know Cynthia
Der: Weren't you two together for like 4 years?
Mark: It was 3. And the only reason I was with her was because she was hot!
Der: Well, I can't help you here Mark
Mark: WHY NOT?!
Der: Cause I've got my own problems. Like a crowded board
(Derek walks away, Mark groans then storms off)

(Meredith runs into the OR 1 gallery where Alex, Izzie, and Cristina are sitting with George)
Mer: George, is she okay?
George: I think, I hope-
Izzie: She'll be okay
Cristina: Yeah, Dr. Foster is a really great surgeon
Alex: She'll be fine! She's Callie O'Malley!
George: Thanks guys, for the support, but I think I need to be alone for a little bit. You know, to contemplate everything
Izzie: Sure, we'll be right outside
(All 4 leave. George keeps his eyes fixed on Callie)

(Derek is coming out of surgery, he sees Mer)
Der: Hey, what's wrong with Torres?
Mer: Apparently she collapsed. Foster is operating on her right now, I hope George is okay.
Der: Gosh, that's horrible
Mer: Yeah (pauses) but your board is getting smaller!
Der (smiles): Yeah. VERY slowly, but it is
Mer: So chief isn't all it's cracked up to be?
Der: Well it definitely has its perks. I mean I get to boss around everyone!
Mer (laughs): That's always fun!
Der: But then I got the board (gestures to the board)
Mer: Again, you'll be FINE!
Der: How do you know?
Mer (kisses Derek): I just do
(Derek smiles as Mer leaves, Mer smiles back)

(Dr. Foster comes out of surgery. George is waiting)
Dan: Are you George?
George: What happened?
Dan: Sit down
(George sits)
George: She didn't-
Dan: No, she's fine.
George: The baby?
Dan: Let me explain what happened. The baby was growing 2x faster than normal. This put severe pressure on your wife's heart. She couldn't pump enough blood. That is why she fainted. Now to the baby, you have two choices. You could continue with the birth. This means that I will give the baby some medication, and hopefully, this will slow down the baby's growth. But, there are severe risks for both your wife and the baby. Or, you could choose not to go on with the birth
George: Kill the baby?
Dan (hesitates): In a way-yes.
George: Oh my God, when, when do I have to choose?
Dan: Within a day
George: A DAY!? Can I talk to my wife?!
Dan: She's unconscious now, but when she wakes up, you can. But I advise you to think about it now. Excuse me; I have to go check on her and the baby
(Dan gets up and leaves; George puts his hands on his head)

(George sat there frozen. He couldn't speak. He couldn't move. His face was. He was frozen into place. Everyone around his seemed to be racing by, but not him. He was stuck. How could he make this HUGE decision? He needed Callie! He need his wife! What was he going to do?)

(Mark is filling out a chart Izzie walks up to him)
Izzie: Hey
Mark: Hey
Izzie: Sorry, but I think I'm going to have to post-pone our date tonight
Mark: Oh, that's fine
Izzie: It's just my friend needs me tonight
Mark: Of course, I understand
Izzie (smiles): Thanks, I'll see you later then?
Mark: Always
(Izzie smiles as she leaves, Mark sighs)

(Cristina sits down next to George)
Cristina: Dr. Foster told me what happened, George if you need-
George: I'm fine
Cristina: This is a big decision, are you sure you don't want any help?
George: No
Cristina: Are you sure?
George: Yes
Cristina: Could you try saying more than one word?
George: I need Callie-that was 3
Cristina: I'm sorry George
George: I just need to think
Cristina: Okay
(Cristina gets up and leaves. George sighs deeply)

(Alex is writing down notes, Annie walks up to him)
Annie: Ugh! I hate being an intern!
Alex: Yeah, well you get used to it
Annie: I thought it would be fun. You know, cutting people open, stitching them back up-but I haven't done ANY of that!
Alex: You'll get your time. Believe me, you get MANY times.
Annie: Hopefully (pauses) are you okay? You look sad
Alex: It's my friend, his wife and baby are in trouble.
Annie: Gosh, I'm so sorry
Alex: Yeah, so I'm trying to find something to help him make up his mind
Annie: That's sweet; you're looking things up for your friend
Alex: Well I owe him this
Annie: Do you need any help?
Alex: Uh, yeah, if you don't mind
Annie: Not at all!
(Alex hands Annie a book)
Alex: If you see anything-
Annie: I'll tell you
Alex: Thanks
Annie: No problem
(Alex smiles as Annie starts reading the textbook)

(Meredith is walking to see if George is okay, when she sees Derek)
Derek (sighs): Okay, reschedule Dr. Bailey's operation till tomorrow then get a post-op on Sloan's patient
Nurse: Right away Chief
Mer: Wow, you're like the big boss now
Der (smiles): What can I say?
Mer (laughs): Don't get too big headed
Der: I'll try
Mer (smiles then gets more serious): Did you hear about Callie
Der: Yeah, I can't believe that
Mer: I know
(A guy comes out of an elevator. He is tall, muscular, and very handsome)
Guy: Meredith Grey? Haven't seen you since college!
Mer (face lights up): TED!?!
Ted: HEY!!
(Mer runs up to Ted and hugs him)
Ted: Well, my cousin is here
Mer: Aw, who?
Ted: Callie Torres
Mer: What? Oh my God I work with her!
Ted: I thought you did, how is she doing
Mer: She's good but they're not so sure about the baby
Ted: Damn!
Mer: Yeah but she'll get through it
Ted: Callie's always been strong
Mer: Oh yeah-so where have you been since college!
Ted: I went to Italy!
Mer: No way!
(Derek clears his throat)
Mer: Oh right, sorry, Ted this is my boyfriend, Derek
Derek: Hi
Ted: Hey, hope you're treating her good, she can be a hassle
(Mer hits Ted)
Mer: We were the trouble makers in college
Ted: You know it!
Der: Well it was nice meeting you
Ted: You too!
Der: I have to go, surgery
Mer: Bye
Der: Bye
(Derek leaves)
Ted: He's a little uptight
Mer: He's just under pressure, he's the temp. Chief you know!
Ted: Congrats to him! Well, I better get going, maybe we can eat and catch up later?
Mer: Definitely, see you later
Ted: Bye.

(George comes out of Callie's room, Izzie is waiting for him)
Izzie: Hey, how did it go?
George: We're having the baby
Izzie: But I thought-
George: We're having it. It's done.
Izzie: Okay, don't get all defensive-
George: STOP! Stop supporting me; stop trying to help me, just stop! I need to be thinking about my wife, not you. I need to love my wife, not you. I need-I need you to stop.
Izzie: Stop what, George? Being your friend? Helping you out?
George (pauses): Stop acting like you love me
(George leaves)

(Ted and Mer are in the cafeteria together)
Ted: So, after I back-packed through Europe, I went to Egypt
Mer: I'm shocked! How did you get all the money!?
Ted: Working my ass off
Mer: I can't believe it
Ted: So, tell me about you and your boyfriend drake
Mer (smiles): Actually it's Derek
Ted: OH! Right, sorry. Always been bad with names
Mer: Like the time you called Rachel, Rebecca in your graduating speech
Ted: I was drunk the night before and you know it!
Mer (laughs): Well, I don't know, Derek's been kind of distant. I mean we were in a VERY bad place, and now we are trying to fix the broken pieces. And it's not easy
Ted: I can only imagine
Mer: Do you have a girlfriend?
Ted: Nope, haven't found the one yet. I only ever loved one girlfriend, and well-that was-you.
Mer: Ted-
Ted: I know, I know we wouldn't bring it up again
Mer: Then, why are you?
Ted: I'm just saying-
Mer: Stop. Please, Derek already is insecure and you talking about our relationship is only going to make it worse
Ted: Well he should know
Mer: He doesn't have to
Ted: Meredith, if you want your relationship to work, you have to tell him these things.
Mer: It was a LONG time ago
Ted: He has a right to know
Mer: Stop.
Ted (sighs): Fine-but you can't just completely forget about that!
Mer: That part of my life is over; I have every reason to forget
Ted (pauses): Fine, whatever.

(Izzie is outside, sitting on a bench, twirling her hair. Mark comes up)
Mark: Well, you look happy
Izzie: Shut up
Mark: Happy and pleasant
Izzie: I'm not in the mood
Mark: What happened?
Izzie: Nothing-
Mark: No, seriously, tell me
Izzie: I can't
Mark: Why
Izzie: I just can't
Mark: Uh, okay then
Izzie: Don't take is personal, it's just something I don't feel like discussing
Mark: Of course
Izzie (pauses): UGH! HE MAKES ME SO MAD!
Mark: Who
Izzie: I can't tell you remember!?
Mark: Oh, right-well you could use a fake name
Izzie (pauses): Okay, let's call him Bob
Mark (smiles): Okay, why does Bob make you mad?
Mark: How
Mark: Like?
Izzie: I can't tell you
Mark: This isn't a very fun game
Izzie: You're right, it isn't. And I'm done playing
(Izzie gets up and leaves)

(Derek comes out of surgery and plops down on a seat next to Bailey)
Bailey: So, how's being chief?
Der: Hard. Hard and tiring
Bailey: Well from the looks of it that isn't the only thing tough and tiring
Der: How do you-
Bailey: I can sense these things
Der: Of course, you're Bailey
Bailey: So you and Meredith aren't doing well?
Der: It's just, I don't know-difficult
Bailey: Love is difficult
Der: Is it supposed to be THIS hard?
Bailey: It all depends on how you play the game
Der: The game of what?
Bailey: Love

(Lexie is crying in the hallway, Mer sees her and walks up to her)
Mer: Everything okay?
Lexie (wiping away tears): No-
Mer: What happened?
Lexie: Molly was (sniff) she found my dad (starts crying harder) he killed himself
Mer (shocked): WHAT?!
Lexie: Apparently it was from a drug over-dose, I mean I know my dad was a wreck after my mom (inhales deeply) but I didn⦥uro;™t think he would (cries harder) do this!
Mer: Oh my God, Lexie I⦥uro;™m so sorry-
(Mer puts her hand on Lexie⦥uro;™s shoulder and begins to shed a tear. Lexie turns to Mer and hugs her)
Lexie (whispering to Mer): Sorry if this is (sniff) weird, but I need a sister
Mer (pulling Lexie closer): I need one too

(Dr. Foster is filling out paper work when he runs into Izzie)
Dan: Dr. Stevens!
(Izzie turns around)
Izzie: What?
Dan: Uhm, well you see, I sorta kinda planned a dinner for two tonight by accident. And I only have myself, so I was wondering if you would like to join me?
Izzie: T-tonight?
Dan: Yep, or we could do it another night, when you are available
Izzie: Dan, I like you, your sweet and kind, but, I am kind of seeing someone.
Dan: Ohhhh, of course you are! I'm sorry
Izzie: Dan-
Dan: No problem, really, thank you for telling me. And that kiss last week, I'm sorry about that
Izzie: No! Don⦥'t be sorry for the kiss; it was a pretty good kiss!
Dan (smiles): Too bad I won't get to do it again (Dan walks away, Izzie watches him go and smiles to herself. Dan was sweet, the perfect guy! But, what about Mark? What about George?)
Izzie (to herself): I really, really need to take up knitting again!

(A tall, slender man comes into the hospital)
Man (going up to Bailey): Excuse me; do you know where the chief of surgery is?
Bailey: He is on vacation right now, but the temp. Chief, Dr. Shepherd, is right over there
Man: Thank you (The man walks over to Derek)
Man: Hi, I'm Drake Martin, the new cardiothoracic surgeon.
Der: Oh, right, Dr. Martin, Richard told me you would be coming. (Derek picks up a stack of papers) All you need to do is fill out these papers. As an attending, you will be working with the interns and residents. Cristina Yang chose cardio as her specialty. So she will be shadowing you a lot.
Drake: That's fine
Der: Okay, if you have any questions ask me or Richard
Drake: Thank you Dr. Shepherd
Der: Welcome aboard (Derek pats Drake on the back, then leaves)

(Alex and Annie have fallen asleep trying to find something to help George, Cristina smacks Alex)
Alex: OW! What the heck was that for?!
Cristina: You were sleeping, I woke you up
Alex: You suck!
Cristina: Okay, look the new cardio guy is here and I have to shadow him!!!
Alex: So?
Cristina: SO I⦥uro;™VE NEVER MET THIS GUY!
Alex: Well you will now
Crisitna: UGH! (Pauses) Who⦥uro;™s the blonde?
Alex: This intern, Annie.
Crisitna: Wow, you like have an obsession with blondes and red heads
Alex: Shut up
Cristina: Okay, well I have to meet the guy cardio guy, have fun with blondie
Alex: Have fun with whoever you have fun with!
Cristina: Bye evil spawn

(Derek is filling out a chart, Ted walks up to him)
Ted: Hey
Der: Hi
Ted: Soooooooo, whats up?
Der: The sky
Ted (smiles): You don⦥uro;™t like me very much do you?
Der: No, not really
Ted: Why? I mean, I⦥uro;™m a nice guy
Der: Right
Ted: I am
Der: I don⦥uro;™t really care
Ted (pauses then smiles): Wait, are you jealous of me
Derek: No
Ted: Yes you are!
Derek: No, I⦥uro;™m not
Ted: You⦥uro;™re jealous because you think Meredith likes me
Der: That is completely-
Ted: True
Der: No, wrong
Ted: Well, if you want to know, we did have a relationship. A pretty serious one
Der: You and Meredith?
Ted: Yep, I won⦥uro;™t get into the personal details or Mer would kill me, but I can see how you are jealous
Der: I⦥uro;™m not
Ted: You know Mer love⦥uro;™s you, you know there⦥uro;™s nobody else, so why are you so insecure?
Der: I have to go
(Derek leaves)

(Mer walks up to Derek)
Mer: Hi
Der: Hey, are you okay?
Mer: Uhm, no, I just-oh my God!
Der: What?
Mer: My-uhm-he
Der: Who?
Mer: My dad killed himself!
Der (pauses): What?!
Mer: I just uhm talked with, uh, Lexie-I can⦥uro;™t believe this!
Der: Wow, Mer I⦥uro;™m so-
Mer: No, no, no, don⦥uro;™t be sorry, just-
(Derek takes Mer and hugs her. Mer pulls him close then starts to cry. Meanwhile, Ted is watching, and seems a little jealous.)

(Izzie walks up to George)
Izzie: Don⦥uro;™t talk. I⦥uro;™m not stopping. I am your friend, George, your best friend. I am going to help you out. And I will never stop loving you. And- and I am always going to be in love with you. (Pauses) I know, you have Callie, and you should be thinking of her. You love her. But, George, please don⦥uro;™t-don⦥uro;™t forget me. Because, I, I can⦥uro;™t focus without you. I need you, and I⦥uro;™m pretty sure you need me.
George: Izzie, I can⦥uro;™t focus WITH you. I need to be with my wife, I am supposed to have her on my mind 24/7 and I can⦥uro;™t because you are always with me, by my side. I can⦥uro;™t do that Izzie. I can⦥uro;™t love my wife fully when you⦥uro;™re around. So, please just, leave, stop being by my side. Because if you did love me, you would-you would be letting me go
(Izzie starts crying; George squeezes her hand then goes into Callie⦥uro;™s room)

(bailey is writing down information on a chart when she sees the chief)
Bailey: Chief?
Chief: I'm not here
Bailey: I'm looking right at you!
Chief: Uh, no your not...
Bailey: Oh, what did you do?
Chief: Well, I don't like crusies! I got sick, and I'm suppose to be at home resting, but I figured since I'm here, I would come see how things are going...
Bailey: Right.
Chief: You can't tell Adelle.
Bailey: I thought you were changing your ways! Learning from your mistakes
Chief: I am, it's just, old habbits die know?
Bailey (pauses): FINE!
Chief: Thank you Dr. Bailey, now where is that Dr. Martin
Bailey: Cristina is getting ready to shadow under him now
Cheif: So he filled out the paper work?
Bailey: The nurses just filed them now...
Chief: Okay, good, oh and Bailey I need to speak with you in a little bit
Bailey: Sure, chief
Chief: Okay, meet me in my office in 15 minutes
Bailey: Okay

(Ted is reading a book, when Mer comes up to him)
Mer: So I heard you talked to Derek
Ted: Yep
Mer: Why would you do that?
Ted: I just told him we had a relationship, that's it.
Mer: I told you he was insecure
Ted: He was fine about it
Mer: Ted, I swear if you tell him-
Ted: I'm not going to tell him, I think you should.
Mer: Well I'm not
Ted: Suit yourself. But he is insecure because you don't tell him these things. It leaves him guessing, it messes with his head
Mer: I don't know, I just don't want to rock the boat even more
Ted: Well, I mean, eventually, you will have to get off the boat
Mer: What do you mean?
Ted: You know what I mean, a rocky boat won't stay afloat for too long...well, I gotta go see Callie.
(Ted gets up, leaving Mer confused on what she should do)

(Mark is at Joe's drinking a scotch, Derek comes up to him)
Mark: Hi
Der: Hi
Mark: Bad day?
Der: I don't know anymore. I'm just tired of this whole rollercoaster thing with Meredith. I mean, she told me what happened to her dad, that was a step. But I still think she's hiding something from me
Mark: Give her time. She has issues
Der: I know, but I don't know if I can do it anymore-
Mark: Of course you can! You two love each other!
Der: Love isn't always enough
Mark (pauses): Listen, you two are the most in-love couple I have ever met. You will make it. It won't be easy, but you will make it.
(A tall, skinny, gorgeous girl walks into the bar)
Girl: Oh my God! Derek Shepherd!
(Derek turns around)
Der: Lauren? What are you doing here?
Laruen: I'm visiting some old friends up here, wow, you look great! And Mark! Haven't seen you since med school! I thought you guys were in New York
Mark: Well, we were
Der: But we came out here
Lauren: Wow, how's Addison?
Der: We divorced
Lauren: Aw, so sorry
Der: Don't be
Lauren (smiles): We should get together sometime, you know, talk.
Der: Sure that would be great
Lauren: Great, see you two later
Mark: Bye
Der: Bye
(Lauren leaves)
Mark: Wasn't that the girl you were engaged to, before Addison?
Der (pauses): Yep

Mer: Life. It's unpredictable. It changes constantly. (shows George lying with Callie, stroking her stomach) It drives us to the point where we don't know what to do (shows Izzie pouring herself a drink, crying) It changes us. (The chief is talking with Bailey)
Chief: Bailey, the board has proposed aplan for all 5th year residents. This plan is that if you work hard, put in those extra hours, do your job the best that you can, you can skip being a 6th year resident. Then you go on to your 7th year, then you are an attending. It's almost like taking extra college courses to get out early
Bailey: Wow
Chief: I wanted you to be the first to hear about it, becuase you're Bailey
Bailey: Thank you, sir. Thank you so much
Mer V.O: Life breaks us (shows Lexie crying) Life even forces us to do things we would never do. (Mer walks into Joes. There is only Derek)
Mer: I need to talk to you
Der: Me too
Mer: No, me first. Uhm, with me and Ted
Der: Yeah?
Mer: I got pregnant
Mer V.O: So, in the long run, life ruins us. But then again, life always suprises us
(Lauren is talking on the phone with her friend)
Lauren: I know, he's back here!!! And this time, I'm not letting him go


Mer V.O: Everyone has been broken. It's human to feel torn. Torn between 2 people (shows George sitting in the waiting room rubbing his eyes) Torn between 2 decisions (shows Derek looking out the window) Torn between the past and the future (shows Mer lying on her bed, then Cristina making coffee) So when we are torn, how do we sew ourselves back together?

(George is sitting in the waiting room, Dr. Foster sits next to him)
Dr. Foster: Callie is doing good
George: Good, that's good
Dr. Foster (pauses): Are you okay, george? You seemed a little distant this week.
George: I'm just...tired
Dr. Foster: Yeah, don't worry though, I think Callie should be coming home this week
George: Good
Dr. Foster: About the baby, though-
George: What?
Dr. Foster: The medication isn't working as well as I hoped, we might have to do an early pregnancy
George: WHAT!?! She's only been pregnant for a month!!!!
Dr. Foster: Well if you want your wife to live, I need to do it!
George(pauses): So, if you do do it, the baby will...die?
Dr. Foster: Chances of her surviving are 1 to 10
George: oh my God!
Dr.Foster: I MIGHT have to do it. There still is a chance that the medication will work and the baby will survive
George: Okay
(Dr. Foster pats George on the back)
Dr. Foster: You're a strong man, George.
(Dr. Foster leaves)
George (to himself): I wish I thought that...

(Izzie/Mer/Cristina are sitting in the locker room)
Izzie: I hate my life. I hate my friends
(Mer and Cristina look at her)
Cristina: Well, thank you
Izzie: I'm sorry, you guys are okay, its George that I hate
Cristina: Dr. Martin is cute
Mer: I hate Derek
Cristina: Why do you hate derek?
Mer: He broke up with me
Cristina: What?!
Mer: Yep, it's okay though, I don't care
Cristina: Right
Izzie: I don't care either. I mean, I should get someone else
Mer: Me too
Crisitna: Me three
Izzie (pauses): OH MY GOD! WE ARE ALL SINGLE!!!!!
Mer: So?
Izzie: SO!?! ingle people can go to joes, and pick up hot guys, and flirt with all the men they want and not get busted for it
Mer: Lets do it
Cristina: I'm in
Izzie: YES!!
Cristina: Okay, so why do you hate george?
Izzie: I just do
(mer looks down)
Cristina: Are you 2 hiding something?
Mer: Nope
Izzie: No, see you tonight at joes
(mer and izzie leave, Cristina shrugs then leaves)

(Derek is sitting at the nurses station, Mark sits next to him)
Der: I broke up with Meredith
Mark: Wow. Why?
Der: Well apparantley she was pregnant with Ted's baby, then had a miscarriage
Mark: Is that why you broke up with her?
Der: No, I mean I was glad she told me, but it was too much. Our relationship was like a rollercoaster. Up and down and up and down.
Mark: You know what you just did, right?
Der: What?
Mark: You freed her
Der: I freed her?
Mark: Yep, now she can get with ANY guy, except you
Der: Oh, well, I don't care
Mark: Suuureeee
Der: I don't
Mark: Okay, but don't say I didn't warn you!
(Lauren comes up)
Lauren: Hey stranger
Der: Hey
Lauren: So are we getting a drink at joes later?
Der: Yep
Lauren: Great, looking forward to it!
Der: Me too, see you!
Lauren (smiles): Bye
(Lauren leaves)
Mark: Oh no, your getting with Lauren...AGAIN!?!
Der: I'm just having a drink with her
Mark: Are you seriously this clueless?
Der: Probably

(Bailey is doing lots of work, her cell phone rings)
Bailey: What? No, tucker I can't come home early! Because I need to do some extra work! Just feed him, and put him to bed! TUCKER!! PLEASE, Ill be home when I can! BYE!
(Bailey shuts her phone and continues to work, chief comes up to her)
Chief: Uhm, Miranda, you dont have to work THIS hard. You can go home to tucker and will
Bailey: Nope, I have to do this
Chief: Miranda, don't make the same mistake I made-
Bailey: CHIEF! Please, Im trying to do this
Cheif: Miranda-
Bailey: I know what I'm doing, dont worry!
(chief sighs then leaves)

(Alex is testing Annie)
Alex: Okay, how many chambers are in your heart?
Annie: 4. the right atrium, the left atrium, the right ventricle, and the left ventricle...come on Alex that was EASY!
Alex: Okay, which are bigger: arteries or veins?
Annie: Arteries. Again, EASY!
Alex: Okay, heres a hard one: What are the organs of your lymphatic system?
Annie: The tonsils, spleen, and the thymus.
(Alex's pager goes off)]
Alex: Crap,I gotta go
Annie: Go
Alex: drink later?
Annie: Sure
Alex: See ya!
Annie: Bye!

(george walks up to izzie)
George: I'm-I'm sorry
(izzie ignores him)
George: Izzie, come one, talk to me?
Izzie: You told me to stop, I'm stopping.
George: I'm sorry about that, you don't have to. Your my best friend, I need you. I mean, I wasn't thinking straight, with Callie and all...
Izzie: I don't know if I wanna be just your friend, George. I'm sorry, but I can't do this anymore. Be with your wife, you love her.
George: But-
Izzie: It doesn't matter anymore. Whether your in love with me or not, it doesn't matter. I'm moving on
(izzie leaves, george sighs then runs his fingers through his hair)

(George walks into Callie's room)
Callie: Me and the baby get to go home this week! Isn't that great!
George: Yeah
(Dr. Foster comes in)
Dr. Foster: Callie...
Callie: Yeah?
Dr. Foster: I'm sorry
Callie: What do you mean?
Dr. Fostetr: The baby has to come out
Callie:What? But you-you said there was a chance the medicine could work!
Dr. Foster: I just got the test results, I'm so sorry
Callie: NO! (starts crying) NO, DONT! IM HAVING THE BABY
George: Shh, Callie, we-we need to do this
George: Callie-
Callie: NO, NO, NO!!!!
(George takes Callie and hugs her)
Dr. Foster: I'll give you two a minute
(George holds Callie. He's not gonna be a dad, shes not gonna be a mom. It's over.)
George: Shhh, Callie I am so sorry
Callie: This isn't suppose to happen!!!! I'm suppose-I'm supposed to have her!!
George: shhh, I know, I know
(George wraps his arms around Callie tighter, and begins to shed a tear)

(izzie/mer and cristina enter joes. Mer had a slick, black cocatil dress with strappy sandels on, izzie had a pink sundress with coral heels, and cristina had on tight jeans, and black, high-heel boots. They all looked gorgeous)
Izzie: Martini, Joe
Mer: Straight tequilla
Cristina: Shot of whiskey
Joe: Coming right up, you ladies look nice today
Izzie: We're single!!!
Joe: Oh, now I get it!
(A tall, HOT man sits next to Mer)
Man: Hey
Mer: Hi
Man: Tim (puts out his hand)
Mer: Meredith, nice to meet you (shakes his hand)
Tim: You
Mer (smiles): Well you look good yourself
Tim: Can I buy you a drink
Mer: Sure
Izzie (to cristina): Why do guys always go up to her first?
Cristina: Cause they know they'll score
(a guy comes up to izzie)
Guy: Hey
Izzie: Hi
Guy: I have been eyeing you all night, and you look gorgeous
(cristina rolls her eys)
Izzie: Well, all in a days work
(cristina laughs, izzie shoots her a look)
Izzie: Would you like to buy me a drink?
Man: I sure would

(Dr. Martin comes in and sits next to Cristina)
Dr. Matin: Hello, Yang
Cristina: Oh, Dr. Martin, hi
Dr. Martin: So, you are an excellent doctor
Crisitna: Are you flirting with me?
Dr. Martin (smiles): Kinda
Cristina (laughs): Well, keep going, I like the compliments
(Dr. Martin laughs)

(Derek comes in with Lauren)
Lauren: Wow, this place looks so cozy
Der: Yeah (sees Mer flriting with the guy)
Tim (laughs): What can I say?
Mer: Oh my God, I l-o-v-e you!
Tim: your cute when your drunk
Mer: I'm always cute (takes a sip of her tequilla)
Tim: This is true
Der: Uhmm, Lauren, how about we sit over here
Lauren: Okay
(Mer sees Derek with Lauren)
Mer: Oh my God
Tim: What?
Mer (smiles): Can you excuse me for a sec?
tim: Sure, take your time
(Mer grabs cristina and drags her into the bathroom)
Cristina: HEY! what gives? I was actually having a decent time
Mer: DEREK IS HERE!!!!!!!!!! With a HOT girl, who I am going to name MCTRAMP!
Cristina: Ouch
Mer: How did he find a girl so fast? he BETTER not have been cheating on me!
Cristina: He's probobly tryin to make you jealous!
Mer: Oh, I'll show him jealous
(Mer stumbles walking out of the bathroom, Cristina sighs)
Cristina: Here we go again...

(Mer sits on Tim's lap)
Tim: Wo
Mer: I don't normally do this, but just go along with it
Tim (laughs): Whatever you say
Mer: Okay, so Tom-
Tim: Tim
Mer: Right, Tim, how old are you?
Tim: I'm 33
Mer: I think I'm 20
Tim: 20?
Mer: WAIT! No, 28 i think
Tim: Ohhh, I was gonna say-
Mer: For some reason, I always go for the older men! But the older ones are always SOOOOO immature and STUPID! But anyways, your SOOOOOOOOOOOOO GORGEOUS!!! HEAR THAT EVERYONE!! HES GORGEOUS!!!
Izzie (to cristina): Why is she embarrising herslef?
Cristina: She's trying to make derek jealous
Izzie: Well he's looking at her
Joe (to mer): Mer, I love you, but you can't dance on the table
Mer: Whhyyyy not?!?!?!
JOe: Cause your pissed drunk and you are gonna fall
(Mer wobbles)
Izzie: Oh crap is she gonna fall?
Joe: Come on, let's get off the table
(joe takes mer down)
Mer: Thanks joe
(Mer makes a face at derek who just laughs)

(Mer sits down next to tim)
Mer: Whew that was funn
Tim: You looked very good up there
Mer: thank you! it takes TALENT to do that!!
Tim: Definatley, do you wanna dance? with me though, not on the table
Mer (laughs than hits tim): Why not?
(Mer and Tim start to dance, Derek watches them then turns to lauren)
Der: Wanna dance?
Lauren: Sure!
(Derek and Lauren start dancing)
Der: So what has happened to Lauren Philips since med school?
Lauren: Well she got a job at Boston, then got fired, and is now taking a job at Seattle Grace
Der: You're working at the same hospital?!
Lauren (smiles): YEP!! I was gonna suprise you, but I couldn't wait to see your face!
Der: Wow, so I'm gonna see you every day
Lauren: Pretty much!
Der: Well, that is a suprise
(Lauren leans in and kisses Derek, Derek backs out)
Der: Sorry, I just-
LAuren: Not ready?
Der: Yeah
(Mer saw the kiss)
Mer: UGH!!!
Tim: Are you okay?
Mer: Do you wanna kiss me?
Tim (smiles): Actually I do
Mer: Okay, well you can if you want
Tim: Alright (leans in and kisses her)
Cristina (to Izzie): OH MY GOD!! IM SO GONNA PUKE! Izzie? Where are you?
(izzie is dancing with the guy)
Cristina: GREAT!
Dr. Martin: Wanna dance?
Cristina (smiles): Sure

(Alex and Annie come in)
Annie: Wow, I didn't know this place was a dance club
Alex: Well its not, but wanna dance?
Annie: Sure!

(Mer pulls away from Tim)
Mer: Sorry, this just feels weird
Tim: Just got out of a relationship?
Mer: Yeah
Tim: I could tell
Mer: I'm sorry
Tim: Don't be!
Mer (laughs): WOW, i feel dizzy, how many-things did I drink?!
Tim: About 12
Mer: Oh boy, is the world like turning upside down
(Derek sees Mer is about to faint)
Der (to lauren): Excuse me, Mer are you okay?
Tim: Who are you?
Mer: Ohhh, HI YOU!!!!
Der: Hi
Mer: I think Im really drunk
Der: Oh yeah
Mer: Woooooooo, this is like a rollllllercoaster, and its-its
(Mer faints, Derek picks her up)
Der (to Tim): I got her, you can go home
Tim: I didn't even get her number!
Der: You won't be needing it
Der: I need to take her home, lets call it a night
Lauren: But-
Der: Bye
(derek and mer leave)
Cristina: So, Dr. MArtin, how did you get into cardio?
Dr. MArtin: I don't know, I just always loved the heart
Cristina: Cool
Dr. MArtin: How bout you?
Cristina: Same
Dr. Martin: Well, looks like we have some things in common!
Cristina: Oh yeah
(Dr. Martin smiles)

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