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WARNING!! Will never happen in real Greys Anatomy!!

(Meredith, Derek, Kathy, and Carol are all sitting at the table waiting for Lisa and Mark)
Carol: So, how long have you two been together?
Meredith: Well, about a year
Carol: Oh I see, now was that including the 2 months you were dating when he was married?
Derek: MOM!
Carol: I'm just asking!
Derek: Well stop, Addison is over and done and she's not coming back! I don't love her anymore!
Carol: How dare you say that! You and Addison were married for almost 12 years!
Derek: 12 miserable years!
Kathy: I don't believe that, you were like the teenage couple who couldn't keep their hands off each other!
Derek: What?
Kathy: Remember the first year you were married, at Christmas?
Derek (his face turns red): Yeah, we don't have to talk about that
Carol: Nonsense! I mean if you two are as serious as you say you are, this shouldn't bother her.
Derek: Mom, please-
Carol: Addison and Derek were pretty busy under the Christmas tree 12 years ago
Derek: SHUT UP!
(There is a knock on the door)

(Meredith opens the door)
Mark: Hey, sorry we're late
Meredith: Thank God you came, you saved me!
Lisa: Hi, I'm Mrs. Sloan
Meredith: Oh, hi. Meredith
Carol: Lisa?
Lisa: Carol my darling!
(2 women hug each other)
Carol: You look beautiful!
Lisa: Well, my son did a few botox injections
Carol: That's it!
Mark: Let's eat, I'm starving!
Kathy: I've made an excellent dinner! Eat up!

(Kathy, Mark, Meredith, Carol, Derek and Lisa sit down)
Carol: Okay, let's join hands
(Meredith looks confused but goes along with everything)
Carol: Lord, thank you so much for allowing all of us to be here together. Please bless our food and let us open our hearts and minds to our guest, Meredith. Amen
Lisa, Kathy, Mark, and Derek: Amen
Meredith: Oh, you're Catholic?
Carol: Yes, very much.
Meredith: Oh
Carol: Why, is that a problem?
Meredith: Of course not, I mean I'm Catholic too
Carol: Well you must not be a loyal Catholic considering you are an adulteress
Meredith: Excuse me?
Carol: Oh, I know all about that prom and the panties and all of your other dirty secrets
Derek: OH MY GOD!
Kathy: Here we go, pass me the wine
Meredith: Oh really?! Well how about Addison? She cheated on Derek with HIM (gestures to Mark)
Carol: That was different
Meredith: HOW?!
Carol: It was one night!
Derek: NO IT WASN'T!
Carol: What?
Derek: Tell her Mark. Tell her how you two stayed together, and how the only reason Addison came back to Seattle was because you cheated on her!
(Everyone is silent)
Derek: I'm leaving. Mer, let's go
Derek: BYE MOM!
(Derek takes Mer by the hand and they storm out of the apartment)
Kathy: Who wants dessert?

Mer V.O: Mistakes. They screw with our lives. Sometimes we make mistakes so big that we mess up are lives forever. But, most of the time, we can fix our mistakes
(Callie and George are sitting in bed together. George is running his fingers through her hair)
George: Amanda Sarah O'Mally or Michael John O'Mally.
Callie: What?
George: Names. For the baby
Callie (smiles): Hmmm, I like them!
George: Good
(Callie kisses George)
Callie: I love you
George: I love you too
(Callie kisses George again)

Mer V.O: We can move on from our mistakes
(Izzie and Mark are in the elevator)
Mark: So, are you gonna abide by my rules?
(Izzie gets out of the elevator, then turns to Mark)
Izzie: We'll see
(Mark smiles as the elevator closes)
Mer V.O: We can put aside our mistakes, and just be there
(Burke is sleeping, and Cristina is holding his hand)
Mer V.O: We can take the first step to fix our mistakes
(Alex is sitting with his father who is unconscious)
Alex: I'm sorry. I'm sorry dad.
Mer V.O: We can even let our mistakes shape us as human beings
(Mer is watching Derek take off his watch)
Mer: Thank you
Der: For what?
Mer: For sticking up for me today.
Der: Yeah, well my mom and my sister can be a hassle.
Mer (pauses): Yes
Der: What?
Mer: I'll move in with you
Mer V.O: But sometimes, our mistakes end up stabbing us in the back
(Lexie and Annie are sitting in the hall)
Lexie: Guess who I saw practically making out in the locker room the other day
Annie: Who?
Lexie: Meredith and Alex!
Annie: NO WAY!
Lexie: Yep
Annie: Are you gonna tell Derek?
Lexie (pauses): Oh yeah.

"Have a Little Faith in Me."

Mer V.O: Faith is a funny thing. One minute you trust someone completely, the next minute you're not sure what you believe. People always say 'keep the faith' and 'live the faith'. But trust me, it's easier said than done. Faith can REALLY confuse you. So when you lose faith is everything, what do you do?

(Mark is walking down the hall smiling, Mer walks up)
Mer: Hey, sorry about last night with the Brady bunch.
Mark (still smiling): No big deal
Mer (pauses): Okay, what's wrong with you?
Mark (starts singing): I got a date with Izzzziiieee, I got a date with Izzzziiieee!!!
Mer: Wow, I'm surprised
Mark (gets serious): Why?
Mer: Cause your Mark
(Mark gives her a look)
Mer: What? It's true!
Mark: Yeah, well you wait, after tonight I am no longer "mark."
Mer: So you won't try to make a move on Izzie?
Mark: I won't even hint
Mer: 20 bucks you won't make it
Mark: 50 i will
Mer: deal
(Mer and Mark shake hands)

Izzie is doing a chart, mer walks up to her)
Mer: Sooo, I heard your going on a date with MARK SLOAN
Izzie: What? He's sweet once you get to know him...
Izzie: He's a decent guy!
Mer: Alright then, I just don't want to see you get hurt
Izzie: Awww, that's so sweet
Mer: Yeah, yeah
(izzie's pager goes off)
Izzie: Uh-oh!
Mer: What?
Izzie: Alex Karev's dad 9-11
Mer: Oh my God!
Izzie: I got to go
(izzie runs off)
Nurse: Dr. Grey, these are tests results given to me by doctor Foster, I don't have time to put them in the medical records, do you mind doing them?
Mer: No, not at all
(Meredith flips through the papers when she sees a familiar name)
Mer (reading the paper aloud): Possibility of pregnancy, test result was negative, Izzie Stevens. IZZIE STEVENS?!?! OH MY GOD IZZIE MIGHT HAVE BEEN PREGNANT?!!!???!!!

(Izzie is running into Alex's father's room)
Izzie: What happened?!
Nurse: I don't know he just went into b-fib
Izzie: CODE BLUE! Give me the paddles! Charge to 200
Nurse: No change
Izzie: CHARGE TO 300!
Nurse: No change
Izzie: CHARGE TO 450!
Nurse: Still, no change
Izzie: CHARGE TO 600!
Nurse: Dr. Stevens, you have to-
Izzie: CHARGE AGAIN!! (charges)
Nurse: He's gone Dr. Stevens
Izzie (out of breathe): Time of death, 8:47
(izzie walks out of the room sad and hurt)

(Cristina is in Burke's room filling out his chart)
Cristina: 2 stays at the hospital in less than a year, your like setting a record
(Burke laughs but then cringes)
Burke: Ah, it even hurts to laugh
Cristina: Don't worry, the bruising should go away in a few days
Burke: Good
(the 2 are silent for a minute)
Burke: I'm sorry
Cristina: Don't be, I wasn't ready for marriage. You and me both know that....but the transferring, was that cause of me?
(Burke is silent)
Cristina: Spit it out!
Burke: Yes
Cristina: Why?
Burke: I just couldn't see you anymore, I don't know
Cristina (pauses): Are you still transferring?
Burke (pauses): Yes
Cristina: Oh...
Burke: Cristina...
Cristina: No, it's fine I need to get your medication, so I'm uhm gonna go
(Cristina walks out of Burke's room with tears in her eyes)

(Lexie is walking up to Derek)
Lexie: Hi, I'm your intern
Der: Oh, okay, let's go then
(Lexie and Derek start walking)
Lexie: Sooo, how are you and Meredith doing?
Der: Really great, we're moving in together.
Lexie: Wow, that's a big step
Der: Yeah
Lexie: Are you sure she's fully dedicated to you?
Der: What do you mean?
Lexie: Is this the patient's room
Der: uh, yeah?
Lexie: Let's go
(Derek is very confused of what Lexie just said, but he just shakes his head, and goes inside)
Der: Hello Mrs. Pickle
Mrs. Pickle: Hi, am I finally gonna get surgery today?!
Der: Yes, Dr. Grey, prep her for surgery and make sure OR 1 is ready
Lexie: Okay
(Derek leaves the room)
Lexie (muttering to herself): You'll know what I mean in a little bit...

(Lexie and Derek are finished surgery, and are in the scrub room)
Lexie: Wow, that was amazing
Der: Yeah, one day you'll learn how to do that
Lexie: Hopefully...(pauses) Look, I don't want to tell you this, but i think I have to
Der: What?
Lexie: I was in the lock room the other day, and I saw...Mer and Alex almost kissing
Der (laughs): Wow, you just love to ruin our lives!
Lexie: Look, I'm telling the truth! Believe what you want, but whether or not you like it, Meredith does have feelings for Alex...and there is nothing you can do to change that
(Lexie leaves smiling to herself, Derek stands in the scrub room by himself not sure what to think)

(Alex is a mess. He was going to make peace with his father. He wanted to have a dad, and then he just...died! Alex is pacing the hall, not sure what to do. Meredith walks up to him)
Mer: Alex, I am-
Alex: How does this happen?! I wanted to fix the past! He wasn't suppose to die! (starts crying lightly) HE WASN'T SUPPOSE TO DIE!!!
(Mer takes Alex and hugs him close. Alex hugs back and cries on Meredith's shoulders. Derek comes out of the scrub room and sees mer and Alex hugging. He is shocked, was Lexie right? Does Meredith have feelings for ALEX?!)

(George is walking down the hall, Callie comes up to him very excited)
Callie: GUESS WHAT!?!
George: What?
Callie: WE'RE HAVING A GIRL!!! I went to Dr. Foster to check things out, and we are having a GIRL!!!! A GIRL, GEORGE!!!!
George: WOW!! A girl?! Callie this is great!!
Callie: I KNOW!!!!
(George takes Callie and hugs and kisses her. Meanwhile, Izzie is watching them. She can't believe it, why can't George act like that around HER? Was he really over her? Was she over him?)

(Mer walks up to Derek)
Mer: Hey
(Derek is silent)
Mer: Hello!?! Are you there
Der: Tell me the you have feelings for Alex Karev?
(Mer is shocked. How did he find out? Sure, she did have SOME feelings for him, but those feelings did not match her feelings for Derek at all. She loved Derek, he was the one)
Mer: What?
Der: Yes or no
Mer: Derek, I-
Der: Wow, I can't believe this
Mer: Look, I might have SOME feelings for him but I love you, I don't love Alex!!!
Der: And how am I suppose to believe that?
Mer: Derek! Why don't you believe me? I'm telling the truth!
Der: I don't know what I believe in anymore! (Derek storms off leaving mer speechless)

(mer storms up to Lexie)
Lexie: The truth. That you have feelings for Alex
Lexie: Actually, I do. You're the party girl. The drinks and sleeps with inappropriate men girl. You don't deserve a guy like Derek. In fact you don't deserve anyone
(Mer slaps Lexie, then storms off leaving Lexie speechless)
Mer (under her breathe): Well, it looks like i have something in common with my dad after all...

(Chief is walking down the hall when he spots Derek)
Chief: DEREK!!!
Der: Yea...
Chief: I'm going to be out of town for 2 weeks, so I need you to be a temp. chief while I'm gone
Der: Where are you going
Chief: Adelle and I are going on a cruise in the Bahamas
Der: You? Richard Webber? Going on a trip? Wow, this is a surprise
(Chief gives Der a dirty look, Derek smiles)
Der: Don't worry Chief, everything will be fine
Chief: Okay, good. If anything happens call me!
Der: I will
Chief: Alright, I'm leaving tomorrow. Remember, if you have any questions call me.
Der: I can handle it chief
Chief: Good, I'll see you later
Der: Have fun!
Chief: Oh, I will!!

(Meredith is walking down to the nurses station when she sees Izzie)
Izzie: What?
(Izzie is speechless)
Izzie: uhh, what, I mean, who told you that?
Mer: Well I was putting some papers in the medical records when I saw YOUR name on one of them!
Izzie: Meredith..
Mer: WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME YOU WERE PREGNANT! I didn't even know you were seeing someone!
Izzie: I'm not
Mer: Then who would've been the father
(Izzie's pager goes off)
Izzie: Duty calls!
(Izzie runs off)

(Mer and Cristina are sitting at the cafeteria)
Cristina: Burke is STILL transferring
Mer: Derek thinks I have feelings for Alex, like deep feelings
Cristina (laughs): WHAT!?! ALEX KAREV!?!
Mer: Yeah
Cristina: Wow, that just made my day
(Mer sighs)
Mer: Did you hear about his dad
Cristina: Yeah...
Mer: It's not fair
Cristina: life isn't fair. I mean you fall in love with someone, they dump you at the church, they transfer, they get hit by a car, and they STILL want to transfer!!!!
Mer: Maybe it's best that you move on
Cristina: I don't want to
Mer (pauses): I don't either...

(Izzie storms into Dan's office!)
Dan: oh, I'm sorry, that wasn't suppose to happen...
Izzie: WELL IT DID!!!!
Dan: It's not my fault, I said no guarantees!
Dan: Shhh, calm down
(Dan kisses Izzie) explanation
Dan: I'm sorry
Izzie: uhm, I'm gonna go
Dan: Right
Izzie: Bye
Dan: Bye
(Izzie leaves speechless, Dan shakes his head)

(Derek is on a computer, Mark sits next to him)
Mark: Hey
Derek: Hi
Mark: Guess who I have a date with tonight?
Der (still looking at the computer screen): Who?
Mark: Izzie Stevens
Der (looks up): Well don't you get around!
Mark: Well I'm not going to make any moves
Der (sarcastic): RIGHT
Mark: I'm serious
Der: Whatever, I have my own problems
Mark: like what?
Der: Do you think Meredith has feelings for Alex Karev?
Mark: Karev? no way!
Der: Lexie said something, then I saw them hugging, then I asked her and she said "some" feelings. What does "some" feelings mean?
Mark: it means she likes him but not half as much as she loves you
Der (sighs): I don't know. With Meredith, it's always one problem after the other...
Mark: Well if you two are strong enough, you'll get through it
Der: And if we don't?
Mark: You will. You're strong enough

(George is writing down notes, Alex sits next to him)
Alex: Hey
George: i heard about your dad, I'm so-
Alex: It's fine, really it is
George: Well you get to join the dead dad's club
Alex: The what club?
George: Cristina and I are in it. So, now your in it too
Alex (pauses): I wanted to get to know him. After all, he was my dad
George: Everyone wants to get to know their dad.
Alex: Yeah, well I didn't
George: I'm sorry
Alex: Don't be. You didn't do anything. I'm sorry that you have to repeat your intern year, dude, that sucks.
George: Well if I bust my butt, the chief said he will let me finish as a surgical resident with you guys
Alex: That's good
George: Yeah, and Callie is supportive too
Alex: And i heard your having a baby!
George (smiles): yeah, a little girl
Alex: Well congratulations!
George: Thanks
Alex: Gotta go, see you around
George: See you

(Mark is entering the locker room to get Izzie.)
Mark:, you look gorgeous
Izzie: Thanks
(Mark could not think straight. Izzie was unbelievably gorgeous in her slick, black cocktail dress, dangling earing's, and long, wavy hair.)
Mark: Like, wow!
Izzie (laughs): Well I did abide to your rules!
Mark: Yes you did!
Izzie: But you don't look so bad yourself
Mark: Thanks...shall we go?
Izzie: Lets
(Izzie takes Mark's hand and they leave the locker room.)

(Mark and Izzie are at the restaurant)
Waiter: Are you two ready?
Izzie: Yes, I will have the steak with a baked potato, and the cole slaw. Oh, and can I have the steamed scallops as an appetizer?
Waitor: Certainly. And for you sir?
Mark: I'll have what she's having
Waiter: Right away (Waiter leaves)
Izzie: Well you sure know how to suck up to a girl
Mark: Years of practice
Izzie (laughs): Cocky much?
Mark: Not cocky, confident.
Izzie: I see (takes a sip of her wine) So, any skeletons I need to know about?
Mark: Wow, jumping to the big stuff right away!
Izzie (smiles): I'm sorry, I'm a very curious person
Mark: Well, I was engaged before
Izzie: Really?
Mark: She called the wedding off a week before we walked down that aisle. It wasn't meant to be I guess. She didn't want me as much as I wanted her
Izzie: I'm so sorry
Mark: It was Addison
Izzie: ADDISON!?
Mark: Yep. We swore to never bring it up again.
Izzie: Wow, Mark I am-
Mark: Don't worry about it! This is about you and me, not me and Addison.
(Izzie smiles, and is very surprised to see that she REALLY likes Mark.)

(Derek is sitting in the CT room. He has his hands on his head and a pen in his mouth. Lexie runs up to him)
(Derek is silent)
Lexie: Hello?!
Derek: I don't think she's my girlfriend anymore (Derek leaves very upset. Lexie runs after him)
Lexie: What do you mean?
Der: You know what I mean, it's what you wanted right?
(Derek leaves, Lexie watches him go then sighs)

(Callie and George are sitting at the cafeteria. Callie is flipping through a baby magazine and George is playing with his food)
Callie: Hmmmm, how about this color for the baby's room (shows him a picture of a light pink)
George: Pretty
Callie: So I was thinking that color with blue flowers
George: You're the girl, do what you want
Callie: Come on George at least TRY to look a little excited
George: I am excited, it's just picking out baby stuff is not really my forte
Callie: Well, your helping!
George: But-
Callie: No buts
George (sighs): fine. I hate the blue flowers. Get the green ones. And instead of that pink, do a light yellow.
Callie: hmmm, that actually doesn't sound that bad
George: What can I say?
Callie: I like it!
George: Good
Callie: Now, to baby clothes
(George makes a face)

(Izzie and Mark are walking out of the restaurant holding hands)
Mark: So that was fun
Izzie: Yes, it was. Thank you Mark I needed that
Mark: No problem, maybe we can do it again sometime
Izzie: I'd like that
Mark: Okay, well I should get going
(izzie is confused)
Izzie: Wait, your going?!
Mark: Yeah (kisses her) Goodnight
Izzie: That's it?
Mark: That's it.
Izzie: Your not going to invite me in or invite me to have a drink?
Mark: No, I think it's better if we just end it here
Izzie (a little disappointed): Oh, okay, that's fine.
Mark: Tomorrow night? Dinner at my place?
Izzie(smiles): Sure
Mark: Bye
Izzie: See ya
(Izzie watches Mark go then smiles)

(Izzie walks into the hospital smiling, Mer walks up to her)
Mer: So how was your date?
Izzie: Great. Really, really great
Mer: Wait, did he make a move on you?
Izzie: No, but that's okay. We're having dinner tomorrow night.
Mer (under her breathe): DAMN!
Izzie: What?
Mer: Oh, nothing. It's not a big deal. You know what is a big deal? YOU BEING PREGNANT!!!
Izzie: I'm not pregnant
Izzie: I'm sorry but-
Mer: Spill. Who is the father
(George walks up)
George: Whoa you look nice
Izzie: uh, thanks I just got back from a date
George: A date?
Izzie: With Mark
George(shocked and a little jealous): Sloan?
Izzie: Yeah, he's so sweet!
George(disappointed): Oh
George: What
(George and Izzie look at each other)
Izzie: Uhhh, I'm not though
George(shocked): Your not?
(Izzie shakes her head)
Mer: (turning to George) Do you know who the father would have been?
George: uhhh, no
(Mer's pager goes off)
Mer: You will tell me Izzie! YOU WILL!
(Mer leaves. George and Izzie just stand there, not sure what to do next)

(Derek comes out of surgery. Mer walks up to him)
Mer: Okay, I admit it I like Alex. He's a good friend, but I don't love him and I don't have deep feelings for him either. His dad died, Derek. I was comforting him because he lost his dad. I love you, and I need you. Not Alex, you. So you can keep telling yourself that I have feelings for Alex. You can keep telling yourself that you should end it. But, Derek I love you, and I want you to keep fighting with me. I want you to be there for me. So don't end it. Be there.
Der (sighs): I'm sorry, maybe we're not ready to move in together. We still need to get to know each other
Mer: Yeah
Der (pauses): Okay, I'll be there
Mer: Good.

Mer V.O: Like I said, faith is a funny thing. You can't lose faith or else you have nothing to believe in. You can't give up on faith because then you're pretty much giving up on yourself.
(Alex is sitting in the hall eating a sandwich, Annie walks up)
Annie: Hey
Alex: Hi
Annie: Uhm, I don't normally do this, but would you, I mean if you want to, do you want to have dinner with me tomorrow?
Alex: Uhm, sure
Annie: Really?
Alex: Yeah, why not
Annie (smiles): Okay, see you later!
Mer V.O: We have to trust each other
(Mer is sitting on her bed reading a book, Izzie comes in)
Mer: Hey
Izzie: The father, it was George
(Mer looks up)
Mer V.O: We have to trust ourselves
(Derek is sitting in the waiting room thinking)
Mer V.O: We have to be there for each other
Callie: Okay, so we are doing these sheets with that paint, and, ow (Callie cringes)
George: Are you okay
Callie: Yeah, I just have some, OWWWW
George: Callie, Callie?!
(Callie faints)

Mer V.O: We have to follow our instincts and let go
(Burke is leaving the hospital, Cristina is with him)
Cristina: Well, good luck at Mercy West
Burke: Thank you.
Cristina: Alright, well bye
Burke: Bye Cristina
(Burke slowly turns and walks away)
Mer V.O: But in the end, we need faith, because as human beings we need something to hold on to.
(Mark is walking out of the hospital when a little girl runs up to him)
Girl: hello
Mark: Uh, hi
(A tall, pretty women walks up and picks up the girl)
Mark: Oh my God, Cynthia?
Cynthia: Mark Sloan, it's about time I found you!
Mark: What are you talking about?
Cynthia: You see this girl?
(Mark nods)
Cynthia: She's yours.

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