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Ellen Pompeo
Birthday: November 10, 1969

Hails from:
Everett, Massachusetts.

Currently lives: Los Angeles

Relationships and family:
Chris Ivery, Record Producer Dating 2004; Engaged November 2006
Married fiance Chris Ivery in City Hall on 9th November 2007
Daughter, Stella Luna Pompeo Ivery, born September 15th, 2009

Middle name: Kathleen.


Appearance Year
Grey's Anatomy 2005-20082005-2012
Dr. Meredith Grey
Life of the party
Phoebe Elgin
Art Heist 2004
Sandra Walker
2004 (1 episode)
Missy Goldberg
Nobody's Perfect 2003
Undermind 2004 Flynn
Old School 2003
Daredevil 2003
Karen Page
Catch Me If You Can
Moonlight Mile
Bertie Knox
The Job
2001 (1 episode)
Strong Medicine
2001 (1 episode)
Quincy Dunne
In the Weeds
Get Real
2000 (1 episode)
Nina Adler
Law and Order
1996-2000 (2 episodes)
Jenna Weber
Eventual Wife
Strangers With Candy
1999 (1 episode)
Lizzie Abrams
Coming Soon
Upset Girl
8 1/2 * 11
Human Resources Woman


Can't Live Without:
Her court time(Celtics and Lakers)
Her grocery grab(Whole Foods Market)
Her carryall(Giorgio Armani Fish Skin Bag)
Her facial fix(Ona Spa)
Her I do's(City Hall in New York City)
Her Java Jolt(Ice Coffee from Starbucks)

Best quote:
  • "Patrick is adorable, but very married in real life and I'm very good friends with his wife"
  • "I just worry about the girls who look up to me -- I don't want them to think I starve myself or don't eat, and that to be like me that's what they have to do."

Fan Club Site:

Ellen Pompeo on IMDb

Ellen Pompeo Trivia:
  • Ellen's first word as a baby was pepperoni.
  • Ellen did the voice over for a commercial for Propel Fitness Water.
  • Ellen's beauty secrets include water, sleep, and just being happy.
  • Shortly after her and her, now, fiance started dating, they found out they only grew up 10 miles away from each other in Boston.
  • Ellen has been 'punk'd' (on the show of the same name). Even her boyfriend knew about it, and played along.
  • Ellen wanted to be an archaeologist when she was young.
  • Ellen admits that she learns a lot from all the medical terminology she has to learn on Grey's Anatomy.
  • Ellen's height is 5' 7" (1m70).