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Airdate: February 3, 2011

Recap of Events:

Derek's up and out of the house early and Meredith doesn't seem to know why. We see him at the hospital working on the first patient in his Alzheimer's clinical trial. The patient is awake as Derek drills into his head. He places a placebo into the patient's brain. (Half of the patients have to get the real drug, the rest have to get the placebo).

Callie and Sloan are struggling with her pregnancy, but he assures her they're "going to be great parents." Callie laughs and turns him down when he suggests they get married. He suddenly realizes he doesn't know what he's going to tell Lexie. Callie then walks over to Arizona, who is upset that Callie slept with someone else, especially a man. Callie tells her she didn't plan it, but now she has to plan and she can't wait for Arizona to process it, but she wants her to be part of her plan. Arizona says she's in, but she's still "so mad" at Callie, so she'll need a minute.

The chief and Lexie are operating while interns are all fiddling with their smartphones. The chief tells them to put their texting devices away but one of them tells the chief they aren't texting; they're actually following Bailey's toupee procedure in another O.R., so they're following it on Twitter.

"Twitter? What the hell is a Twitter?" the chief asks.

Avery and Cristina want in on a procedure Teddy has coming up. She doesn't want them to annoy her.

Lexie wants to cook Sloan dinner and he doesn't want to tell her about Callie's baby until after dinner. Callie offers Sloan a chance to be "the cool uncle" and he gets upset, insisting he's not the cool uncle -- he's the dad. Callie tells him to tell Lexie and "not wait until this kid comes out looking all Sloany."

Derek tries to convince Meredith he hadn't started his clinical trial, but when Alex comes up and tells him about one of the patients, Meredith realizes it's started. She's upset that Derek picked Alex and that she wasn't given a chance to take part.

Derek talks to another patient whose wife is asking if the medication might reverse the effects of his Alzheimer's.
Derek tries to say it might, but Alex tries to tell the woman that it's unlikely. Afterward, Derek tells Alex that in a clinical trial he should paint a rosier picture because it might lead to the man's wife giving her husband better care and increase his chances for success.

The chief finds Bailey and talks to her about "broadcasting surgeries." She says the patients sign a release. She justifies it as a great teaching tool, but he says it's "lawyer bait." She tells him he'd support it if he understood it. He tries to insist he understands it, but finally admits he doesn't and that he'll look into this "Tweeter thing."

Arizona tells Teddy about Callie's pregnancy and that Sloan is the baby. She wants Teddy to tell her something "that will make me want to have Callie's kid with Mark." Arizona acknowledges that at least Mark has "good genes", saying that he is pretty and smart.

Callie is in with her obstetrician who's young and brusk. Callie is worried that her bleeding is a bad sign, but the doctor tells her it's normal.

Avery and Cristina continue trying to get in on Teddy's quadruple bypass surgery by schmoozing with the patient. Cristina holds the woman's hand and Avery gives the elderly woman his cell phone number in case she needs anything urgently.

Alex is rubbing in Meredith's face the fact that he's working on Derek's trial when the patient, Mr. Cobb, starts shouting about how he wants his wife, Victoria. His wife, whose name is Allison, is in the room and he's insisting she isn't his wife. Meredith comes in to calm the situation, telling Mr. Cobb she'll go find Victoria. She then asks his wife who Victoria is, and she says, "Victoria is the woman he loves."

Victoria sits with Mr. Cobb in his room while Mrs. Cobb and Victoria's husband watch from outside with the doctors. She explains that Mr. Cobb and Victoria fell in love at a home they were both in. Ben, Victoria's husband, says Victoria has vascular dementia, which gives her similar symptoms to Alzheimer's. When she's lucid, she knows he's her husband. When she isn't, all he hears about Daniel all the time. Ben asks if there's any chance his wife could join the trial, but Derek says she can't because it's only for Alzheimer's dementia. Then they watch Victoria and Mr. Cobb kiss.

Bailey preps for her next surgery and Lexie wants to tweet it, but Bailey says the chief won't let them. Lexie makes a passionate speech about how med students from around the world to want to know what happens next. Bailey agrees the man would never know.

Sloan tells Derek that Callie is having his baby. He tells Derek he doesn't want to be the cool uncle. He also wants Lexie. Derek is mostly upset that he and Meredith have been trying for months and Sloan just looked at someone and a baby appeared. Callie, meanwhile, hasn't left the OB's exam room. Callie is paranoid and doesn't want to take a chance that anything is wrong with the baby. Sloan talks the OB into a taking a culture.

Allison, Mr. Cobb's wife, tells Alex about how her husband finally worked up the nerve to ask her out 40 years ago. She then pleaded with Alex to give her husband the drug. He tries to explain it's completely random. She pleads some more and cries, saying she needs to have her husband back.

Alex tells Meredith how much the trial "already blows." She tells him a story about how she had to talk to her mom about how she (her mom) thought she had herpes. Ellis thought Meredith was her friend from college, so Meredith sat through two hours of uncomfortable conversation. She did what she could to be there in the moment.

Cristina's patient is worried about the risk of surgery. Cristina talks her into not giving up on herself. The woman asks Cristina if she'll be there. Cristina says she'll be there "every step of the way." Avery sees this and confronts Cristina, who says not everything she does is about competition.

Sloan gets a "911" page and it's from Callie. He gets back to the OB's exam room and yells at Callie, saying she can't page him "911" if it's not a real emergency. Callie cries and says she isn't sure Arizona will stick around. She says she doesn't want the baby to be a disaster, like everything else in her life. Sloan hugs her.

Cristina and Avery get to Teddy one more time about who should assist on her surgery. Avery says he's been practicing for a month and Cristina says "some of us don't need practice." Suddenly, Avery admits Cristina has more experience than him, but notes that Cristina hasn't "logged much time in the O.R. lately." Cristina says nothing and walks away. Teddy asks if he's really "that insecure" that he had to "go there." Avery says he isn't, he's "just that much of an idiot."

Hunt catches the chief "looking for Bailey's teets on the Internet." Hunt assures him he's trying to say "tweets" and tells him the distinction is important. Hunt pulls up Bailey's Twitter page and says she's tweeting a surgery right now. The chief gets upset and goes into the O.R. to demand Bailey stop tweeting. The patient begins to hemorrhage and Lexie keeps tweeting while Bailey explains what's happening.

Bailey and the chief struggle with what to do with the patient. Lexie says someone from Walter Reed is suggesting something on Twitter. The chief says they don't usually do the procedure on trauma patients, and even if they wanted to they can't do it because they don't have the equipment. Someone from a nearby hospital tweets that they have the equipment. Bailey says she's going to take the patient's pancreas to the hospital in Tacoma by helicopter and be back in 90 minutes.

Avery admits to Meredith that he upset Cristina by bringing up how she flamed out. When he opens the door to the locker room, Cristina appears to be sobbing and says, "I want Owen." Meredith tells Avery to go get Hunt. As soon as he's gone, Cristina reveals she was faking it all and that Hunt is at the dentist, so Avery will have a hard time finding him. She says she's going to be doing the surgery while Avery looks for Hunt. Meredith says she's evil, but Cristina smiles and says "he started it."

Callie's OB brings in the biggest, strongest machine she's got to try to find the baby's heartbeat despite the fact that it's extremely rare to get one that early.

Lexie tells the chief, while they're waiting for Bailey, that a student from Hopkins is asking on Twitter why the procedure isn't normally done on trauma patients. The chief begrudgingly explains why. Another student from Emory asks about another part of the process. The chief answers. Lexie then passes on a message from a former student of the chief's, who says "it's a pleasure to be scrubbing in with you again, sir." The chief is surprised to hear from the former student.

Cristina is working on the graft as Avery scrambles into the O.R. and realizes he's late. The chief, meanwhile, is excitedly answering questions from students on Twitter, but can't think of a trick Ellis once taught him. Derek is working on Mr. Cobb. Bailey returns with the pancreas. Callie, Arizona and Sloan await the baby's heartbeat and finally get to hear it.

Alex asks for the envelope for Mr. Cobb and sees that he's due to receive the placebo. Derek injects it while Alex watches.

After the surgery, Mr. Cobb wakes up and asks where Victoria is. He wants to see her. Mrs. Cobb stands up and Alex tells her that her husband needs her help. She turns and tells her husband she's going to try to get Victoria there as soon as she can. He thanks her.

Derek pulls Alex outside to compliment him on how he calmed Mrs. Cobb down. Alex says he needs to get off the trial because it's too depressing. Alex says he was only able to handle it because Meredith has been walking him through it all. He tells Derek to get over his hang up about Meredith working on the trial. He then tells Derek he's in the running for chief resident and he'd like it if Derek mentions to the chief that he put the patient's needs above his own personal gain.

Bailey comes in with an update on the pancreas patient for the chief. He's busy looking through Ellis' journals for the answer to the Twitter question. He finally finds it and tells Bailey to tweet it to everyone the next day, when she's tweeting her next surgery.

Arizona is getting Callie's space ready in their apartment. Callie resists at first, but Arizona tells her she doesn't get to decide that. She then tells Callie to sit down because they're having a baby. They kiss and do some more stuff that we don't see.

Lexie is cooking and says she's using tarragon because it'll make it seem like she knows what she's doing. Sloan suddenly tells Lexie that Callie's pregnant. At first she's excited for Callie and Arizona but she starts to wonder how it happened so soon after Arizona returned. Then she realizes that Sloan is the dad. She yells at him about getting her into this position twice. She says he's "unbelievable" and walks out.

At the hospital, Derek tells Meredith his next Alzheimer's surgery is the following morning and she should put her name on the board.

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