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Airdate: May 15, 2006

Recap of Events:

Preston Burke has been shot in the pit and is being assisted by Miranda Bailey. Izzie Stevens has just cut the LVAD wire on Denny Duquette, and George O'Malley wants to call a code to save him, but Izzie attacks him to stop him. She wants him to either leave or help her. Cristina Yang is in the Emergency Room wondering what's happening, but Chief Richard Webber distracts her by putting her in charge of Trauma 2. The shooter is brought in, and the trauma residents are shocked when the find out she's in charge.

Burke is in another trauma room where he is a bit delirious, and so they page Derek Shepherd. Sure enough, Cristina figures out that Burke was shot and so does everything she can to save the shooter. Alex Karev is still with the second heart donor with Erica Hahn becoming even more impatient. Burke is unable to squeeze his fingers at Derek's command. Cristina comes to comfort him, and he tells her to check on Denny.

Addison Shepherd is called into the ER where the Chief's wife Adele Webber tells Addison that her niece Camille had passed out during sex, which is why she doesn't want the Chief involved. Meredith Grey and Cristina meet up with Izzie and George where Izzie is frantically asking for Burke, but Cristina reveals that he's been shot and isn't coming. The interns all start to panic and scream at each other until Meredith shuts everyone up and Denny awakens.

The Chief learns about Camille being admitted, and he's clearly uncomfortable hearing about his niece's sex life. He reveals to Addison that Camille has an ovary removed due to ovarian cancer some time ago. Addison asks her if she's had any symptoms, and Camille reveals she's been feeling sick for a while and was trying to deny that she had cancer. Adele and Addison reminisce about their first times, both recognizing that the first is never good. Adele asks Addison to save Camille so that she can experience good sex, but it seems the prognosis is bad.

Burke's x-rays reveal that the bullet may have hit a very dangerous patch of nerves, and Burke's lung collapses suddenly which requires Derek's swift intervention.

Izzie is manually pumping Denny's heart when she tells Cristina that she loves him, which Cristina thinks is ridiculous. Suddenly, Denny awakens and barely mutters "...marry me." Izzie begins to freak out a bit, until Denny starts to crash. Chief Webber has to kick out all the teenagers that arrive to see Camille, which angers her friends.

Burke is getting some motion in his hand but not a lot. He has to decide whether a very risky surgery is an option, because Derek is unsure how to proceed. Adele yells at Chief Webber for booting out all the teenagers, saying that he should twist the rules for her because she's been a very loyal wife even though he had an affair and became an alcoholic all those years ago. Derek marches into the attendings' lounge to find Chief Webber hiding there, where he is shocked that his wife knew about the affiar and reveals to Derek that it was with Ellis. Derek is also at an impasse, because he can't get perspective on being responsible for Burke's loss of hand function.

Bailey goes to visit Burke, asking him if he needs anything. He asks for Cristina, but then Bailey realizes that she hasn't seen her interns for some time. Burke clearly knows something. Meanwhile the interns are working on Denny and he goes into a complication that requires they temporarily stop his heart. Denny panics, but it ends up working. However, Bailey walks in and sees what they're up to, completely shocked. The interns save for Izzie all step back. Nurse Olivia is sent in to continue manually pumping the heart for Izzie, but Izzie won't let them touch her. Bailey brings the rest outside to ask them where their heads were as this went on. Bailey sends Cristina to Burke, George to get labs and takes Meredith away.

Cristina inspects Burke's films and scans, and he asks her to decide whether or not to go into surgery. Cristina is having trouble with everything, and makes an excuse to leave him there. She goes to an on-call room to get some air.

Bailey talks to Denny, who tries to take the blame for everything. Izzie talks back to Bailey and demands she make the call for the heart, and Bailey gets irate and makes Nurse Olivia take over the heart pump, telling Izzie that she is no longer a doctor. She asks the Chief what she should do hypothetically speaking. He says to get the heart, but to give the names of the people responsible so they can be severely punished.

Erica Hahn has taken the heart from the donor and is going to take it to her hospital when Alex stops her, revealing that UNOS has granted the heart to Denny. Alex invites Hahn to Seattle Grace to do the surgery while Burke is recovering. Izzie sees Denny off to the OR while Burke agrees to surgery with Derek. However, in Burke's surgery something goes wrong and it looks like Burke's arm might have become paralyzed, and Burke needs to be awakened to know for sure.

The interns are having a sort of time-out under the surgery board, and the Chief invites Cristina to the OR. Izzie asks once again if Denny asked her to marry him, which George and Meredith think he did. Izzie leaves to sneak into the gallery. In the OR, Cristina is asked to keep Burke focussed while they wake him up. While alone, Meredith tells George that she's glad he's not angry at her, and for a moment it seems like he still is but he tells her to stop being sorry because he knew better and she didn't.
When Burke awakens in the OR, he panics, choking on the tubing and struggling. Derek and Chief Webber scream at her to calm him down but she just turns around, unable to watch.

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