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Airdate: May 7, 2006

Recap of Events:

At Finn Dandridge's home, he is cooking breakfast for Meredith Grey. He says that she should stop acting hurt and damaged, to which she says she isn't, but he catches her in a lie when he asks about her exes and her family. She goes to her house and talks about it with Izzie Stevens. However, Callie Torres randomly enters the bathroom naked, does her business and leaves with Meredith and Izzie standing there. They laugh about how strange it was, especially how she didn't wash her hands.

Izzie talks about it with George O'Malley, saying that she crossed a line. Alex Karev calls her a hypocrite for seeing a patient. Cristina Yang turns out to be the most cheerful as she was in surgery earlier. Derek Shepherd, in a rather angry mood, doesn't feel like speaking to Meredith. Suddenly, a family of four is brought in after their car was hit on the road. A southern pregnant woman, her parents and her husband are all admitted. The four are a very loud bunch, but clearly very close. Miranda Bailey calls it a "hillbilly picnic". The driver of the car that hit them is admitted and the father wants to harm him, but he's pretty banged up.

The driver's name is Marshall, and it's revealed he is an intern at Mercy West, a rival hospital. Derek orders a CT scan, and Meredith tests Marshall's memory and it's shown it's not doing well.

The father, called Big Jim and the mother, Betty, are both discharged with minor injuries. Addison Shepherd comes in and reminds Alex that he's on her service, so he is sent to work on the pregnant daughter, Melanie. Meanwhile, Marshall starts to read his own chart to figure out why he crashed his car. Callie enters, and George asks her if she washed her hands because of what Izzie has been saying. She pops Marshall's joins back into place and Derek yells at Meredith because a CT has not yet been done.

Cristina goes to talk to Preston Burke, and it's revealed that earlier that day Cristina had fallen asleep during sex. Burke is clearly very offended, but Cristina is trying to say that she was tired from a surgery. She insists she's a surgeon first just like him, but he says that he is a person first, surgeon second. Meanwhile, Izzie sees that Denny Duquette has fallen over fatigued in the hospital hallways. He is angry that he is bedridden once again, but Burke wants him to understand that he needs to be more careful. Izzie asks Burke what they can do to help him, but Burke sadly admits that there's not much they can do about his hurt pride and spirit.

In the CT scan, Bailey, Alex and Cristina are shocked at all the damage to Melanie's organs. Just as they announce their intention to warn every surgeon on staff, Melanie crashes inside the machine.

Callie goes to speak to George, but he's upset by something. He goes into the room of Melanie's parents and husband, Noah. He explains to the three of them that Melanie was incredibly hurt from the crash and the only reason she seemed so fine when she came in was because of adrenaline. She is rushed to emergency surgery, where all the doctors try to save her and her baby. The attendings begin to realize they need to do "damage control", which means they need to act as fast as possible before the patient can be declared legally dead. Before this can happen, all the surgeons are ordered to stop what they are doing so they can wrap her in plastic and see if she survives.

Elsewhere, Meredith is speaking to Marshall, where he says that he had scrubbed in on a twelve-hour surgery. He is incredibly sad that his work in the OR might have led to him falling asleep at the wheel and killing a pregnant woman. Meredith tells the CT supervisor that she needs a moment, but when she turns around Marshall is gone. He escapes into the OR gallery to watch them work on Melanie. When Derek sees this, he finds Meredith and yells at her once again, telling her to take responsibility for her actions. He storms off, and for a moment he looks apologetic, but he leaves.

Izzie is trying to comfort Denny in his room, and he yells at her because there's no way she can understand how it feels to be a man trapped in a bed. He says that she should have let him go.

Addison and Bailey tell Big Jim and Betty about what's happening with Melanie. Essentially, she will die if she goes into surgery too soon, but she will also die if she's taken in too late. It's a huge risk, and Bailey tells Cristina to watch her. Addison tells Alex to watch the baby; he doesn't like it, but she demands it.

George tells Izzie that Callie is looking for her, but Izzie doesn't really want to work with her because of the whole hand-washing thing. George goes to tell Callie, but she becomes angry with George taking Izzie's side. Noah overheard this, and asks George what's up. He tells the story about how he met Melanie and married her and how everyone thought he was crazy for marrying a southern belle so fast, but he loves her. He begins to get upset over the danger she's in. George then tells Noah about the hand-washing thing, and Noah hopes it isn't true since she just gave him a cast.

Meredith gets the CT for Marshall, and Derek says that his earlier memory loss was likely a result of a bad concussion. Marshall wants to apologize to the family, but Derek tells him to get some rest. Meredith chases him down in the stairwell and Derek says that Meredith is getting around. He suggests she sleep with Alex next. Meredith then grabs him and tells him that all her current problems are his fault because he chose Addison. Derek tells her that their friendship is over and storms off. Meredith concurs this conclusion, and cries.

The surgeons are standing over Melanie and trying to decide what to do. Betty is sitting to the side and asks them not to whisper, because she is her mother and should be involved with the decision, even if she doesn't have an answer. Out loud, Bailey suggests they go to the OR, and they do so. Each surgeon continues working on Melanie, but she begins to crash. Alex sees that they are losing the baby, and tries to fetch Addison but she's too busy. He rushes back and realizes he needs to deliver the baby. Bailey walks him through it and they manage to get the baby out, but it isn't breathing. Melanie is declared dead just as Addison arrives and Alex revives the baby.

Meanwhile, George is keeping an eye on the family, and Meredith asks George if Marshall can come an apologize seeing as he's one of them. George brings Big Jim to see Marshall, who apologizes profusely. At first, it appears as though Big Jim wants to strangle Marshall, but he instead puts his hand on his shoulder and accepts the apology. Marshall begins to cry. Meredith and George are clearly moved by this.

Izzie goes to Denny's room and lies in bed with him. He makes a few lewd suggestions to which they both laugh. At Burke's apartment, it's clear that Burke has not forgiven Cristina. Noah visits his baby, and Addison congratulates Alex. Meredith is in the locker room, and George speaks to her for the first time in a while. George visits Callie, who insists that she had left the bathroom and washed her hands in the kitchen because she was embarrassed by being naked in front of them (she didn't know they were home). She tells George that he needs to stick up for her.

Meredith is at Finn's home while he is cooking. She says that she thinks a relationship with him would be a mistake, and that she really is damaged. Finn reveals that his mother died of cancer when he was ten and his father became a morbid alcoholic, and that he is a widower. So he's just as damaged as she is, and so they kiss.

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