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02.01 Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head"You know what happens to pregnant interns. I'm not switching to vagina squad or spending my life popping zits. I'm too talented. Surgery is my life."
02.02 Enough is Enough"When you're feeling emotional... sometimes it's hard to keep a level head and consider all the facts."
02.04 Deny, Deny, DenyCristina: "Will you get me a latte?"
Mother: "A non-fat one?"
Cristina: "No, a FAT one!"
02.04 Deny, Deny, DenyMale Nurse: "I'm telling your intern on you."
Cristina: "Meredith?"
Male Nurse: "Yeah."
Cristina: "Ooh, I'm so scared!"
02.04 Deny, Deny, DenyAlex: "Nice panties, Yang!"
Cristina: "In your dreams, Evil Spawn!"
02.08 Let it BeCristina: "I've already spent an hour picking bird parts out of this guy. I'm over it."
George: "Carpe diem."
Meredith: "Right, you and my forehead. I'm beginning to look how I feel. Carpe that."
George: "This is the luckiest day in the world!"
Cristina: "Tell that to the bird."
02.08 Let it Be"I'm so hot! I can do hot in my sleep! I can do hot in scrubs!"
02.08 Let it BePreston: "Dr. Yang, you're handling the saw."
Cristina: "You won't let me pick the wine, but this you'll let me do?"
02.12 Grandma Got Run Over by a ReindeerCristina: "I am a 55 year old man. I'm nauseous and I can't stop throwing up."
Alex: "Forget it, alright. I didn't ask for anybody's help."
Cristina: "Look, evil spawn, you can nurse your pride -- the key word being nurse -- or you can pass your test and be a doctor. Up to you." Alex: "Any abdominal pain?"
Cristina: "Yes, from my giant fat belly all the way to my back. Oh, and I'm drunk. Hiccup. Hiccup."
02.12 Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer"I think you should decide to live. Live so you can become a doctor, and you can find a way to do heart transplants without someone having to die. Live so you can grow up and have kids and raise them not to believe in Santa. That would piss your mom off. Just decide to live. Because in your case, dying really isn't the best revenge."
02.14 Tell Me Sweet Little Lies"George, if you're sick of bad things happening to you, stop putting up with it and demand better."
02.14 Tell Me Sweet Little LiesCristina: "We're in an elevator. That's your specialty, right? McDreamy moments in the elevator?"
Derek: "Dr. Yang-"
Cristina: "You know what? For just a moment, I’m not Dr. Yang and you’re not Dr. Shepherd. You’re the guy who screwed up my friend. The guy who drove her to get a dog she can't keep, the dog she only got because her boyfriend lied to her about his wife."
Derek: "I never lied to her."
Cristina: "Yes you are. You know, I know a liar when I see one because I am a liar."
02.15 Break on ThroughCristina: "Uhh... Sydney? I just wanted to... uhhh ... um... apol... apologoshigize for... you know...overstepping... uh... sorry..."
Sydney: "Well, now there's the compassion I was looking for! Apology accepted. Okay, you wanna hug it out?"
02.16 It's the End of the WorldCristina: "What've you got?"
Meredith: "Bomb in a body cavity."
Cristina: "Man! All I have is Bailey's husband's open brain."
02.24 Damage CaseCristina: "People! What's with all the evil misery, huh? Live and let live."
George: "You're cheerful."
Izzie: "You are. How is that possible?"
Cristina: "I scrubbed in on a four-hour esophageal surgery last night, then I got laid. And now, three ambulances are coming in full of bloody, broken car crash victims, all who need to be cut open. So I'm cheery, I'm cheery, I am so cheery! Cheery! I'm cheerful!"
02.25 17 SecondsCristina: "He's picturing my face. He is totally picturing that dart puncturing my skull. Wooo, look at that."
Izzie: [to Meredith] "Derek... Derek is picturing you."
Meredith: "He called me a whore. He lost the right to picture me."
Cristina: "So I fall asleep during sex. So what? Ass!"
Meredith: "Ass!"
02.26 Deterioration of the Fight or Flight Response"Okay... That was my best supportive girlfriend and you kinda ruined it with medicine. But it's okay."
02.27 Losing My ReligionCristina: "How do you keep your edge, sir? Because I've watched you and you've been doing this a long time and you're clean, you're focused, you are the job. Nothing gets to you. And the thing is sir, I was like that, until I got here. Until I actually started doing this job and now everything is... is fuzzy and-"
Richard: "That’s beside the point."
Cristina: "No, you see sir, this is the point. Because I can't tell you. I can't tell you what happened in that room. And before, I could have. No guilt, no loyalties, no problem. Before, before I wouldn't have even been in that room. I wouldn't have gotten involved. I would have never frozen in surgery. I would have told him what I thought he should do. I had an edge sir. I had an edge and I've lost it, and I need it. I need it back. So, if you could just tell me, how you keep yours and how not to be affected, I know I could be a great surgeon. So if you could just give me the answers, I would really appreciate it."
Richard: "You're excused, Dr. Yang."
Cristina: "But-"
Richard: "You're excused. Go."
Cristina: "I'll tell you, I'll tell you who cut the LVAD wires if you'll please-"
Richard: "No you won't, I don't wanna know. Not from you. Yeah, I have the answers, but I can't tell them to you. I'm not going to be responsible for you becoming less human."

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