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Character on Grey's Anatomy: Chyler Leigh
Dr. Lexie Grey
Photos of"Little Chyler LeighGrey"

April 10, 1982

Hails from:
Born in Charlotte, North Carolina

Currently lives:
Los Angeles

Relationships and family:
Married, two children (son Noah Wilde - 5 andChyler daughterLeigh Taelyn,married 2)Husband:actoractor Nathan West (married since 2002)3rd pregnancy was announced on December 29, 2008; she is 4in months2002. pregnantThe atcouple thehave time3 ofchildren thistogether. announcement.A Noson, dueNoah dateWilde, isborn given.Babyin Announcement: Leigh,December 27,2003, and her husband, actor Nathan West, 30, welcomed their baby girl2 thisdaughters, afternoon. The actress'Taelyn repLeigh, saidborn in a statement: "BothSeptember mother2006 and child are healthy." Little Anniston Kay, who weighed 7 lbs., 1 oz., joins Noah Wilde, 5,Kae andborn Taelynin Leigh,May 2.2009.

Acting credits (movies, television,television, stage)

Movies Television Stage

Not Another Teen Movie-JaneyMovie as Janey Briggs
Reunion-CarlaReunion as Carla Noll (12 episodes)
Marilyn Manson's Tainted Love Music Video

Kickboxing Academy-CindyAcademy as Cindy
The Practice-ClairePractice as Claire Wyatt (8 episodes)

That 80's Show-JuneShow as June Tuesday (13 episodes)

North Shore-KateShore as Kate Spangler (1 episode)

Girls Club-SarahClub as Sarah Mickle (?(9 episodes)

7th Heaven-FrankieHeaven as Frankie (3 episodes)

M.Y.O.B.-?M.Y.O.B. as Unknown (1 episode)

Wilder Days-RipDays as Rip (? episodes)

Safe Harbor-JamieHarbor (?as Jamie (10 episodes)

Saving Graces-GraceGraces as Grace (? episodes)

Kinetic City Super Crew-?Crew as Unknown (? episodes)

Hall Pass-Co-HostPass as a Co-Host

Hobbies/Pets:Hobbies: Cooking. Chyler said while living in Alaska,"When it gets that cold, you take on hobbies like cooking."

Best quote: "With number three coming, you get more confident as a mom. The third time around you know what to expect. It's like calm mom, calm baby."

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