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Grey's Anatomy Catch Me up

Episode 7:04


Airdate: October 14, 2010

Recap of Events:

April, Avery, Alex and Lexie are all getting ready in Meredith's bathroom. Arizona and Callie are getting some morning smooching in when Sloan interrupts them so he can take Callie for a workout. He lets them finish. Hunt and Cristina are looking at houses, including a cool, old fire station that needs a lot of work. Cristina's not into it.

Meredith and Derek meet with a fertility doctor, who says, "We have some things to discuss here." Meredith's uterus is apparently "hostile." This bothers Meredith.

The chief tells Bailey that bariatric centers are among the most money-making areas in hospital across the country, and he wonders why Seattle Grace doesn't have one. It's because of space limitations. Bailey starts to defend the Denny Duquette Memorial Clinic. The chief says they need to make money.

Lexie wants April and Avery out of the house. She finds April annoying. Cristina, meanwhile, is taking baby steps -- including calling Hunt her husband. But she isn't yet ready to race toward an ambulance that is coming in with multiple traumas.

Arizona asks Teddy to start sleeping with Sloan again. Teddy talks about how Avery is her new resident and he's making a bunch of rookie mistakes. "At least he's nice to look at," Arizona says. Teddy agrees. They don't notice that Avery and Alex are standing behind them, and Alex tells Avery, "You just got called a dumb blonde." April treats an older woman who accidentally drove her car into a laundromat. Her husband was inside and she's worried about him. She sees him wheeled by her bed and panics.

Meredith treats another woman who was in the laundromat, who is frustrated that her injuries could wipe out her trip to Brazil. She's perfected her Brazilian accent, but the first thing she learned to say was "Do you have a condom?" She tells Meredith she's not "a slut," she has Huntington's Disease. She says she can live with the fact that she's going to die, but not while doing laundry.

A kid named Jake is being treated for bone cancer. He's a dancer and wants to know how long it will be before he can dance again.

Bailey treats a biology researcher who claims he's working on a cure for asthma. He throws up, but doesn't want Cristina to throw the vomit away because it contains what might be his cure. It's a worm.

He tells Bailey he's had the worm inside him for 343 days and hasn't had an asthma attack in six months. Bailey sees a bowel obstruction and suggests surgery. He resists, saying it will disrupt his research if she cuts him open. She agrees to try a different method, but only for a few hours. If it doesn't work, she will operate.

Sloan tells Callie and Arizona he got reservations at a ritzy sushi restaurant. Arizona doesn't want to go.

Avery and Meredith give their takes on what the Huntington's patient needs. Avery's suggestion is not right and Meredith's is. Teddy asks Meredith to scrub in. Avery looks dejected, but the woman asks if he can be by her bedside. Teddy says that's what every woman in the hospital wants. Later, Avery charms his way into the surgery.

Lexie and April have a little run-in and Lexie asks April if she's staying in the house. April suggests a "chore wheel," which Lexie thinks Meredith won't like. Meredith does like the idea, and Lexie realizes that April and Meredith have some secret connection.

Jake, the dancer, is worried that the scans suggest he'll need his leg cut off. He shouts at Alex about how he needs his leg. He asks Alex to let him show him, then he dances as all the doctors and Jake's parents watch. His dad is proud. He asks the doctors to build him a leg "that'll let me do that."

April joins Meredith and Cristina for lunch on the gurney. Lexie shows up and is upset to learn that April knew about Meredith's trip to the O.B. Alex shows up and asks if the doctors have any ideas for saving the dancing kid's leg. April suggests a procedure she's heard of that involves taking a cadaver bone and transplanting it.

Hunt calls Cristina to talk real estate. She's not into it.

Callie gets Arizona to admit that she doesn't really like Mark. Alex, meanwhile, finds what he thinks is a solution to the leg problem.

Cristina tells a nurse to prep an O.R. and the asthma worm guy protests again. He begs Cristina to save the worms. He says he worked in research institutions before, but he was "dead inside." Now he knows what he wants to do with his life.

Meredith's Huntington's patient has a spastic hand, and Meredith learns that the woman hasn't told her doctors about her condition. The woman says she knows how the disease plays out because she saw her mother die of it. The woman said, "Screw going to the doctor, I'm going to Brazil."

Meredith goes to the chief and asks him if her mother ever tried to tell him about the Alzheimer's. He, meanwhile, is asking Meredith if she likes the idea of Derek's face on a billboard. He says he can't recall her mom giving any hints about her condition, and Meredith tells him she'd never go to a hospital that puts its doctors on billboards.

Bailey asks Cristina to scrub in, only to observe. Cristina says she's not ready, but thanks Bailey for asking.

Callie explains the leg procedure to Jake and his parents. They take out the leg bone, treat it with high radiation and put it back in 30 minutes later. It's only been done a few times in the world. Jake asks Alex what he would do. Alex says that if it were his arm and he couldn't operate anymore, "I'd do everything I could to keep it."

The cops were waiting to talk to the lady who drove into the laundromat. She was worried the cops would arrest her. Lexie decided to do a test to see if the woman fainted before the crash or after. April, who ranks higher than Lexie, wasn't in agreement, but Lexie snapped back at her, saying she was going to run the test.

Teddy and Meredith chat while they're operating on the Huntington's patient. Avery looks at Teddy with his dreamy eyes and asks if he can try doing the repair. Teddy hesitates for a moment and decides not to let him.

The asthma patient's surgery goes wrong and Bailey asks for suction. Cristina comes in and tells Bailey that suction will ruin the man's research. Bailey says she's more worried about his life, and Cristina watches as the worms are sucked into a beaker full of fluids.

Callie and Arizona preside over their very delicate surgery, but figure that's the time to have a little chat about how Arizona doesn't like Mark. Callie says she never gave Mark a chance, then proceeds to relate the dancing kid's life story to the Callie-Mark-Arizona situation. She says Jake's dad probably wasn't wild about his kid dancing. Arizona says Mark stares at her boobs. Alex takes the cut piece of bone and asks if he can leave.

Lexie tells the laundromat woman that she'll hold off the police for a bit so she can spend some time with her husband. The woman then proceeds to explain that her husband left her three months ago and that he's been living with a woman named Kimmy, who sings in their church choir. That morning, she saw his car in the laundromat parking lot and pulled over. She says he was inside "folding a pair of hot pink panties -- doing her laundry. She wasn't even there." She says the next she knows, her car was inside the laundromat. She then pulls the "doctor-patient confidentiality" rule on April and Lexie. They explain that the rule only applies to medicine, and that she's confusing medical rules with legal ones for lawyers.

Teddy walks in on Avery as he's taking off his shirt in the locker room. He tries to use his manly muscles to charm her, but she grills him about the procedure she's going to do the next day. He explains how it works. She's relieved that he's "more than the pretty face you make yourself out to be." She says she should have him fired for his blatant flirting.

"I'm not going to do that this time," she says, telling him to put his shirt on and finish his post-op work. Cristina is trying to save the asthma patient's worms when Meredith comes in and asks her to draw some blood. She wants to test herself for the Alzheimer's gene.

Meredith brings medicine for the Huntington's patient that should help her hand. She makes her promise to go to the doctor when she returns from Brazil.

Bailey tells the asthma patient he'll be fine as long as he quits the worms. After she leaves, Cristina gives the man what she could salvage of his worms. He asks Cristina how long it will be before his bowel is healed. She tells him that if he tries his experiments again he could die, but he tells her that he'll do it anyway, saying that once you find something you love you shouldn't let it go. "You hold onto it, throw yourself in deeper," he says.

Alex tells Arizona that Sloan isn't such a bad guy because he saved Alex's life even when Alex was sleeping with Sloan's girl.

Lexie tells Meredith that she's been mean to April all day because she felt like Meredith was getting closer to April that her. Lexie says she's relating to the woman who drove into the laundromat. Meredith explains to Lexie that she had a miscarriage the day of the shooting and April was there, which is why she knows about the O.B. She also Lexie that she wasn't alone when she was in the psych ward, and that she (Meredith) slept by her side for 36 hours. She tells Lexie she's not crazy, but a Grey.

Arizona goes out with Mark.

That night, the boys and girls are jockeying for position in the bathroom again. Lexie kicks the boys out and faces April. Lexie tells April she can keep her bedroom in the house, "but if you put up a freakin' chore wheel, I'll kill you." Meredith tells Derek she's getting tested for Alzheimer's. He says he doesn't want to know because it doesn't matter. "Let's just live," he says. "Whatever happens happens."

Hunt finds Cristina at the fire station and she pops champagne, telling him she bought it. She says she doesn't care where they live and if he loves it, they can live there, because she loves him.


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