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Airdate: April 30, 2006

Recap of Events:

In the hospital basment, Callie Torres and George O'Malley are sleeping together. At Derek Shepherd's trailer, he and his wife Addison are having trouble having passionate sex. The vet clinic calls Derek and he answers, but Addison gets on the phone and tells Dr. Finn Dandridge to leave them so they can have more sex. However, Meredith Grey is the one on the line and she is clearly didn't enjoy hearing that. Finn comes in and asks Meredith why she's only a co-owner of the dog, Doc. Meredith explains that Derek is married and she is not, so Finn asks her out. Meredith becomes a bit of a bumbling idiot but insists she's not dating.

At the hospital's surgical board, Miranda Bailey wonders why she's not on anybody's service once again. Chief Richard Webber pats her on the back and says it's a slow day, but Bailey takes this as condescending. Preston Burke asks Bailey to take over the Denny Duquette case, which she accepts happily. Cristina Yang and George O'Malley speak to Burke, and it's revealed that a man named Eugene Foote- who is also one of Burke's musical idols- is being admitted. Cristina has no idea who that is, but George does. He asks George if he wants on the case but he's on Derek's service. Cristina then asks to be on the case.

Alex Karev discusses Finn with Meredith, but he's not interested in the least. Meredith then tells Cristina, and she insists that she can't date "McVet" simply because he's a vet. Addison needs an intern on her case, but when Alex makes a comment about not being interested in vagina-surgery, she gives it to him. The woman, Rose, is having her seventh child and wants it to be her last. She asks that Addison tie her tubes without her husband's knowledge. The surgery has to be in secret because if it's billed her husband will see it. He is a very religious man and thus does not support birth control. Alex does not like this, and Addison berates him for his mouthiness. Rose reveals that the only options she has that her husband will support is having more kids or celibacy, neither of which she can handle. She also says that Alex's insensitive behavior is exactly how her husband would treat her if she went on the pill.

During Rose's surgery, Addison cuts the tubes and tells Rose later that it was a complication. Alex mocks this "complication" but Addison tells him to keep quiet. Rose's husband asks Alex about this complication, and Alex tells him to get a lawyer. The husband goes to talk to the Chief, and when Addison goes to complain to the Chief about Alex, it's revealed that the hospital is probably going to be sued and the Chief wants to know why this complication happened. Addison confronts Rose and pleads with her to tell the truth, but she won't.

Bailey and Meredith go speak to Denny about his next operation, but then Izzie Stevens barges in to give advice, which makes Bailey suspicious. Denny is going to receive a special device that will enable him to be mobile. He wants to accept it, but Izzie had advised against it, and Bailey becomes angry when she realizes that Denny is considering Izzie's feelings in his decisions. Bailey asks Meredith what is going on between Izzie and Denny, but Meredith doesn't think it's anything more than flirting. She asks Izzie about it, and the relationship is denied. Meredith gives Izzie a warning about Bailey's suspicion. Bailey is further irritated when Chief Webber keeps looking over her shoulder. When they set up his new device he struggles with it; Chief Webber second guesses Bailey but she ends up pulling him through. Later on, Meredith asks Denny about his relationship with Izzie, and he insists that life is too short to follow rules. Bailey asks the Chief why he undermined her, and he says that it's not personal, it's just how things are.

In the elevator, Meredith laughs about Derek and Addison's unfortunate sex. She also tells Derek that Finn is wondering about them.

Burke begins working with Eugene Foote, who wants his pacemaker removed from his heart. His reasoning is that his pacemaker has changed his rhythm and it's messing with his music. Burke insists that they try a new setting on the pacemaker before any rash decisions are made. Foote plays his violin for Burke but insists that he is no longer as talented as he was before the pacemaker was applied. He understands the risks for the surgery but asks Burke to do it anyways. Burke doesn't want to do it, but Cristina thinks that it should be Burke, or else Foote could end up being operated on by a mediocre surgeon. In the operating room, Foote's music is played as he is put under. However, the surgery takes a turn for the worse and he ends up dying on the table. Burke listens to Foote's beautiful music one last time, solemnly.

Derek, Izzie and George have a neuro patient named Gwen is a rather irritating divorce lawyer who keeps commenting on Derek's marriage insisting that Izzie and George are a married couple. The woman has epilepsy in an unknown area of the brain, and Derek tells Izzie and George to somehow induce a seizure sooner rather than later because she is a pain in his neck. They begin researching extravagant ways to get her to seize. First, they try shoving a computer screen in her face and play videos and strobing lights. As they wait for her to have a seizure, they begin to talk about Callie. Then they start to feed her espresso shots and donuts to try and make her seize, and Gwen starts to talk about how she could never have donuts before, and the three have a merry time until Derek sees them having a bit too much fun. They then make Gwen play video games to make her seize. Izzie starts to ask George why he's irritable, and he says it's because he blames her for his misfortune with Meredith. Gwen becomes really interested in their drama, and as they get louder and angrier she finally seizes.

Meredith goes to the vet to meet Finn, and he is pleasantly surprised to see her. He has an errand to run, and she goes to join him; however, the errand is a horse birth. Meredith gladly helps him.

Derek tells Gwen about her surgical options, but she no longer wants to have it, realizing with the help of Izzie and George that she needs to have more fun with her life. She explains that her job was likely the reason she seized in the first place, and that she wants to start over. If her seizures get worse, she'll have the surgery, but for now she just wants to live. Later on, George speaks to Gwen and wishes her luck. She tells him that the kind of fighting going on between him and Izzie is something she sees all the time; she says that Izzie wants her friend back.

Meredith hangs around the vet clinic a bit more with Finn. He invites her home, but she doesn't like the idea. He says that he does not want to have sex with her, just give her a place to shower. At the hospital, Alex mocks Addison and so she puts him on her service indefinitely as punishment. Bailey catches Izzie and Denny in a loving embrace. Cristina comforts Burke, who talks about how Foote always thought of himself as disciplined rather than talented, something that Burke relates to.

Derek brings Doc to Finn's place because he is sick, and sees Meredith walk down the stairs fresh from the shower. He assumes they slept together and appears very angry. George and Callie go to Meredith's house and Izzie welcomes him home. Derek goes to his trailer where Addison is complaining about her day, but he invites her into the tight trailer shower for hot sex. She thanks him and they go about it.

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