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Grey's Anatomy Catch Me up

Blink Recap
Episode Recap6:11


Airdate: January 14, 2010
Author: mdashes

Recap of Events:

6.11 BlinkThe Chief watches videos of old operations with Meredith; apparently they've been doing that every night, to Derek's chagrin. Mer makes excuses for her mentor's absences.

At Mark and Lexie's, he asks her to do an ultrasound on Sloan, Mark's daughter barges in on the two of them. She then extracts $80 from Pops, which Lexie is forced to go to her neighbors for a shower. This time, she barges in on Arizona and Callie while they shower together (gratuitous much?). Lexie's having a bad day.

In voiceover, Mer's talking about how big changes tend to happen all of sudden, not slowly. In this context, we see Teddy assign Cristina to her first valve replacement; voila, she's a cardiac surgeon. Owen eyes Teddy skeptically -- he's not sure that Cristina's ready to fly solo.

While doing the ultrasound on Sloan, Lexie sees something that troubles her. She says they need to move to another machine and have someone else take a look.

Quarterback Tom Kates arrives in an ambulance and gets the VIP treatment. He and Derek know each other. His wife comes in with their baby; she's panicked and knows he took a bad hit. The QB tells her not to worry, but he's clearly concerned that this wasn't the usual bruising.

Mark, Lexie, Sloan and another doc take a look on a more detailed ultrasound and notice that amniotic bands are wrapped around the baby's limbs. Sloan freaks out that she "can't have a stumpy baby." Sloan brusquely dismisses the unidentified doc and steps outside to bark into his phone "Get me Addison Montgomery."

Addison steps off the elevator and jumps right back into the mix with the other docs, who are all working on the Tom Kates case. There's some tension between her and Derek, of course, and she pushes Derek to set up Bailey with a new guy.

Cristina meets her heart valve patient, Ruthie (played by the sister from "Roseanne"). She's a high-maintenance patient who immediate ticks off her many allergies to Cristina, while Teddy looks on, smirking. She also wants a pig valve, not a mechanical one, by the way.

Addison describes the options to Sloan -- they can operate on the baby in utero (risky), snip the amniotic bands, and all will be well. Or they can wait till the baby's born, and likely amputate his leg and fit him with a prosthesis when he's older. Oh, and Mark told his daughter that he slept with Addison ("we were bonding," he says). Sloan wants the operation, so Addison books an OR.

Reed's disappointed that the quarterback only had a concussion she tells Alex (this is flirtation for doctors). She asks him out for drinks "and you know" if he'll give her a surgery within earshot of Charles, whom you'll recall has a thing for Reed. He confronts her, while Meredith overhears all.

Derek is playing matchmaker for Bailey, to her chagrin. He introduces a new guy, Rob, who asks her to lunch. She launches into a none-to-friendly monologue: "I'm in the middle of a divorce, people call me 'The Nazi,' I spend 12 hours a day carving people up and I like it, I have a child, and I have no room for casual anything. I'm angry all the time and deeply confused because a lot of people have let me down recently, one of them was me." She continues to unload on the guy, who's been effectively -- very effectively -- dissuaded from dating the good doctor.

Derek checks on one of Bailey's patients, who was the gall bladder patient that the Chief almost killed. The patient doesn't realize that; he just thinks he's getting top-notch care, but Derek sees what happened.

Cristina tracks down Teddy, dismayed that her patient wants a pig valve, something she hasn't prepared for. Teddy is cool about the whole thing, saying she'll get two for the price of one.

Derek talks with Tom Kates about his concussion and the necessity to remove his spleen when suddenly he can't breathe. They give him oxygen and realize it's a panic attack. Just then his wife and child come to the room. Derek puts on his concerned face.

Meredith confronts Alex about his chat with Reed. She's concerned he's trading surgery for sex. Alex throws back that the same happened between her and Derek. "It may not feel like it, but you're still married," says Mer. She accuses him of being the "old Alex," sleeping with someone because he's angry and hurt.

To cover for the Chief's screw-up with the gall bladder patient, Bailey claims that she's had him come in frequently because she has a thing for him. Derek's incredulous. The guy's about as alluring as tapioca.

Now Cristina's heart patient has had yet another change of heart. She wants to consider the bovine valve and requests the Cristina bring her a sample of pig and cow valve's so she can tell which she likes better. This is a tall, tall order, but one that Cristina will reluctantly fill to get her surgery!

Derek runs into Richard and pressures him to do Tom Kates's spleenectomy. The Chief, under duress, says he'll do it.

In Sloan's surgery, Addison runs into a problem that has a 5% chance of having Sloan bleed out. Mark shuts down the surgery. As they're cleaning up, Addison chastises Mark for calling the shots in her OR and says he acted like a father. "Congratulations, you're a parent," she says.

In Tom Kates's surgery, Bailey scrubs in for the Chief, and it's completely obvious to Derek that she and Meredith are covering for the Chief. He's going to get to the bottom of this.

With pig and cow valves sitting in front of her, Ruthie can't make a decision; neither speaks to her. Cristina's lost her patience and forces her patient to make a decision. Pig it is!

Derek chats with Kates and pinpoints the reason for his panic attacks -- he's afraid to play. He thought he had a career-ending injury, and panicked when Derek said he could play the next season. Kates fesses up that since his son was born, he can't block out the fear on the field. He feels he can't retire two years into a pro career; he can't let down the fans.

Cristina performs her surgery, while the gallery looks on. Reed and Alex are flirting and Meredith butts in to point out that Alex is still married. Suddenly, the surgery goes bad and there's a bad bleeder that Cristina can't find. Teddy won't intervene and leaves Cristina to work it out on her own. Owen rushes into the OR and accuses Teddy of sitting on her hands because she's angry. With that, Cristina throws him out of the OR.

Derek and a sheepish-looking Callie tell Tom Kates he needs a knee replacement, something he's known since college. But this would take him out of the game completely, he say. "Exactly," Derek replies triumphantly.

The Chief goes over a video of a surgery Meredith's mother did. He's in awe of the woman who entered the OR a resident and left a legend. Meredith brings up Derek's worries, which the Chief dismisses.

Mark tells Sloan about his decision in surgery, and she violently disagrees with him. She says she can't have a "gimpy" kid because she's already hurt him enough -- no dad, slutty mom, he needs feet. Mark promises not to let anything happen to her, and Lexie says they should go to LA to have Addison do the surgery. Then Mark suggests she stay with him and Lexie after the baby's born. "We can figure it all out together," he says, though he obviously hasn't consulted Lexie.

Callie performs the knee surgery on Kates while Alex and Reed assist and moan about not performing surgeries. Callie's upset that they're taking out the best quarterback Seattle's ever seen, but Derek assures her, "He was out of it long ago."

Teddy and Owen discuss Cristina's surgery, and she insists she would have stepped in but Cristina needs to be pushed.

After their surgery, Alex tells Reed he doesn't trade surgery for sex. "If you want sex, ask for it," he says.

Mark apologizes to Lexie for not consulting her about asking Sloan to move in with them. He was so sure it was the right thing because of Lexie, he says. Lexie's not ready for all this. Mark doesn't want to choose between the two women, because he'll choose Sloan. "Our relationship just ended," says Lexie, and kisses Mark goodbye.

In a swirl of end-of-the-hour drama, Derek presses Meredith about what's going on with the Chief, and she finally admits he's drinking again; Alex returns to Mer's house to find a drunk Lexie, and they make out; and Owen tells Cristina that Teddy's leaving Seattle. Cristina chases her down and begs her stay, saying she'll get her anything she wants, anything. "I want Owen," admits Teddy. "Then take him," says Cristina desperately.

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