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Grey's Anatomy Catch Me up



Airdate: February 12, 2006

Recap of Events:

The episode begins with clips from the previous episode, giving those who didn't watch it a clue as to what will be going on.

Dr. Bailey is in labor, and is still refusing to give birth. George helps her out by giving her a little motivation, and ultimately holding her while she delivers the baby.

Izzie and Alex have some more love-making.

Chief Webber is under a lot of stress from everything that's been going on, and it is believed that he had a heart attack. However, it proves to be just an anxiety attack, and he is up and about by the end of the episode.

Bailey's husband survives, after going into
cardiac arrest.arrest and Derek pounding on his chest.

Meredith removes the explosive device from the patient and gives it to the guy from the bomb squad removesand ithe andslowly leaves the with it. Shortly after leaving, he and another member of the squad are killed, when the bomb explodes, and Meredith, who followed the bomb squad officer into the hall, is knocked unconscious.

There is a revival of the "shower scene" from the first part, but with a more serious tone. The fully clothed Izzie and Cristina wash blood off the stunned Meredith. The man who had the explosive embedded in his body also survived. Cristina said an "I love you too" to an asleep Preston.

Derek and Preston become friends and call each other by there first names instead of Dr.

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