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03.01 Time Has Come TodayAlex: "How do you not know your kid's pregnant?"
Addison: "You love your kids, you want to see the best in them."
Alex: "Okay, then how do you have a baby and throw it in a trash can?"
Addison: "Something happens, and you panic. You freeze, and you wanna hide it and pretend like it didn't happen... I get that."
Alex: "You get that?"
Addison: "I do. I just don't get what happens afterward. I don't get how you go back to class and pretend like everythings fine, everythings not fine."
03.01 Time Has Come TodayAddison: "This poor child... has to go home to a mom that's in juvie and grandparents are so clueless, they didnt even know their child was pregnant. What kind of childhood is that?"
Alex: [pauses] "You can get over a bad childhood. You can have the worst crap in the world happen to you. You can get over it. All you gotta do is survive"
03.01 Time Has Come Today[in flashback]
Alex: Surgery's hard core.
Izzie: I'm hard core!
Alex: You won't last a year.
03.02 I Am a TreeIzzie: "Stop!"
Alex: "What?"
Izzie: "You have dirty in your eyes."
Alex: "You have dirty in your eyes."
Izzie: "Well I'm not doing dirty with you anymore. It was a one-time lapse in judgment."
Alex: "No, it was a four-time lapse in judgment."
03.03 Sometimes a FantasyAlex: "Does it hurt?"
Izzie: "Yeah."
Alex: "Where does it hurt?"
Izzie: "Everywhere..."
Alex: "Maybe it hurts for a reason."
03.04 What I AmAlex: "Why not just cut me loose and let me in on a surgery where I might actually learn something?"
Addison: "Mark Sloan's burn case."
Alex: "I'm going into plastics anyway."
Addison: "You think that Mark Sloan has anything to teach you? He's just like you. He's only looking out for himself."
Alex: "So what? Your patient's looking out for herself, you're looking out for yourself."
Addison: "No, I'm not, actually."
Alex: "Well, maybe you should be."
03.05 Oh the Guilt"I'd buy the Bahamas. Or at least a Bahama. An island. You know, for eight million dollars, you could buy an island."
03.05 Oh the GuiltIzzie: "Mer is the one with problems."
Meredith: "What is wrong with me?"
Izzie: "Well, you haven't told McDreamy that you dumped McVet."
Cristina: "Oh, you hadn't done that yet?"
Alex: "Dude, tell him already."
George: "She's scared."
Meredith: "I am not scared. Derek walked away. He walked away. And maybe that's a good thing. Maybe he's happier. Maybe he's moved on. He's got Addison here. He's got Mark here. He's got a lot to deal with. And I'm not gonna make him feel guilty. I mean, I am being an adult here and I'm not going to drag him into our whole... Izzie is the one with the big check!"
Izzie: "I'm fine."
03.05 Oh the GuiltAlex: "Wasn't patient 349... Denny?
Cristina: "Eight million dollars could get us on a plane far far away from here."
03.06 Let the Angels CommitMark: "So we're clear: You knew when you stepped into that surgery you forfeited your future in plastics, right?"
Alex: "But, Dr. Sloan-"
Mark: "Give me my phone back."
03.06 Let the Angels CommitCristina: [looks at board] "I'm so sorry. This is completely illegible. I'm gonna like... why don't you just write it properly? Can you please give me a minute?"
George: "She's writing on the OR board."
Alex: "Maybe I should sleep with Burke."
03.06 Let the Angels CommitGeorge: "Burke's back and suddenly Cristina's running his board? Who does she think she is? Bailey?"
Meredith: "She's helping him."
Alex: "Bull. She's taking advantage. She gets out of rounds. She scrubs in on every surgery Burke does. She's ordering around third-year residents."
Meredith: "You guys are overreacting."
03.07 Where the Boys AreAlex: "I just came out here to have some fun. Then the guy gets all over me about what I'm wearing. He just rubs me the wrong way."
Richard: "You're on a camping trip. You're supposed to be enjoying the great outdoors."
Alex: "You know I grew up in a bar? Literally, in a bar. My dad was always doing one of two things in there. Playing music or drinking. Dude never even took me to the park. I just figured this was my chance to get out with the guys, but the one time I try-"
Richard: "You wanted to be a different person."
03.07 Where the Boys AreGeorge & Alex: "A slap fight?!"
03.07 Where the Boys AreGeorge: "Hey, have you noticed anything going on with Burke?"
Alex: "No."
George: "Cause before I thought I saw - what are you doing? You don't use bait when you're casting. It's gonna fall off before it hits the water. Here -- what are you?"
Alex: "She's sleeping with Sloan, dude."
George: "What?"
Alex: "Callie. She's sleeping with Sloan."
George: "No she's not."
Alex: "Yes. Torres is doing Sloan!"
George: "Take it back!"
03.08 Staring at the SunAlex: "Izz, It's gonna be okay."
Izzie: You're just saying that."
Alex: "I know. Hey, where are you going?"
Izzie: "I can't just... I gotta do something to help. But thank you... thank you for saying it’s gonna be okay, even if that's just what you say."
03.08 Staring at the SunGeorge: "Why aren't you bragging about decanutlating the heart?"
Cristina: "I didn't decanulate the heart."
Izzie: "Izzie and Alex do not believe you."
Meredith: "Okay, what are you two doing?"
Izzie: "Izzie and Alex have a patient who speaks about himself in the third person."
Alex: "They thought it was annoying at first, but now they kinda like it."
03.08 Staring at the SunMark: "Frank, these are interns. I'm supposed to be teaching them. Apparently, this is a teaching hospital. Karev?"
Alex: "Frank Jeffries is post op day three for pectoral enhancement surgery. There was a slight complication when a saroma formed."
Mark: [yawns] "And what is a saroma?"
Izzie: "A build up of blood and fluid under the skin."
Mark: "And that concludes today's teaching. A tube was inserted in Mr. Jeffries' chest to drain the excess fluid. I want you to monitor him, check the tube for fluid output, change the dressing, and Dr. Stevens, I guess you can... watch."
Alex: "Actually Dr. Stevens is an excellent doctor."
Mark: "Yeah. That's what I hear."
03.08 Staring at the SunMark: "How're you doing, Mr. Jeffries?"
Frank: "Oh, Frank's doin' okay. He'd be doin' alot better if the twins were even."
Alex: "Uh... twins?"
Frank: "Frank's new pecs."
Izzie: "Who is Frank?"
Frank: "You're lookin' at him!"
03.08 Staring at the SunAlex: "Dr. Stevens is shadowing me today, so-"
Izzie: "Which one of these cases do you need us on?"
Mark: "It's a really tragic one. I found out just this morning that I have over two weeks worth of dry cleaning that needs to be picked up. Stat."
Alex: "Cool, that's it?"
Mark: "See, we're like a well-oiled machine, you and me. I also need you two to get me a sandwich from that pathetic excuse for a deli. You know the one I like, Karev. Oh, and go easy on the mayo this time. I think you're trying to kill me."
03.08 Staring at the SunIzzie: "Tell me again why you put up with this crap?"
Alex: "Because one of these days he's gonna crack and let me in on a case."
Izzie: "You sure you wanna do plastics that badly?"
Mark: "There you are! What, did you go all the way to New York for my pastrami?"
Alex: "Extra spicy, extra lettuce, light on the mayo."
03.08 Staring at the SunIzzie: "I... I can't... I just..."
Alex: "Alex gets it. Alex is sorry he's such an idiot."
Izzie: [laughs] "Can Izzie buy Alex a drink?"
03.08 Staring at the SunIzzie: "I didn't know you still feel that way about me."
Alex: "I didn't either."
03.09 From a Whisper to a ScreamMrs. O'Malley: "I put out some breakfast in case you kids haven't eaten."
Alex: "Score."
Bailey: "Karev."
03.09 From a Whisper to a ScreamAddison: "You're a decent guy, Alex. I'd hate to see Sloan beat that out of you. Anyway."
Alex: [long pause] "Yeah, thanks."
03.10 Don't Stand So Close to MeMeredith: "Izzie, you cut the LVAD wire and she stuck by you and did Denny's ECHO. Alex cheated on Izzie with syph nurse and she helped you study for your boards. And George, when everybody was calling you 007-"
George: "She was calling me 007." [leaves]
Meredith: "Just let her off the hook."
Alex: "It's okay."
Izzie: "Sorry."
03.10 Don't Stand So Close to MeAlex: [to Cristina] "You're here? You haven't been kicked out of the program yet."
Meredith: "Alex."
Cristina: "No, not yet. I'm still here."
Alex: "How did you do it? I mean, did you have some kinda signal in surgery so that the nurses wouldn't know? Or did you..."
Meredith: "Alex!"
Alex: "What? I'm just wondering how to get ahead around here. Me? I get coffee for Sloan and Yang gets surgeries none of us would get."
03.10 Don't Stand So Close to MeMiranda: "Stevens. You are to-"
Izzie: "Look and not touch or speak or breathe. I got it."
Mark: "So this is the crack team, huh?"
Miranda: "Feel free to take one."
Mark: "How about I take the one who doesn't touch, or speak or breathe?"
Izzie: "Great."
Alex: "Dammit."
03.10 Don't Stand So Close to MeAlex: "O'm calling it. It's mine."
George: "I have two brothers. I feel their pain."
Izzie: "I would be great at watching this."
Miranda: "Zip it. All of you."
Alex: "We're all on the case, right?"
Miranda: "Right."
George: "Yes!"
Alex: "Awesome."
03.11 Six Days, Part 1Alex: "The vanilla latte? I did that on purpose."
Addison: "Why?"
Alex: "Because he was rude to you."
[they stare at each other, lean in and almost kiss, but are interrupted at the last second by a nurse]
Alex: "I'm um sorry."
Addison: "Don't worry, I'm sorry. Gosh, I'm sorry."
Alex: "No, I'm okay. I'm just er, gonna-"
Addison: "Yeah okay. Yeah."
03.11 Six Days, Part 1Mark: "What the hell is this, Karev? Vanilla? Are you trying to poison me, or are you just trying to make my day a little bit worse?"
Addison: "Mark!"
Alex: "Coffee cart must have screwed up."
Mark: "No, if you can't handle coffee, you can't handle plastics. Maybe you ought to head back to the gynie squad where life is all squishy and pink."
Addison: "Squishy and pink though it may be, I have an amazing surgery today Karev, if you want in."
03.11 Six Days, Part 1Mark: "Do you like wasting my time? Is it fun for you?"
Alex: "No, sir."
Mark: "Then get it right."
Addison: "Do you like abusing interns? Is it fun for you?"
Mark: "Yes, it is. And in case you've forgotten, you don't get to high-horse me this week, Addison. Not this week." [leaves]
Alex: "He's an ass."
Addison: "Not this week."
03.11 Six Days, Part 1Meredith: "Hey, how's it going with Addison?"
Alex: "She's doing well."
03.12 Six Days, Part 2Meredith: "Hey, how's it going with Addison?"
Alex: "What? What do- what do y-you mean by that?"
Cristina: "What are you plotting and can I get in on it?"
03.13 Great Expectations Alex: "You kissed me right? You kissed me and ever since, you've been avoiding me."
Addison: "Alex."
Alex: "No, you've been avoiding me because you just assumed I want you. Or you just expect that everyone you look at sideways is pining after you, right? Has it even occurred to you that maybe I'm not interested?"
Addison: "You're not interested?"
Alex: "You think I wanna be just another intern sleeping an attending?"
Addison: "You kissed me back."
Alex: "You're my boss. I mean, what did you expect me to do? Look, Sloan's had me changing bandages all day, and I would way rather be scrubbing in one of your surgeries. And if you keep avoiding me, I don't get to scrub in, so stop avoiding me. [pauses] Look, it happened. But it doesn't have to happen again."
03.13 Great ExpectationsIzzie: "George has turned into a sex machine. Are you hearing me? A machine of sex! We have to do something. What's wrong with you people?"
Meredith: "Derek kept me up all night with his ranting. Cristina and Burke still are not speaking to each other."
Cristina: "Okay, you know what? I'm fine. I mean I'm just not going to be the first one talking. He has to talk because I'm in the right. Talking first is for losers, and I'm winning."
Meredith: "And Alex. I don't know what's wrong with Alex."
Alex: "I'm good. I'm all good."
03.13 Great Expectations"When you get a minute, I would like to talk about the whole kissing thing."
03.13 Great Expectations"So you're together but you don't talk to each other. Wish I could find that in a woman."
03.14 Wishin' and Hopin'"Dude, she's Callie O'Malley."
03.15 Walk on WaterAlex: "Whatever. I'm stuck babysitting the patients' families and you get to scrub in."
Cristina: "I'm not... scrubbing in. I'm stitching up patients in the Pit."
Alex: "Ha. Who'd you pissed off to get that?"
Cristina: "I happen to be pulling gaping pieces of flesh back together."
Alex: "You're stitching. You're just one step closer to knitting your grandma's sweater."
Cristina: "At least mine's medical."
Alex: "You knit, I pull pylons off people."
Alex: "I rescued her. I climbed down. I pulled a massive pylon off her. I got her here alive."
Cristina: "There are pylons? There're pylons on people?"
03.15 Walk on WaterCristina: "Hey! What was the site like? Was it gory? Was it a trauma bonanza? Obviously terrible."
Alex: "I don't talk to thieves."
Cristina: "What?"
Alex: "You stole my Jane Doe right off from under me."
Cristina: "I am not a thief. Man, you balked. You're a balker."
Alex: "I was thinking."
03.15 Walk on WaterAlex: "Where are we going?"
Miranda: "We’ll know when we get there."
Izzie: "What kind of situation? Fire? Flood? Volcano? Because I’m not really dressed for a volcano."
Miranda: "Stevens!"
Izzie: "Sorry, that was inappropriate. Sorry."
03.16 Drowning on Dry LandGeorge: "Do you know how massive this hospital is? How people - not just sick people - not to mention if I'm a little kid, how places can I hide? He's little. He's... a little kid can hide anywhere."
Alex: "You're lookin' for a kid?"
George: "Yeah. His mom's in surgery and if I don't find this kid Bailey is going to change her son's middle name to Elvis or Tupperware... anything will be better than George."
Alex: "I know where a kid might be."
George: "Really?"
03.16 Drowning on Dry LandCristina: "It's Meredith?"
Alex: "Yeah."
Cristina: "Are you sure? Did you see her? Because it could be any-"
Alex: "It's Meredith."
Cristina: [in disbelief] "Oh... Oh."
03.16 Drowning on Dry LandAlex: "I would notice."
Addison: "What?"
Alex: "I would notice...if you were missing, I would notice."
03.16 Drowning on Dry Land[to patient] "Hey. I'm not going to be able to make it to your surgery. Here's the thing. You were crushed underneath a cement pylon. Dozens of people on that ferry boat died, but you're still alive. So when I come back to check on you after the surgery, you better still be alive. All right? You hear me? Alright."
03.17 Some Kind of Miracle"I dunno... it's just... Meredith always makes me think screwed up people have a chance."
3.18 "Scars and Souvenirs"
3.19 "My Favorite Mistake"
3.20 "Time After Time"
3.21 "Desire"
3.22 "The Other Side of This Life (Part 1)"
3.23 "The Other Side of This Life (Part 2)"
3.24 "Testing 1-2-3"
3.25 "Didn't We Almost Have It All?"

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