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Actress: Addison MontgomeryKate Walsh

What we know:
Addison is the ex-wife of Derek Shepherd.
Had an affair with Mark Sloan.

After being told that she no longer can have children Addison left Seattle Grace Hospital and started a new life in Santa Monica, CA at a friends (Naomi) Wellness clinic. This story further developed into a Greys Spin off series, Private Practice.

Key episodes: Season 1, episode 9 ("Who's Zooming Who?") - Arrives at Seattle Grace; Season 3, episode 5 ("Oh, the Guilt') - Divorce from Derek finalized
Season 3, Episode 22, "The other side of this life" - Addison takes a leave of absence to visit her old friends Naomi and Sam in Los Angeles, a couple who work at the Oceanside Wellness Group.

Medical specialty: OB-GYN/surgery with fellowships in OB-GYN and Medical Genetics.

Relationship roller coaster:
Married to Derek for 11 years; cheated on Derek with his best friend, Mark Sloan, for the better part of a year. Her marriage was on the mend (well, they were "working on it") when Sloan turned up at Seattle Grace. He now works there as a plastic surgeon. She sleeps with Sloan and later gets a divorce from Derek.

Recently she's revealing feelings toward Alex Karev, who has spent a lot of time working with her in the neo-natal ward. (He has a surprising knack for working with babies.) She must see this softer side of him, and we're all starting to sense some attraction.

She offered to get it back together with Mark after giving him 60 days celibate.

Current crush:
Alex Karev. They kissed for the first time in the bar at the end of 03.12 Six Days, Part 2.

Addison Montgomery - Grey's AnatomySecret?
She aborted Mark's baby because he'd make a "terrible father." She said: "I wanted to have a baby, just not with you." The truth hurts.
She's "not Meredith Grey!"!

Defining moments:
When she tells off a patient who is treating Meredith poorly since she is the "other woman." Addison informs the patient that it was herself who cheated first.
When Derek is crying out side of Ellis Grey's room and she comes up to him and holds his head in her hands and tells him to be strong.
When she wears salmon scrubs with her red hair (pictured above).

Characteristic quotes:

Addison's Season One Quotes

Addison's Season Two Quotes

Addison's Season Three Quotes

-Why don't you pick a floor and stay on it and I'll pick a floor and stay on that because I really need a moment or two without you. Your face pops up in my head and your panties show up in my husband's pocket, really, you're everywhere, and I need a moment or two without you.

Addison: Hi. I'm Addison Shepherd.
Meredith: Shepherd?
Addison: And you must be the woman who's been screwing my husband.

Addison: Why am I the go to person for adultery?

Meredith: Hi!
Addison: You certainly are, aren't you?

Addison: (to Meredith) You know I don't hate you.

Addison: (to Burke; Derek; Sloan) Lives with Cristina; dates the perfect 12 year old;.... man *****!"

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Nine00 Uhm, 5 May 15 2010, 5:24 AM EDT by cl3angetaway
Thread started: Oct 25 2008, 11:30 PM EDT  Watch
i thought that she was really great. I miss her :(
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GreysGirl24 Dont hate 16 Jul 9 2008, 8:06 AM EDT by shysterz
Thread started: Sep 29 2007, 12:00 PM EDT  Watch
Despite the fact that she was the "other woman" i dont actually hate her. I actually kinda liked her in season 3!
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