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02.02 Enough is Enough
"Sometimes people do desperate things to get someone's attention. But there are two sides to every story"
02.03 Make Me Lose Control
"Satan has a sense of humor."
02.03 Make Me Lose Control
"Actually, I prefer to be called ruler of all that is evil. But I will answer to Satan."
02.04 Deny, Deny, Deny
"Derek... have you ever thought that even if I am Satan and an adulterous bitch that I still might be the love of your life?"
02.04 Deny, Deny, Deny
"Well, isn't this cozy? Can I join in, or are you not in to threesomes?"
02.07 Something to Talk About
Derek: "I'm not moving back to Manhattan. I'm not the same person I was in Manhattan."
Addison: "I know, I know. You're a flannel-wearing, wood-chopping fisherman. I get it!"
02.09 Thanks for the Memories
"Derek, are you done hurting me back? Because, if not, I need to special order a thicker skin."
02.13 Begin the Begin
"There is a land called Passive Agressiva, and I am their queen."
02.13 Begin the Begin
Addison: "Why did you bring a trout into the trailer?"
Derek: "This is dinner!"
Addison: "I hate this freaking trailer!"
Derek: "Fine then. No trout for you."
Addison: [broods silently]
Derek: "Okay, I'll cook the trout outside the trailer."
Addison: "I still hate the freaking trailer."
02.16 It's the End of the World
"A gathering of men outside a delivery room. How mid-century of you."
02.17 As We Know It
"Stop asking! Because no matter what you ask, the answer is I don't know. I'm doing everything I can. Miranda Bailey's husband is in mortal danger. Actual mortal danger! But there's not a lot I can say to comfort her and there's not a lot anybody can say to comfort me. I'm doing my best. Dr. Bailey is doing her best. Now I need you to do your best, and I need it to be better than standing here asking me the world's stupidest questions. Because I don't know, O'Malley!"
02.25 17 Seconds
Derek: "What do you want from me, Addison: "I want you to care. I sleep with your best friend, and you walk away. Then he comes out here from New York and rubs it in your face, and you still get a good night's sleep. What do I have to do? Oh, I know. Maybe what I should do is go out on a date with the vet, because that seems to be something that sends you into a blinding rage. Oh, but wait. That won't work either because I'm not Meredith Grey."

"I can't compete. He's not having an affair, he's not trying to hurt me, it's just........ The only people who don't know that Derek loves Meredith are Derek and Meredith! How do i compete with that?"
02.27 Losing My Religion
"This whole thing brings back very traumatic memories of being a band geek, with braces and a lisp, spending the whole evening with Skippy Gold talking about Star Wars... So, do you want to dance?"