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03.01 Time Has Come Today "We can survive this. We're Addison and Derek!"
03.02 I Am A Tree "I've decided that I'm gonna get really fat. Just as a stop gap, just until I figure out another plan. Eat all of these muffins and I'm gonna get really gloriously fat! It's over. Over. Ooover. I'm talking about the last 1/3 of my life, Miranda. How can that be just over. How can that just end? Over a skinky pair of panties and bad tux."
03.02 I Am A Tree Addison: "I'm desirable Amanda."
Miranda: "Miranda."
Addison: "Right. Joe, I'm desirable right?"
Joe: "I have a boyfriend."
Addison: "Be that as it may, I don't need to tell you how wildly attractive I am. Wildly attractive!"
Joe: "You are. Your wildly attractive cab is here."
Addison: "It is?"
Joe: "Told me to call a cab at 10. It's 10."
Addison: "It is? I guess that's for the best huh?"
Miranda: "I would say so."
03.02 I Am A Tree Addison: "Did you know about the slutty sex your slutty friend had with my super slutty husband?"
Izzie: "You should have a muffin. They're really good and they help you."
Addison: "I may be beyond help."
03.02 I Am A Tree Addison: "Dr. Stevens!"
Izzie: "Please don't call me doctor."
Addison: "Oookay, well, please don't call me Mrs. Shepherd! Ha! That's funny."
Izzie: "She's drunk."
Joe: "This is true"
03.03 Sometimes A Fantasy "Why don't you pick a floor and stay on it and I'll pick a floor and stay on that because I really need a moment or two without you. Your face pops up in my head and your panties show up in my husband's pocket, really, you're everywhere, and I need a moment or two without you."
03.03 Sometimes A Fantasy Addison: "Here's the thing. We both really enjoy each other. Before... and now again and I think that's a healthy realize and I... I think it's healthy... for everyone involved but I do think just because I made what can only be called a transcontinental booty call, doesn't mean we should be trying to make something out of this and we... Stop doing that!"
Mark: "Why?"
Addison: "Because I can't think."
03.04 What I Am Addison: "You bellowed, Dr. Grey?"
Meredith: "Hi!"
Addison: "You certainly are."
03.04 What I Am "Don't hurt her again, Derek"
03.05 Oh The Guilt "I had my trust fund, and a sparkling personality... uh, and a futon couch."
03.06 Let the Angels Commit "I just accidentally broke the news of my patient's infidelity to my patient's fiancé"
03.09 From a Whisper to a Scream Janelle: "The doctors... hot men... they're all really hot... they are, aren't they? It's not just cause I'm wearing a plate glass window?"
Addison: "Nope, they're man candy."
03.12 Six Days Part 2 "No, I did want a baby, Mark! I just didn't want one with you."
03.13 Great Expectations "Mark Sloan, Chief of Surgery. That makes me vomit a little in my mouth."
03.14 Wishin' and Hopin' Mark: "I thought you said you didn't think about me?"
Addison: "I don't. I'm actively NOT thinking about you right now."
03.14 Wishin' and Hopin' Mark: "Aren't you gonna get in there? If you wanna be chief, you gotta fight with the big boys."
Addison: "Oh, I intend to fight like a girl. I'll let them kill each other and then I'll be the only one left standing."
03.15 Walk on Water “He is alone! All alone! Do any of you even know what that's like? [motions to Preston] Lives with Cristina, [looks Derek up and down] dates the perfect twelve year old, [looks at Mark] Manwhore! His wife left him! After twenty-five years of marriage! So if the man wants to dye his hair for the ladies, let him dye his hair for the ladies! Leave him be!"
(to Derek) "No, you do not get to break down. You do not get to fall apart. Not when there is still a chance and there still is a chance!"
03.25 Didn't We Almost Have it All "Look at me. Look at me. You suck. To me, you suck. I kind of...hate you. But, Alex, we do not get unlimited chances to have the things we want, and this I know. Nothing is worse than missing an opportunity that could have changed your life. And no matter what her name is, she'll always be Ava to you."

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