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Grey's Anatomy Catch Me up




Airdate: DATE,March 27, 2010

Recap of Events:

We're introduced to our main character, Meredith Grey, who is in a state of undress and running late for her first day of work. Within moments, we find out that the gorgeous and very naked man that she wakes up with is actually a man she doesn't even know. On the contrary, he is a product of a one-night stand and, at the moment, an unwanted house guest. Choosing to skip the morning pleasantries, Meredith cuts to the chase and tells him to pretty much leave her house by the time she finishes up with her shower. After an awkward introduction, in which we (along with Meredith) find out that Mr. Naked Man's name is Derek, she rushes upstairs to get ready for work.

Her workplace turns out to be Seattle Grace Hospital, where Meredith and her fellow interns are being oriented for their first day as surgical interns. Here we are introduced to Cristina Yang, Isobel "Izzie" Stevens, and George O'Malley, who, along with Meredith, have all been assigned to Dr. Miranda Bailey, a surgical resident, better known as "The Nazi" among the hospital staff. To the surprise of the interns, the one whom they call "The Nazi" looks nothing like her notorious nickname ... that is, until she opens her mouth. As the interns soon find out, Dr. Bailey is a force to be reckoned with and proceeds to tells them that they are nothing but "interns, grunts, nobodies, bottom of the surgical food chain". Right away she starts to drum out a list of rules that she expects the interns to follow to a tee.

Meredith's first patient, a teenage beauty pageant contestant, recently began suffering from seizures so severe they threatened her life. As a neurological disorder that might need surgery, a neurosurgeon new to Seattle Grace gets put on the case to work with Meredith. That neurosurgeon is none other than Dr. Derek Shepherd, Meredith's would-be one-night-stand. Derek wants to talk to Meredith about the previous night, but Meredith wants none of that. He's an attending, she's an intern, that's what their relationship should be.

Meredith forms an immediate bond with Cristina that gets quickly tested when Derek chooses Meredith over Cristina to scrub in on brain surgery (it would've been a first for either of them). Izzie is assigned to do rectal exams amidst frustrating bouts of deciding when it's appropriate or not to bother Bailey. And George gets selected by the arrogant Dr. Preston Burke to actually perform a surgery - an honor he allegedly bestows on the intern who shows the most promise, but in actuality is for the intern he just wants to torture and make an example of in front of the others. George freezes up during an appendectomy with Burke and gets branded "007" - license to kill - by a fellow intern that rubs everyone the wrong way - Alex Karev. Alex also insults Meredith, but he gets his comeuppance when she is able to offer a proper diagnosis for one of Alex's patients in front of Dr. Richard Webber, Chief of Surgery at Seattle Grace.

Dr. Webber, by the way, turns out to be a friend of Meredith's mother, the famous Dr. Ellis Grey (whom all the interns hold in the highest regard). We get the impression that the relationship between Meredith and Ellis wasn't the best - Ellis didn't think Meredith had what it takes to go to medical school -- but no one, save for Meredith, knows that early onset Alzheimer's Disease has left her a shell of the person she once was, relegating her now to a nursing home.

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