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"No Good At Saying Sorry"

Episode Number: 21

Season: 5

Original Air Date: April 30, 2009

: Krista Vernoff

Director: Tom Verica

Special Guests:
Sharon Lawrence as Robbie, Jessica Capshaw as Dr. Arizona, Jeff Perry as Thatcher, Kellie Martin as Julie, Nina Siemaszko as Kate and Megan Henning as Willow
No Good At Saying Sorry

As preparations continue for Meredith and Derek's wedding, Izzie receives a surprise hospital visit from her handful-of-a-mother, Robbie. Meanwhile, a newly sober Thatcher visits his daughters, Meredith and Lexie, in order to make amends, and the Chief and Meredith bitterly fight over a controversial medical case.

Recap of Events:

Now that her father has cut off her trust fund, Callie can't pay rent and her other relatives are no help as they aren't even answering her calls. Cristina and Mark advises Callie to tell her family that she and Arizona have broken up.

Meredith and Lexie's father comes to see Richard: he's 29 days sober and doing his steps, including making amends. Richard asks Meredith and Lexie to hear him out, as a favor to him. Thatcher apologizes to both his daughters. Now that he's sober, Lexie wants Thatcher to meet Mark, who says no, claiming that dads never like him.

A sexy older woman shamelessly flirts with Alex, suggesting the two of them "play doctor." She's really there to see Izzie, who greets the woman as "Mom?" Her mother, Robbie is relieved to hear that Izzie "only" has skin cancer and is so busy consulting psychics and tarot cards that Izzie doesn't get a chance to explain what's really going on. When Izzie finally compares her illness to the one that killed her grandmother, Robbie falls apart, so Izzie lies and tells her she's okay.

Izzie begs Bailey to give her mother "good news" so that Robbie will go away and Bailey admits that she was the one to call Robbie against Izzie's wishes. Bailey obligingly announces to Robbie that "the cancer is practically gone," but she tells Izzie the truth: The cancer has spread to her intestines, but she vows to operate and remove it.

A man is brought in with 17 gunshot wounds -- and the shooter is his six-year-old daughter! The mother explains that the cut on the girl's face was caused by "kickback from the gun," but Arizona is skeptical. Meredith ends up being the one to treat the little girl's wounds. The girl, Maddy, wants to know if her daddy will die and when told, no, she says, "How come? I shot him lots of times." The mother admits that "sometimes daddy gets mad. She was just trying to stop him." She wants Maddy to apologize to her father before he goes into surgery, but Meredith steps in, saying that, if anything, the mother should be apologizing to her daughter. "At least she did something," Meredith tells the shocked mother, "which is more than I can say for you."

Richard takes Meredith aside and tells her he knows she must be upset about him forcing her to speak to her father, but Meredith insists the situation is not about anything personal: "Someone had to stand up for that little girl," she says. Richard tells Meredith that if she wants to be treated as just another resident, he's happy to oblige. He chews her out for not seeing that the mother is also a victim. "Instead, you further battered a battered woman." He orders her to stay away from the family and if she doesn't, she'll be suspended, pending "reevaluation for emotional and mental fitness for residency."

Meredith tells Derek she doesn't want Richard to come to their wedding. "If he is there, I won't be," so Derek asks Richard to apologize. The Chief insists that he's not her father and he's not responsible for Meredith's blighted childhood: "What Ellis did after I left, that's on Ellis." Derek tells Richard, "You keep saying you're not her father, but the way you act, you consider her family."

When Meredith hears that Owen has miraculously saved the abusive father's life, she apologizes to the mother. As Richard and Derek urge her to stop, she begs the woman not to return to her husband, for her daughter's sake. "I'll pack my things," Meredith tells Richard as she walks away.

As she's preparing to leave, Richard tells Meredith, "You have every right not to like me." He confesses that he saw how neglected she was, how her mother drove her father away. "I wasn't your advocate. I never stood up for you. I should have fought for you Meredith, like you fought for that child today." He sits down beside her and says, "No one stood up for you. I'm so sorry." She says nothing, but lays her head on his shoulder.

Callie realizes she can't lie to her family. "They're supposed to love me. They're supposed to support me," she tells Mark, which helps him decide to show up to dinner with Lexie and her father.

Cristina doesn't know how to handle it when Owen starts calling her "Yang," or not speaking to her at all. When he tells her, "Nice work," she chews him out for lavishing attention on George while ignoring her all day. She demands to know why he says such dismissive things like "Take care now," to her. He hands her a note with several of the phrases he's been using lately, saying he and his therapist came up with them. "They're all three words, so I can have something to say to you instead of the three words that are killing me. The three words that you know I feel but I can't say them because it would be cruel to say them because I am no good for you." He tells her he's trying "so hard" to let her off the hook. She hands the note back and says, "Take care now."

Meredith tells Derek they have to move up the wedding for Izzie's sake. She's packing up her mother's journals, which she's planning on giving to Richard. "And he can come to the wedding. If you want," she says.

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