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"An Honest Mistake"

Episode Number: 16

Season: 5

Original Air Date: February 19, 2009

: Peter Nowalk

Director: Randy Zisk

Special Guests: Faye Dunaway (Dr. Campbell); Kate Walsh (Addison Montgomery)
An Honest Mistake

Derek's confidence is shaken like never before as he faces off with Addison over what course is best for their dying pregnant patient; Cristina calls the abilities of a renown surgeon into question after she botches a standard procedure; and Bailey, who has decided to pursue a fellowship in Pediatrics, is appalled by the Chief's less-than-stellar recommendation letter.

Recap of Events:
Voiceover Meredith talked about "this thing that happens when people find out you're a doctor." She said they stop seeing you as a person and begin to see you as something bigger than you are. Jen, the pregnant woman with the aneurysm, asked Derek if he proposed. He said no, but she'd be the first to know. Voiceover Meredith said doctors have to hide the fact that they're "all too human."

Alex asked Meredith if Derek was "still beating himself up" over Jen's botched surgery. He told Alex to let Addison know he needed her to stay. She stuck around to monitor Jen and the baby. Jen's husband told them that if it came down to a choice between one or the other, they should save his wife. "We can make another baby, we can't make another her," he said.

Callie, Hunt and Cristina were treating a 52-year-old man who fell down the stairs just five days after having his gall bladder removed at Seattle Grace. His incisions looked pretty gross and he said Dr. Campbell did his operation. "That explains it," Cristina said.

They talked about paging the chief or Dr. Campbell and Cristina went on a tirade about Campbell, who refused to retire and botched routine surgeries. Campbell was standing right behind her -- played by Faye Dunaway.

Sloan got Lexie "secret coffee." She refused it, because it wouldn't tell other doctors who the coffee was for.

Bailey was working a new hairdo for her new life in peds. Arizona said they couldn't be more excited to have her.

Jen was being wheeled to surgery and was having trouble speaking. Izzie was telling her interns they were incapable of holding someone's life in their hands. Suddenly, the woman who Izzie told had cancer came back and said she'd undergone a ton of tests and found out she didn't have cancer, she was just anemic. Izzie was stunned. (Remember, her test was done at the same time). She went back and looked at her test results, which said she was anemic.

In surgery, Addison was pressuring Derek to let her take the baby out because its blood pressure was getting too high.

Dr. Campbell asked Cristina to explain to the patient what she should have done differently to avoid complications. Cristina said the surgery should have been done laparoscopically. Campbell then asked Hunt to explain why she did it the way she did.

Izzie went to Bailey and said the interns' mistake labeling the blood tests was "personal." Bailey told her to get out.

Jen woke up from surgery and said a complete sentence, which made Derek and her husband very happy. Addison said the baby was stable, but Jen was preeclamptic and it was a lot of stress on her body.

Derek was upset with Addison for bringing the mood down after the successful surgery. Addison wanted to go to the chief about Derek's renegade behavior and the fact that he was taking the case too personally. Meredith explained that he lost a lot of patients during the clinical trial, but that she should trust him.

Callie told Arizona she'd been avoiding her. Callie revealed that Erica was Callie's first female relationship and Arizona was no longer interested. She wasn't interested in being part of Callie's experimentation, but said she was "super-flattered."

Bailey was upset that the chief wrote her a form letter of recommendation for peds. he was particularly mad that he wrote she would be a "fine" addition to any program. "I am Dr. Bailey," she said. "I am more than fine."

Hunt and Cristina had a chat about Campbell. Hunt said she shouldn't just a doctor based on one case. They looked at an X-ray and Cristina said, "Laparoscopic or open, none of us should've made that mistake."

Izzie went and looked at her body in a mirror.

Cristina went to the chief and said Campbell was negligent. The chief asked Hunt what he thought, but Hunt opted to stay out of it. Cristina told him, "Way to take a stand."

Sloan told Derek there was something they needed to discuss and Derek said, "Go ahead and have sex with Addison." Sloan said he didn't want to, but then he didn't finish telling Derek what he wanted to discuss.

Cristina read out of Meredith's mom's diary, including a passage that said Campbell -- a new doctor at the time -- had "adequate technique." Cristina said they should shoot her if she started making mistakes on patients and still thought it was kosher to keep cutting open patients.

Something was wrong with Jen. She was holding her head and crying. In surgery, Derek said the swelling was not going down. Derek became upset and said he was going to remove temporal lobe, which Alex thought would kill her. Addison said it could impact memory and speech. Derek said he'd done it before, and Meredith asked if he'd done it in this situation. "I'm doing it now," he said.

Meredith and Alex argued over what to tell Jen's husband. Meredith said they should tell him that Derek was "doing everything he can" to save Jen. When the time came, though, Meredith didn't say anything, Alex said it: "Dr. Shepherd is doing absolutely everything he can to make sure your wife lives."

The chief went to talk to Campbell's patient and told him about the complication from his previous surgery -- a lacerated bile duct and artery. The man said he wanted Dr. Campbell to keep treating him. Cristina told the chief she didn't think the patient was clear on the situation. The chief told her to back down.

George asked Izzie what he should say about Bailey in his letter of recommendation for her. Izzie was still mad at Bailey, so she couldn't think of much nice to say about her. Izzie went to the dermatology ward -- remember that place? This time, she was a patient.

Cristina and Dr. Campbell got into a modern technology versus old-school methods argument. Cristina said she'd rely on technology if it would avoid making the kind of mistake they were trying to repair. Dr. Campbell shouted at Cristina and told her to get out of her O.R.

Derek's surgery on Jen was getting complicated again and Addison wanted to deliver the baby. Flustered, Derek decided to cut out the frontal lobe. Addison said Jen couldn't live without her frontal and temporal lobes. Derek wasn't listening and was proceeding with the surgery. Addison told Derek that even if Jen lived, he was "creating a monster."

Addison picked up a scalpel and said she was taking the baby out. He told her to put down the scalpel down. It was an old-fashioned Wild West showdown with them telling the other to put down the scalpels. Addison finally told Derek not to do it and he said, "Do not touch my patient, Addison." Addison told Alex to go.

Addison urged Meredith to say something to Derek. Meredith told him to let Jen go and let them try to save the baby.

Campbell told the chief she made a careless mistake and told him she didn't want to discuss it further. Alex came in and took the chief to Derek's O.R. Hunt then opened up to Campbell and said he was fired from the Army. "They called it an honorable discharge, he said, "but they knew it was my time and I didn't. And I'm grateful to them for that."

Derek kept asking Addison to just wait on taking the baby out. Addison started the incision and Derek told her to stop. Derek asked for more blood, but the chief said "No more blood, Derek."

Izzie's dermatologist said there was nothing to worry about. Izzie wondered if her high L.D.H. levels and hallucinations were further signs of something seriously wrong. The dermatologist said Izzie should know that patients see a couple of signs and convince themselves they're sick. She told Izzie she'd be laughing the next day about the fact that she ever thought there was something wrong.

Addison took Jen's baby out and said "she looks strong." Jen died. Derek was mostly silent while Addison, Alex and Meredith told Jen's husband the news. He was distraught.

Derek said, "I'm sorry." The man wanted to know how she died. He started getting upset about the original surgery being routine, then called Derek a murderer. He sobbed as he said, "Where's my wife? I want my wife!"

Bailey read George's letter and ran to the chief and said, "That is a letter of recommendation." He got upset and said he didn't "have time to write letters to pump up your ego." He talked about the things he has to worry about, like Derek being called a murderer, having to fire Campbell because she won't retire, interns mixing up blood samples in Bailey's clinic, "and you want me to spent my time writing a recommendation so you can leave me?" He told her she was supposed to become the next chief. She said that was what he wanted and not what she wanted.

Sloan told Derek he was sleeping with Lexie and Derek punched him in the face. They started fighting, throwing and landing full-blown punches to the face in both directions, in the main corridor of the hospital and people started to notice. First Hunt, then the chief -- while Bailey was still telling him that he she was not his legacy.

Hunt broke it up and both Derek and Sloan just walked away, licking their wounds and saying nothing.

Cristina confronted Campbell and told her how she would do a pulmonary embolectomy without electricity (to run her fancy high-tech tools), and Campbell said, "The fact that you felt the need to come and tell me that tells me you're a better surgeon than I first thought." Campbell said that day's surgery would be her last and warned Cristina that she's be in the same position one day. "I was a god," Campbell said, talking about her best days in the O.R. She asked Cristina what she would have when she was no longer able to cut. Cristina had no response.

Bailey apologized to Izzie for being busy and not paying attention to her earlier. Bailey left and Izzie's dermatologist came back with her file in hand.

Lexie found Sloan, whose hand wasn't broken, according to Callie, but would require lots of ice. Lexie said she was sorry and Sloan said it was worth it. Lexie said "Thank you."

Callie went up to Arizona and gave a speech about how much life experience she had. Arizona was with a date. Callie walked away.

Addison gave Bailey a letter of recommendation that called her the most promising young peds surgeon she'd ever had the pleasure of working with.

Hunt found Cristina at the bar and told her she was both a teacher who needed to learn a lesson, and a bully to someone who needed compassion. Hunt said Cristina was a lot like Campbell and said, "40 years from now I'm going to be prying that scalpel out of your hand." He then told her, "I want to be around 40 years from now."

Jen's husband, Rob, cried a little more as he prepared to leave her at the hospital.

Derek was at home with Meredith, nursing his wounds and drinking heavily.

Izzie rounded up her interns and told them they were the people in the hospital she would least trust with her life. "But that's the way it's supposed to be," she said, because they were interns. She said they were lucky because every day they get to save lives. She started a new game, showing them X-rays of "Patient X," a 29-year-old female they'd misdiagnosed with anemia. "Let's not make the same mistake again," she said.

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