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"In the Midnight Hour"

Episode Number: 9

Season: 05

Original Air Date: November 20, 2008

: Tony Phelan, Joan Rater

Director: Tom Verica

Special Guests: Kevin McKidd, Melissa George
In the Midnight Hour

Meredith, Cristina and Bailey come to Lexie and Sadie's rescue when a routine surgery goes horribly wrong, as Owen and Derek treat a man seriously injured while sleepwalking and Mark comforts the sleepwalker's distraught daughter.

Recap of Events:

Sadie, who's staying with Meredith, asks her, "What do you think of your sister, Lexie, as my new BFF?" "I don't see that," cautions Meredith. "She was raised right, with parents and rules, and smiley-face posters on her wall."

Sadie joins the interns, who've just given Cristina's "Number Two" intern an epidural. "I'm impressed. Deth was so wrong about you," she tells Lexie, adding, "She thinks your a priss."

Stung by the criticism, Lexie suggests that they take out the sedated intern's appendix. Sadie says they can "be in and out of an O.R. before anyone notices." The intern objects to being operated on, so Sadie volunteers.

Izzie tells herself she's only imagining Denny, but to prove he's real, he makes love to her. Meredith overhears the noisy lovemaking and assumes Izzie is with Alex, until she sees Alex in the hall. Alex offers to join Izzie, but she says she's feeling sick and is going back to bed.

A patient knocks Callie to the floor, breaking her nose. She laments her run of bad luck to Mark, who assures her he'll still be her friend who sleeps with her, after her nose heals.

Lexie has second thoughts as she's about to make the first incision on Sadie. "This is a really bad idea," she says, "This is a very stupid thing, a thing I'm sure we will all regret, possibly from jail." But Sadie, who's under a local anesthetic, makes the first incision herself. When it appears her appendix is inflamed, one of the interns says they should call a resident, but Sadie refuses, telling her, "If you can't handle it, leave!"

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