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Grey's Anatomy Catch Me up



Airdate: DATE,May 201014, 2006

Recap of Events:
At Joe's Bar, Preston Burke and Derek Shepherd are playing darts rather violently. Meredith Grey and Cristina Yang are assuming that the men are picturing their faces on the dart board. Alex Karev appears and Izzie Stevens mocks him by calling him a gynecologist. Later, at the vet clinic owned by Finn Dandridge, Meredith and Derek's dog Doc has been diagnosed with bone cancer. Derek's wife, Addison Shepherd can see tension between them and comments on it as they go to the hospital. They have no comment, which makes Addison suspicious.

In the Emergency Room, an overflow of traumas from a restaurant shooting is pouring into the hospital. Cristina and her resident, Miranda Bailey, work on a couple named Neal and Deborah are talking about how Neal ducked behind her during the shooting like a coward, which makes Cristina laugh. A younger worker named Will talks about how an ex-worker named Petey went crazy and shot up the place. He might have bone damage, so Callie Torres recomments Meredith give him a work-up. The restaurant's manager, Brad, is complaining excessively about his pain which makes Izzie roll her eyes and tell him to quiet down. But he's insisting on describing how he miraculously and skillfully predicted the shooting and dodged death.

Chief Richard Webber tells Burke that despite the shooting he should go and retrieve a heart from another hospital. Cristina and Alex overhear this and compete to get put on the case. Burke is still upset with Cristina and so opts for Alex, which upsets her. Alex asks who the lucky recipient of the heart is, and it's revealed to be Denny Duquette.

Izzie wants to help with Denny's case because of her relationship with him, but Bailey won't allow it. However, she relents and allows Izzie to give Denny the good news at the very least. Denny is overjoyed at the news. But then Patricia arrives to deliver DNR papers, which upsets Izzie. Denny explains that if something went very wrong, he would rather be in heaven then stuck in the hospital.

Derek and George O'Malley are working on a female shooting victim named Kendra who has a bullet in his brain. Sadly, she is also pregnant. Addison continues to ask about what's going on with Meredith, and Derek dodges the question. Unfortunately, Kendra is rendered braindead after the operation.

Meredith is working on Will while Brad is bragging about his health benefits. Callie comes to yell at Meredith because she's going too slowly. Meredith finishes the work and sees Callie express frustration at how her surgeries are treated as less important than other specialties. Meredith asks Callie for advice about Doc's bone cancer, and Callie becomes angry at Meredith wasting time and asking stupid questions.

Cristina continues working on Deborah and Neal, and advises Deborah to not take back Neal after his cowardice.

Burke and Alex arrive at the other hospital where they learn that there are two donors and both are a match to Denny, but they get the one that UNOS assigns to them. The other one is going to Dr. Erica Hahn, who is quickly established as a rival to Burke. They treat each other as old rivals. Unfortunately, Burke's donor flatlines and the heart is rendered useless, so he quickly stops Hahn from performing her surgery. They contact UNOS to find out who is higher on the list, and it's revealed that Hahn's patient was entered into the program 17 seconds before Denny was. Izzie calls Burke and begins to lie about Denny's condition, making it sound like he is getting much worse. She has one hour to collect labs to prove it.

Addison confronts Meredith about the tension and asks Meredith if she's sleeping with Derek, which Meredith truthfully denies. Addison seems to be worried about this answer.

Derek and George tell Kendra's parents about her braindeath. The parents want to keep Kendra alive artificially in order to keep the baby alive, which George and Derek say is a bad idea. Derek recruits Addison to talk them through it.

Izzie, in a panic, finds Cristina and Meredith and asks them advice about what she should do about Denny. Cristina and Meredith tell her that he'll get the next heart, but Izzie seems to get an idea and collects medical equipment. Cristina makes a note that if any of them were to go psycho and shoot everyone, it would be Izzie. She takes the equipment to Denny's room where she breaks the bad news, and then goes on to say that she needs test results and that Denny needs to get sick. He doesn't understand how he can get worse, but she says she will make it happen.

Bailey finally yells at Brad once he starts talking about people losing their jobs. She tells him that his injuries are minor and he should really can it.

Meanwhile, Hahn is getting impatient with Burke and Alex but they're simply waiting for the results. Denny is trying to stop Izzie, but she won't relent. She tells him about the 17 seconds difference and how she's tired of hearing him speak about heaven. He insists that she doesn't have to worry, but she begins to break down crying while saying that she loves him and he needs to go through with it.

Callie complains to George about Meredith and her concern for her dog, and George says that they're all interns and should stick together despite what they went through. Callie doesn't understand it. Izzie calls Burke and tells him that she's going to get the test results, but he should come to the hospital. Izzie makes it very clear that she is about to do something very wrong, and Burke becomes worried and tells Hahn that he needs to go back to Seattle Grace.

Addison speaks to Kendra's parents and tries to convince them that keeping the body alive to house the baby is a very unhealthy idea. The parents become loud and defensive, but Addison begins to be insensitive which makes Derek pull her away. Addison yells at him on the balcony, telling him that he should yell at her and care some more. She asserts that Derek is only angry at Meredith Grey, and announces as such in front of everyone, including Meredith herself.

Callie, listening to George's advice, shows Meredith x-ray scans of a human with bone cancer, which metastisized on the person's lungs and killed them. Meredith is disheartened when she hears that a human died, but thanks Callie for her information. Will asks Bailey about Kendra and learns that she has passed away, which saddens him. Brad comes and comforts him, saying that although people may blame him for what happened he does the best he can. Will seems to accept this, as does Bailey.

Addison speaks with the Chief and says that the only people who don't know that Derek loves Meredith are Derek and Meredith themselves. She looks down defeated. Callie and George are in the locker room hanging out until Callie randomly blurts out "I love you." She starts to panic a bit while George processes it, but Izzie barges in and demands his help.

Meredith visits Finn and demands the truth about Doc, who reveals that Doc doesn't have much time left. Meredith gets really upset and says "I love him so much." Whether she means Doc or Derek remains to be seen.

Izzie brings George to Denny's room and begins to walk him through all the equipment. They kiss, both hyperventilating in anticipation for what she's about to do. George is wondering what is going on. Outside the hospital, Brad is leaving when gunshots are heard. Brad is killed, and Bailey rushes out to see that Burke is shot as well.

Izzie begins to cut Denny's LVAD wire to stop his heart. She says, "It's okay. Burke will be here any minute." She cuts the wire, and Denny flatlines.

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