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"Some Kind of Miracle"
Episode Number: 17

Season: 3

Original Air Date: February 22, 2007

: Shonda Rhimes, Marti Noxon

Director: Adam Arkin

Special Guests: Kyle Chandler, Elizabeth Reaser, Steven W. Bailey, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Sarah Utterback, Kali Rocha
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In the conclusion of a three-part story arc, the Seattle Grace staffers race against time to save Meredith, who after nearly drowning at the site of the ferryboat tragedy has been rushed to the hospital showing no signs of life. As she hovers between this world and the next, Meredith undergoes a spectacular near-death experience, "starring" several of her late friends and acquaintances--ranging from bomb-squad detective Dylan Young to her dear departed dog Doc! Meanwhile, the bond between Alex and the seriously injured "Jane Doe" grows stronger; Izzie has serious issues with both Callie and George; Cristina has yet another meltdown; and a major recurring character bids a sort-of-fond farewell.

Recap of Events:

The team of doctors at Seattle Grace continue to fight for Meredith's life. Meanwhile, she is experiencing her "afterlife" with Denny Duquette, Dylan Young (from "It's the End of the World" and "As We Know It"), Bonnie (from "Into You Like a Train"), Nurse Fallon (from "No Man's Land"), and her dog. At first, she denies that she stopped fighting to stay afloat in the water, but later she admits that she let herself drown when she thought for one second, "what's the point?" Denny tells her about what it is like to be a ghost, and to barely get to feel the people you loved during life. He also tells her that her friends won't be able to handle her death, and tells her that when Christina was nine, she watched her father die in a car accident.
Back at the hospital, Jane Doe has lost her memory and Izzy and Callie get in another fight. Christina freaks out and decides to go binge shopping at the 99 cent store and get drunk rather than stay and watch Meredith die. Burke come and finds her, and she comes back to the hospital to say goodbye to Meredith. She begs the doctors to do one more attempt at resuscitation.
Derek goes upstairs to tell Meredith's mother that it's her fault Meredith is dying. Then he leaves the room with Addison and has tears in his eyes. In the hall he confides in Addison that he feels Meredith's condition is his fault. Suddenly, Meredith's mother has a crisis, and Derek rushes in to help.
Meredith, in the afterlife, sees her mother, who tells her that she is "anything but ordinary." Her mother tells her to run, and she does, and suddenly the doctors see that she has a heartbeat. She eventually opens her eyes, and Christina tells her about her engagement to Burke. The rest of the interns are happy and relieved.
At the end of the episode, Addison looks on wistfully as Derek talks to Meredith. She tells Marc that Derek never felt that way about her, and Marc replies that he did feel that way about her. She gives him the chance to have another try at a relationship with her--if he can go sixty days without having any sex.

Best Moments
Best Quotes
  • When Meredith wakes up, and Cristina tells her the news about her engagement to her.

  • When Derek starts crying after his visit with Ellis.

  • Ellis: "You're anything but ordinary, Meredith."

Opening Statement/Quote:

There are medical miracles. Being worshippers at the alter of science, we don't like to believe miracles exist, but they do. Things happen. We can't explain them. We can't control them, but they do happen.

Ending Statement/Quote:

At the end of a day like this, a day when so many prayers are answered, and so many aren't.aren't... Wewe take our miracles where we find them. We reach across the gap, and sometimes against all odds, against all logic, we touch.

Title Reference:

This episode's title refers to songs by Kelly Clarkson and Girls Aloud.

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