03.16 Drowning on Dry Land |

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[Season 3, Episode 16: Originally aired Feb. 15, 2007]
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Recap of Events:

Like I said, disappearances happen, pains go phantom, life stops running, and people...people fade away. There's more I have to say...so much more, but I disappeared.

Meredith is sinking under water, realizing that she still has a lot to say...(could she finally admit to Derek that she loves him?) Karev is faced with a clinic full of families looking for information and news about their loved ones. Cristina is stuck doing sutures, waiting or Meredith to return so she can share her news about the engagement. George lies to the mother who is looking for her son; she's going into surgery and George assures her that her son is okay, and being very brave. Now, of course, he has to go find her son or else.

Izzy is at the end of her rope trying to save the trapped ma, who is seizing and needs serious attention. His friends are counting on her to save his life, so she calls the Chief on a cell phone and together they diagnose what needs to be done: drilling holes in the man's skull to relieve the pressure and internal bleeding. The Chief gets help from Sloan, who's done the procedure a couple times. They talk her through it, and she gets the guy back to the hospital okay.

Karve figures out a way to help the families--he takes Polaroids of all the people who've been brought into the hospital, including the morgue. He posts them on the bulletin board and asks the families to identify anyone they know. He has a moment of hope that maybe he's found the husband of the pregnant woman he saved on the dock, but she's still a Jane Doe.

Meredith is missing from the crash scene, but Derek sees her ID tag on the patient with the wounded leg, and then spies the little blond girl he last saw with Meredith. The girl is in shock and can't speak, but points to the water when Derek asks her to help him find Meredith. Cut to the next scene, and Derek walks up the jetty carrying a limp, blue and dripping wet Meredith in his arms. He puts her in an ambulance and does CPR on her all the way to Seattle Grace, and the chief has to force him to leave the room. As the episode nears an end, her body temp is only at 81 degrees, her heart rate flatlines, and there is a look of helplessness on all the doctors' faces. After a flash of light, the scene changes to Meredith waking up in bed and coughing. She is in a hospital room, and on one side of her is the policeman who died in the bomb blast last season. She realizes that something is terribly wrong, and that she might be dead. She turns her head to the other side of the room and sees Denny. Then she knows...

Best Moments:
When Izzy has to use a hand drill to put burr holes into the skull of her patient, who is stuck under a car. She has a great moment yelling at the tough guy friend to suck it up or step back.

When Derek pulls a very limp, blue and dripping wet Meredith out of the water. The look on Derek's face is so heartbreaking.

When Sloan sits down next to Derek on the floor outside Meredith's room, and puts a hand on his arm for support. Derek is obviously distraught, and Sloan took on the role of best friend once again.

None, the George basically tells Callie that she's going to get lucky when they get home. Not a big deal usually, except for the fact that Callie is conducting surgery in a full OR at the time.

Best Lines:
"I'd notice. If you went missing, I'd notice." Dr. Karev to Addison

"She's my person!" Cristina, talking about Meredith to Burke, trying to explain that she's her friend.

Title Reference:
This episode's title refers to songs by Tab Benoit, Fish Soup, and Blues.


Drowning on Dry Land