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Not able to handle the grief from losing his father, George seeks escape by having a lot of sex with Callie. She is confused over his unusual grieving methods, and starts avoiding him because she is unable to take the frequent sex. Izzie tries to reach out to her best friend, but George refuses to talk about his loss. The pair, together with Addison, work on a young woman, Jilly, who has a large cervical tumor. Jilly undergoes radical hysterectomy to remove the tumor, but the cancer has spread to the bladder, making it stage 4 and terminal. The doctors cannot do anymore for Jilly, causing an affected George to leave the operating room. Rachel, Jilly's best friend, turns Jilly's Amish parents away when they come to visit. The best friends left their Amish community at 16, and promised to be with each other "from the cradle to the grave". Rachel has been baptized and she is forever shunned by the Amish community. Since Jilly has not been baptized, she wishes to return home to die and have an Amish funeral, but is torn because she would have to shun Rachel if she returns home. Rachel then forces Jilly to return home with her parents even if she has to shun her. An inspired Izzie decides to let George go, so that he can pursue his happiness with Callie. George then proposes to Callie after realising he is in love with her.Burke and Cristina are still not talking to each other, even when Burke invites Meredith and Derek over for a dinner party and excludes her. Cristina is assigned to Callie, but they rub each other the wrong way. The two treat a runner, who passes out during a marathon due to dehydration. They do not realize the aspirin he took for his cold is accelerating the dehydration and muscle break-down process, until his condition is critical. Callie has to slice open his legs immediately without anaesthesia in order to save his life, and Cristina is impressed by this. The Chief assists with the surgery. Cristina realises through this that she does not have to win every race, sometimes finishing it is enough. She breaks Best Moments Best Quotes When Callie



Season: 3
airdate: Original Air Date: January 25, 2007Writer:
written by: Eric BuchmanDirector: Michael Grossman
Special Guests: Loretta Devine, Joedirected Holt,by: Michael Byrne, Rachel Boston, Kathleen Mary Carthy, Jessica StroupGrossman
Bailey announces plans to start a free clinic and Izzie has the money to make this dream come true - provided that the clinic is named after the late Denny Duquette. Cristina receives a marriage proposal. George expresses his grief over his father's death in a truly unique fashion, much to Callie's delight. Addison and Alex take great pains to avoid each other. The surgeons become emotionally involved in the plight of Jillian Miller, a young Amish Cancer patient torn between her strict parents and her "shunned" best friend.

Recap of Events:

Read the silence by talkingfull toepisode Burkerecap first. He responds by saying "Marry me",

The Chief decides to step down,
No soone believes that he can patch things up with his wife Adele. Derek istheir upsetlife towill findturn out that the Chief had previously asked Burke to succeed him, before the hand tremor incident was exposed. Derek was promised in private that the Chief position would have been his if he came over to Seattle Grace. Meanwhile, Mark sends Meredith and Alex to debride a comatose patient with stage 3 decubitus ulcers every 2 hours. He forbids them from getting any assistance from the nurses, as a farewell gift to them because he is leaving Seattle Grace. He is informed byjust Meredithkind of the rumors that the Chiefokay. isWe steppingall down,think andwe decidesare going to staybe togreat. fightAnd forfrom the position. Derek finds out and blows up at Meredith for making Mark stay in Seattle when he was just about to leave. However,day hewe apologisesdecide to her andbe thesurgeons, twowe makeare filled up.Aswith theexpectation.. rumorsExpectations of the retiring Chief spreadtrails throughwe thewill hospital,blaze, the Attendings childishly fight for Richard's affections. Meanwhile, Bailey decides to open a free clinic because she feels disillusioned at how little she can do as a surgeon. Her experience with Jilly, whose cancer could have been caught much earlier and cured, validates this. However,people shewe cannotwill persuadehelp, the Attendings to sign off her proposal, and is shell-shocked to find out that Richard is retiring. She is upset that Richard made her run around getting support for her proposal without informing her of his retirement plans. He tells her that hedifference waswe tryingwill towill make her get used to doing things without him becauseGreat oneexpectations of the Attendings will be Chief, but eventually in a few years,who itwe will bebe, herwhere thatwe will be Chief. Confidence reinstated in her, she manages to force Derek, Addison, Burkego. and Mark to sign her proposal. She faces another obstacle of funding, but Izzie offers her inheritance to Bailey, on the condition that her free clinic with be named the Denny Duquette Memorial Clinic inthen honorwe ofget him.there...

When the Chief returns home to Adele,

We all doorbellthink andwe're surprisesgoing herto withbe flowersgreat and says along the lines of "I'm home." She tells him that when she told him that she couldn't wait any longer forwe himfeel a few months back, she meant it,little andbit itrobbed turnswhen our outexpectations thataren't anothermet. manBut issometimes inour theexpectations house.sell Adeleus short. shutsSometimes the door on Richard, and he will most likely cancel his retirement.Elsewhere, Addison has been avoiding Alex since sheexpected kissedsimply himpales in Joe's bar. He gets tired of her avoidance and drags her into a linen closet. He tells her that he is not interestedcomparison into athe unexpected. romanticYou relationshipgot withto her,wonder andwhy onlywe wantscling to work with her on herour surgeries,expectations, andbecause the heexpected is unable to do that ifjust shewhat keeps avoiding him. She agrees to stop avoiding him, andus offerssteady. toStanding. letStill. himThe expected's scrubjust inthe onbeginning. anThe ovarianunexpected torsionis thatwhat needschanges emergencyour surgery.lives.

escapesGREY'S George'sANATOMY roomQUOTES shortly
Memorable afterQuotes, hiszingers father'sand death. one-liners

Callie To Izzie:
  • "Thank God you're here! Three times already tonight! And he's getting ready for a fourth! Ya, and you know I get it crying or depressed... and we all deal in different ways... but this is not grieving, this is my legs being bent in ways that my legs do not go. I know his dad dfied, I get it, I feel horrible but if this keeps up, pretty soon we'll be having a funeral for my vagina! - Callie


Opening Statement/Quote:SONG
EnchantmentNo one believes that their life will turn out just kind of okay. We all think we are going to be great. And from the day we decide to be surgeons, we are filled with expectation..Lily FrostExpectations of the trails we will blaze, the people we will help, the difference we will will make
ShipsGreat expectations of who we will be, where we will go. and then we get there...Umbrellas
EndingLove Statement/Quote:ShowSkye

We all think we're going to be great and we feel a

GREY'S littleANATOMY bitMOMENTS robbed
Grey's whenAnatomy ourshockers, expectationsrule-breaking, aren'tgrab-the-edge-of-your-seat met.moments....

  • When ButCallie sometimesescapes ourGeorge's expectationsroom sellshortly usafter short.his Sometimesfather's thedeath.


  • simply

Goofs, tobehind the unexpected. You got to wonder why we cling to our expectations, because thescenes expectedfacts, isand justlittle-known whattidbits...

  • keeps

  • us

  • steady.



expected'sMore justGrey's theAnatomy beginning.Videos The

changesMore ourGrey's lives.Anatomy Photos

  • "Enchantment" - LilyLoretta FrostDevine
  • "Ships"Joe Holt-
  • Michael UmbrellasByrne
  • "LoveRachel Show"Boston
  • Kathleen -Mary SkyeCarthy
  • Jessica Stroup

GREY'S episode'sANATOMY titleBURNING GreatQUESTIONS Expectations
Grey's refersAnatomy toscandals, acliffhangers, songhookups, byand KISS. Goofs: Aha!plot Momentstwists...

Kick back, take notes and help chat about Grey's!


GreatGREY'S ExpectationANATOMY Episode- PhotosCopyrightWHAT'S ABCCOMING ON NEXT ...
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