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"Six Days, Part 2"

Episode Number: 12

Season: 3

Original Air Date: January 18, 2007

: Krista Vernoff

Director: Greg Yaitanes

Special Guests: Steven W. Bailey, Jeff Perry, George Dzundza, Greg Pitts, Debra Monk, Tim Griffin
Six Days Part 2

Cristina and Burke continue to play Uncle until one of them gives in. Derek and Meredith are fighting over the reason for their sleepless nights. Meredith tries to talk to her father about his side of the story. There's tension between Alex and Addison. There is even more tension between Addison and Mark. Addison confides in Callie. Bailey wishes she didn't have to keep a secret from one of the interns. Callie rushes to be with George after she learns that his dad needs an emergency procedure. Izzie may have found 'some good to do' with her inheritance.
  • Alex & Addison share a kiss at Joe's.

Recap of Events:

Heather Douglas, the girl afflicted with scoliosis, is able to continue with her spinal surgery when an anonymous donor offers to foot the entire bill of 300 thousand dollars. Bailey confronts Izzie about the donation and refuses to let her scrub in, because she has gotten too emotionally involved. As Derek and Callie work on Heather, Callie decides to leave the surgery halfway to give George emotional support for his father. Her surgery succeeds and Heather is able to walk upright. Izzie sees this and tells Bailey that she is a person that gets emotionally involved with her patients, but she is also a surgeon and is not willing to give up either part of her. Bailey nods and she leaves.
Meredith's relationship with Derek deteriorates as her snoring is preventing him from sleeping in peace. Upon seeing George's close relationship with his father, she decides to approach Thatcher and gives him a chance to explain himself. He tells her that he did not contact her because her mother told him not to. He also tells her that she inherited her snoring from him, and that wax ear plugs are very effective. At night, Derek returns home to Meredith and finds ear plugs on his pillow. He puts them on and snuggles up to her.

Mr. O'Malley's condition takes a turn for the worse when a kink is discovered in his intubating tube. After battling her nerves, Bailey manages to re-insert a new tube. However, George realises that under normal circumstances, the Chief and Bailey would not have proceeded with his father's surgery because his cancer had spread to other organs. He confronts them about it, and nearly breaks down in the process. Unfortunately, Mr. O'Malley's body is unable to withstand the trauma from the surgery and lapses into multiple organ failure. He is now entirely dependent on life support. The O'Malleys turn to George to make the final decision and he decides to save his father the pain and let him go.
Both Cristina and Burke still refuse to give in and say 'Uncle', and will only communicate via other people if necessary. She tries to withhold his food in order to break him, but the attempt is foiled when he calls the nurse in. However, when he learns from Derek that the O'Malleys are letting Mr. O'Malley go, he relents and tells Derek, in the presence of Cristina, that he has not had any tremors for a week.

Addison confides to Callie that the reason why Mark and herself have been so out of sorts this week. She aborted Mark's baby while in New York and the baby's due date would have been this week. Addison tells Mark that he did not want the baby and only wanted to trump Derek. She was only willing to have Derek's baby and not his, because he would have been a terrible father. A hurt Mark talks to Callie and realises that he would have made a terrible father. Meanwhile, Addison and Alex keep running into each other and are extremely awkward around each other.

After pulling the plug on his father, George heads outside for a breather and is followed by Cristina. She tells him about the 'Dead Dads' club and reveals that her father died when she was nine. George realises that he does not know how to live in a world where his father does not exist, and she tells him that that never really changes. Meanwhile, Alex heads to Joe's bar and breaks the bad news to Joe. He meets Addison there, and she kisses him.

Best Moments
Best Quotes
  • When George's family is waiting for the results of a new tube placement and his brother Gerry keeps farting.

  • George: "Izzie! It's real now! That money, it could - that money could travel. It could buy things. It could buy many, many things. That's a - it's a lotta money!"
  • Izzie: "Shut up about it, George!"
  • George:"I'm just sayin - I'm just sayin life is short, you know its like cancer happens and surgery happens and you know, gather yee rosebuds, you know you have like eight point seven million resebuds, Izzie! You gotta spend some rosebuds! That's what I'm sayin
  • Izzie:"You made me burn my french toast."
  • George: "You can buy new french toast!"
  • To Miranda: "I'm both. I'm a surgeon and I am a person who becomes emotionally involved. I will never again cross a line like I did with Denny. I've learned my lesson, but I'm still both. And I'm not gonna give up either part of me. and I am not gonna appologize for it." - Izzie

Opening Statement/Quote:

Scene opens to Meredith snoring again and Derek very tired from being kept awake all night from it and cuts to George panicking because Izzie's cheque is no where to be found.

Ending Statement/Quote:

Scene ends with Derek putting in the ear plugs that Meredith left for him on his pillow and then cuddles up to her.

Title Reference:
  • "Here It Goes Again" - OK Go
  • "Life In Disguise" - The Slip
  • "Falling Awake" - Gary Jules
  • "Fidelity" - Regina Spektor
    "Love Will Tear Us Apart"
    - Susanna & The Magical Orchestra
  • "The Way That I Am" - Ingrid Michaelson
Six Days, Part 2

Aha! Moments

  • When Addison kisses Alex.

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