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[Season 3, Episode 11: Originally aired January 11, 2007]
Recap of Events:
(No voiceover): Meredith snores! Izzy's $8.7 million check is still stuck on the refrigerator. Cristina and Burke are still not talking, and she's stalking Burke's room to find out how his second hand surgery went.

Party time in the O'Malley room as the entire family celebrates successful heart surgery, but the party's over when they learn that the cancer surgery could tell them how badly it's spread. The sobering possibility is finally enough, it seems, to wipe the goofy smiles off George's brothers' faces.

Laura Grey Thompson is the baby of Meredith's half sister, Molly. As their father, Thatcher Grey, steps in the room to check on Laura his granddaughter, he interrupts Meredith on rounds, and the sight of him throws her off balance. Baby Laura needs to be rushed back into surgery after Karev notices a problem. More and more it's clear that he belongs in natal care, and not in plastic surgery. He and Dr. Montgomery ... kiss interruptus.

On rounds the doctors are presented with a patient with a severe spinal cord defect that leaves her bent over at the waist. Callie wants to try something radical and has to ask Dr. Shepherd for a consult--and then tries out "the stare" that Bailey told her works every time. It does... and he tells Heather, the patient, that he can help her stand up straight again by removing part of her spine and replacing it with a mesh tube. Izzy desperately wants to scrub in and begs Bailey for the chance. Bailey asks her if she's cashed the check yet--saying that the the fact she hasn't cashed it yet means she's not being reasonable and rational. So, will she cash the check and prove she's ready to scrub in on the surgery? Later, she breaks down and goes to the bank and deposits the check, crying the whole time, but she hardly is back at the hospital before an opportunity to do good presents itself. The mother of the spinal patient discovers the insurance company won't pay for an experimental surgery and can't afford the $200,000+ that it's going to cost.

Aha! Moments:


Title Reference:
This episode's title refers to a song by DJ Shadow.


Best Lines:
Patient: "Sorry I was a bitch to you earlier."
Izzy: "That's okay, you're in pain. Sometimes I'm a bitch for no reason at all."

Does it ever stop raining in this hellhole? --Sloane aka McSteamy.

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