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[Season 3, Episode 10: Originally aired November 30, 2006]

Recap of Events:
(From All the residents except for Meredith are shunning Cristina, now that her secret is out. George is particularly bitter because she was willing to let Burke operate on his father. The Chief won't punish Cristina and Burke, much to Bailey's dismay. The Chief orders Burke to get his hand fixed but Burke tells Derek he doesn't want another surgery, implying that his tremor is all Derek's fault.

Meredith tries to convince a distraught Ellis that Richard's leaving her happened years ago. Ellis says it's all because she had a daughter and that she should never have had children.

Miranda comes up with her own punishment for Cristina, assigning her to assist Dr. Hahn with Mr. O'Malley's surgery. The other interns complain that it's not a punishment at all, until she shows them the other case she wants their help on: Two conjoined twins who want to be separated.

The separation surgery is going to require 22 doctors, including Mark, Derek, and Miranda. Burke's blaming him shakes Derek's confidence, and he refuses to do the surgery, claiming it's too dangerous because both twins could end up paralyzed. Miranda confides to Derek how Burke's bumping her from his surgery made her question her own ability. She tells Derek she knows he can pull off this surgery. (go to for full recap)

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"Sociopath" Anya Marina
"Show Me" John Legend
"The World Waits for You"Son Volt