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From a Whisper to a Scream, Grey's AnatomyRecap of Events:

Cristina: As doctors, we know everybody's secrets. Their medical histories. Sexual histories. Confidential information that is as essential to a surgeon as a ten-blade, and every bit as dangerous. We keep secrets, we have to, but not all secrets can be kept.

(Narrated by Cristina): The episode opens with Cristina running down the ER hallway with blood on her scrubs, having internal dialogue that wrestles with the burden of keeping Burke's secret about the tremors in his hand. Even though as doctors they're required to keep people's secrets, she's questioning if there are some secrets that should not be kept. . .

Cut to Meredith and Derek in bed, doing the crossword and trying very hard not to have sex. Cristina stops by after jogging to Meredith's house to try and get advice, but couldn't quite tell her secret. She runs into George on the way out, and realizes that George knows about Preston--who is scheduled to operate on George's dad that day.

The tension between Preston and Cristina is growing; the stress of trying to keep the secret, but also having to arrange so they're always paired together in surgery so she can cover for him. He emphasizes that he's fine, he was in surgery for 14 hours with no tremors, but still Cristina was by his side the whole time.

Beepers go off, and everyone rushes to take on patients from a car crash at Pike Place Market, caused by an elderly man, Mr. Dickerson, who plowed into a crowd of people. Patient "Janel" arrives with glass all over her body, and a shard piercing her heart. She's also 10 weeks pregnant. This will take the collective skills of Mark Sloane (plastic surgery), Addison (OBGYN), and Burke to patch her up.

Dr. Torres and George continue to not communicate, despite her best efforts. He maliciously throws her night with McSteamy back in her face. George's parents tell him that they're sticking with Dr. Burke, and George yells at Izzy for influencing the change of their minds. Callie runs into him in the hallway and tries to apologize for Sloane, but George won't listen since he's still upset about his father's surgery.

The chief announces to Burke that he's recommending to the board that Burke should become chief of surgery after he retires, and Dr. Hahn will replace Burke as chief of cardio thorassic surgery. Cristina tries to convince Burke to keep his secret safe until he becomes chief, then no one will have to know. Preston doesn't want to be chief under those circumstances; it's something he's worked for his entire life and it would be tainted. They fight and end up not talking--but interestingly, he still asks her to scrub in on the heart surgery later that day.

Burke pulls off an amazing double surgery; while waiting for the heart to come off bypass he jumps over to another OR to help Derek Shepherd and Dr. Hahn operate on the driver responsible for the crash. In the process, Meredith learns Burke's secret and realizes that Burke can't operate without Cristina. Of course, he proceeds to do wonders with both patients, proving that maybe he is okay, after all. He puts Cristina in her place, and sends her out of the OR--and she heads straight to the chief to finally get it all out in the open.

The betrayal is complete. Burke closes the door--literally--on their relationship.

Music: From a Whisper to a Scream

Aha! Moments:
A little moment happens between Addison and Karev as they look at each other a little differently, and share an awkward laugh.

Callie reveals that the panties on the bulletin board were Meredith's, and that she walked in on them having sex.

Title Reference:
This episode's title refers to songs by Elvis Costello, Robert Palmer, Starsailor, and Icicle Works.


Best Lines:
"Preston Burke, back from the dead. Can't say the same for your patient." --Dr. Hahn, Seattle

"Wow, the doctors, the doctors are all really hot. They are, aren't they? It's not because I'm wearing a plate glass window?" --Janel, patient who arrives at the ER after being hit by a car at the Pike Place Market. Alex Karev

"Karma rocks." --Dr. Hahn, the surgeon brought in to do a consult on George's father.

"Dude, she went all 'cage fighter' on you!" -- Izzy, to Meredith, after Callie picks a fight with her in the locker room.