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[Season 3, Episode 7: Originally aired November 9, 2006]

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As surgeons, we are trained to look for disease. Sometimes the problem is easily detected, most of the time we need to go step by step. First, probing the surface looking for any sign of trouble. Most of the time, we can't tell what's wrong with somebody by just looking at them. After all, they can look perfectly fine on the outside, while their insides tell a whole other story.

Derek decides to go camping, so he invites Burke and somehow all the men of Seattle Grace, except for Mark, tag along.

When Richard doesn't have a tent to camp in, he asks Joe and his friend Walter, if he can sleep in their tent but the realizes that Joe and Walter are a couple.

While fishing, Joe tells Richard they're thinking about having children and Richard says he and Adele never did because she didn't want raise them alone since he was always at the hospital. Joe says Walter says the same thing, since he's always at the bar, but that he'll do whatever it takes to keep Walter.

Not all wounds are superficial. Most wounds run deeper than you can imagine. You can't see them with the naked eye. And then there are the wounds that take us by surprise. The trick with any kind of wound or disease is to dig down and find the real source of the pain - and once you've found it, try like hell to heal that sucker.

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This episode's title refers to a song by Connie Francis.