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"Where the Boys Are"

Episode Number: 07

Season: 3

Original Air Date: November 9, 2006

: Mark Wilding

Director: Dan Monahan

Special Guests: Steven W. Bailey, Alexandra Holden, Kali Rocha
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The male staffers at Seattle Grace go on a camping trip in the mountains, which culminates in a "slap fight" between George and Alex. Addison and Callie have a lot to talk over as they team up on a medical case. Bailey tears into Cristina concerning her strange actions with Burke. Meredith enters unchartered territory as she assists Sloan with a very delicate "corrective" procedure.
  • Meredith & Derek kiss in the bar

Recap of Events:

Derek decides to go camping, so he invites Burke and somehow all the men of Seattle Grace, except for Mark, tag along. When Richard doesn't have a tent to camp in, he inadvertantly realizes that Joe and Walter are a couple.

Yang is punished by Bailey for removing her name from Burke's surgery. Izzie helps Cristina in order to escape her peer counsellor. Meredith is assigned to Mark's sexual reassignement patient.

While fishing, Joe tells Richard they're thinking about having children and Richard says he and Adele never did because she didn't want to raise them alone since he was always at the hospital. Joe says Walter says the same thing, since he's always at the bar, but that he'll do whatever it takes to keep Walter.
George discovers Burke's secret. Alex & George get in a fist fight.

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Opening Statement/Quote:

As surgeons, we're trained to look for disease. Sometimes the problem's easily detected, most of the time we need to go step by step. First, probing the surface looking for any sign of trouble. A mole or a leision or an unwelcome lump. Most of the time, we can't tell what's wrong with somebody by just looking at them. After all, they can look perfectly fine on the outside, while their insides tell us a whole other story.

Ending Statement/Quote:

Not all wounds are superficial. Most wounds run deeper than we can imagine. You can't see them with the naked eye. And then there are the wounds that take us by surprise. The trick with any kind of wound or disease is to dig down and find the real source of the injury - and once you've found it, try like hell to heal that sucker.

Title Reference:
    Where the Boys Are
  • "Think I'm In Love" by- Beck
  • "A Cold Wind Will Blow Through Your Door" by- Bill Ricchini
  • "Tell Me What To Do" by- Jim Noir
  • "Bedouin Soundclash" by- Bedouin Soundclash
  • "Make Right With You" by- Luke Temple
  • "There Is So Much More" by- Brett Dennen
  • "Greedy" by- Inara George
  • "It's Time" by- Big Sand & His Fly Rite Boys
  • "Something In The Water" by- The Jealous Girlfriends
This episode's title Where the Boys Are refers to a song by Connie Francis.

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