03.06 Let the Angels Commit |

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[Season 3, Episode 6: Originally aired November 2, 2006]

Synopsis (from ABC.com):
Legal clears Izzie to come back to work, but Miranda is surprised that the Chief wants her to oversee Izzie again. She thinks Izzie should get a fresh start, but the Chief makes it clear several doctors on staff have concerns about Miranda's judgment and she needs to prove herself via Izzie.

Miranda takes a hard line with her prodigal intern. Her long lists of "don'ts" includes no surgeries and no being alone with or talking to patients. And she's to be be paired up with another doctor. The first day is none other than Meredith.

Cristina has taken over writing in surgeries on the O.R. board to protect Burke by making sure that he's not booked into the gallery O.R. and that despite bribes from residents, none of them scrub in.

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