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"Let the Angels Commit"

Episode Number: 06

Season: 3

Original Air Date: November 2, 2006

: Stacy McKee

Director: Jessica Yu

Special Guests: Embeth Davidtz, Liza Lapira,
Preston Burke

Cristina gets to scrub in on a rare surgery which incites envy. Alex questions his future in plastics. George and Addison work together with Noelle. Noelle is pregnant with twins but one of them is growing slower than the other. Her fiancée has problems of his own. Derek's sister visits. A patient's wife makes things hard on the staff since she has made her husband's health her job. A woman's sexual exploits are questioned.

Recap of Events:

Legal clears Izzie to come back to work, but Miranda is surprised that the Chief wants her to oversee Izzie again. She thinks Izzie should get a fresh start, but the Chief makes it clear several doctors on staff have concerns about Miranda's judgment and she needs to prove herself via Izzie.

Miranda takes a hard line with Izzie. Her long lists of "donts" includes no surgeries and no being alone with or talking to patients. And she's to be be paired up with another doctor. The first day is none other than Meredith.

Cristina has taken over writing in surgeries on the O.R. board to protect Burke by making sure that he's not booked into the gallery O.R. and that despite bribes from residents, none of them scrub in.

Best Moments
Best Quotes
  • Yang running the OR board.

  • To Meredith: "McDreamy's sister is McBitchy!" - Izzie

Opening Statement/Quote:
To make it - really make it - as a surgeon - it takes major commitment. We have to be willing to pick up that scalpel and make a cut that may or may not do more damage than good. It's all about being committed, because if we're not? We have no business picking up that scalpel in the first place.

Ending Statement/Quote:
There are times when even the best of us have trouble with commitment, and we may be surprised by the commitments we're willing to let slip out of our grasp. Commitments are complicated. We may surprise ourselves by the commitments we're willing to make. True commitment, takes effort, and sacrifice. Which is why sometimes, we have to learn the hard way, to choose our commitments very carefully.

Title Reference:
    Let the Angels Commit
  • "Life is Beautiful" by- Vega 4
  • "Cobrastyle" by- Teddy Bears
  • "Notice" by- Gomez
  • "My Patch" by- Jim Noir
  • "Young Folks" by- Peter Bjorn & John

This episode's title Let the Angels Commit refers to a song by Danielle Howle and the Tantrums.

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